Traveling for a Wedding Shoot: Or, What to Do With 28 Minutes of Sunlight

At The Camera’s Eye, we LOVE traveling to shoot weddings, something that we started doing in 2009. I guess it’s not a destination wedding for the bride and groom if they live there, but it sure feels like an exciting destination for us! We are headed near Philly this weekend to shoot another wedding at the Brandywine Manor House, which got me thinking about the past weddings we’ve traveled to. The Camera’s Eye has done two weddings in the Allentown area at Lock Ridge Park, one in Scranton, as well as a wedding that sailed away on a boat from Station Square in Pittsburgh! Of course, as far as destinations go, there’s nothing quite like the beach, wedding or not:

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 012

The Camera’s Eye was lucky enough to shoot a wedding in Destin, Florida about two years ago. One of the guests at a previous wedding that we shot closer to home loved our work so much that she flew us down to Florida for her own nuptials.

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 019 Weddings, The Camera's Eye 020

The ceremony took place on the beach at sunset, and the reception at a huge multi-family beach house right across the street, named “5 o’Clock Somewhere.” Can’t beat that!

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 005

Of course, we had a wonderful time working this wedding and spending time at the beach. The bride and groom were generous enough to invite us to come to the reception, the house, and to other events throughout the weekend. We usually had to decline because, as much fun as it was, we did still have to work, even far before the day of the wedding. What’s there to work on when you’re in a place that’s so inherently beautiful? Well, when you’re dealing with a wedding at sunset – everything.

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 013

We stayed in Florida for four days total, counting two days before the wedding. This gave us two chances to time the sun. Yes, actually time the sun. The ceremony was at sunset, giving us exactly 28 minutes of sunlight to work with. And of those 28 minutes, we planned out every. Single. Second.

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 014

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 016

Sunset or no, this is how I roll on a wedding shoot! I need to know every step I will be taking during the day, every pose I will be asking the bridal party, the groom, the parents, etc. to make. Does it sound a bit, well, controlling? Especially for something so artistic? Sure, but you don’t get a redo when it comes to wedding photography. Taking the time, doing the research, and prepping mentally always, always, always pay off. And when you’re done? Well, just maybe you’ll get a chance to relax on a beach!

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 018

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 015

A big thanks to all who have let me shoot their weddings. We’re looking forward to this next big weekend in Philly!

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 017

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