The Local Lens – Oxbow Farms

I met Noella, co-operator of Oxbow Farms a few weeks ago at Farmer Browns Farmer’s Market in Apalachin, NY. Wow, that’s a lot of Farms in one sentence! Intrigued by the leap of faith she and her husband, Tim took to be the first local farmers to set up in FBM’s marketplace; I had to know more, so I packed up my gear and met her under the marketplace tent.

As a business owner, she’s engaging, knowledgeable and caring- everything you would imagine from a farmer who is dedicated to “growing food while learning resilience and adaptation in a changing world.” That’s their Instagram business description! As Covid restrictions begin to lift across the world and in the Southern Tier region of Upstate NY, where Oxbow Farms thrives, I knew this business would be the next focus of The Local Lens. Couldn’t we all learn a bit of resilience and adaptation in our changing world!

Noella and Tim had the same goals of producing food on a small scale with practices that support farm ecology without the use of any fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. The catch? They lived states apart, one from Massachusetts and one from Pennsylvania. They settled as a 29 acre, family-run farm located in a beautiful valley in Chemung County, NY and have 2 adorable girls who can be seen in the background learning the family tradition.

The farm sees the first and last frosts of every season, is the home of 6 mobile hoop houses, one wood-heated greenhouse, and has the adaptability to grow over 40 different crops each season. At this point in the growing season, their focus is on all kinds of lettuce. To offer a unique crop, Oxbow turned its focus to Asian greens like Mizuna & Senposai. To learn more about these amazing greens, drop Noella or Tim a message through their website where you can find a kitchen-full of recipes on how to eat these greens.

Where can you buy their products? 2021 marks our 12th season Noella and Tim can be found filling the bags of shoppers at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market. They’re located at Stall 69, April through December.  

Most recently, they have graced Farmer Browns Marketplace, under the large white tent at the entrance, Fridays 1- 5pm. Owner, Logan Keeney is delighted to have them as his roots in planting began at a organic vegetable farm in Pennsylvania.

An interesting note about Oxbow Farms, as we all have something more than what appears to “Be” at face value… they love Goats and have Bucklings for sale! Their pedigree-worthy Goat, Pumpkin produced 3 Bucklings this season- Fred, George, and Ron. If you’re like me and know very little about goats, a Buckling is a young male less than a year old.

Interested in purchasing a buckling or wanting more information about Oxbow Farms? Connect with owners Noella and Tim by following any of the links in this post or use the links below:

Phone: 607-598-7193

Adopt a Pup on Independence Day!


Happy 4th of July everyone!

Visited my favorite animal shelter, Stray Haven again and here’s a showcase of the cool cats AND pups I met this time…

Lilly at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye

Lilly… brought in with her sister or companion, Baby Girl

Baby Girl at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye

came from a family that could no longer keep them.  They have been in the shelter since February and would love a playful family or owner who gives lots of lovings.  Once you see the pictures, you’ll understand why.  They give BIG kisses!

Baby Girl at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye

Lilly is a little milder than Baby Girl and you can see that on her face.

Lilly at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye

Baby Girl would be perfect for kids… she has spunk and energy, but is gentle enough to still give face kisses.  That’s a great dog right there.

Baby Girl at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye


Next to jump out of their kennel, were 3 Spaniel puppies,

Spaniel pups at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye

or should I say “waddle” because they were just fed and their bellies were enormous.  Too funny!

Spaniel pups at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye

Like all pups they are super soft, adorable and friendly.

Spaniel pups at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye

This little one kept crawling up my leg while I was trying to photograph.

Spaniel pups at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye

None of these pups were “nippers” which I really like because I can rarely see anything around me while I’m shooting and like to keep my gear in one piece  ; )


Then we moved on to a super interesting cat, Sam.  Sam, the fat cat was brought to the kennel when his owner passed away.

Sam at Stray Haven by The Camera’s Eye

He is the biggest cat I have ever layed my eyes on, and remember, I’m a cat lover.  His paws alone are huge!  So cool!

Sam at Stray Haven by The Camera’s Eye

His weight on arrival was 25.7 pounds, lol.  He’s in tough competition with Garfield!

And last, but certainly NOT least were the 2 cutest, 8 week old kittens…

8 wk old kittens at Stray Haven by The Camera’s Eye

Very inquisitive lil’ buggers and friendly!  One had a two-toned face and super soft fur and the other had amazing stripes.

One male and one female, not related but great litter mates.

8 wk old kittens at Stray Haven by The Camera’s Eye

They can be adopted together or alone – just like Lilly and Baby Girl.  Kindred souls are they, BUT having an owner would be the best thing for all of them so adopting them separately is ok too!  I couldn’t resist including this last image… I think the caption should be, “alllllright!  Enough with the lovin’s already!”  Email about your favorite interest,

8 wk old kittens at Stray Haven by The Camera’s Eye

It isn’t WORK when you get involved in what you LOVE…

So here at The Camera’s Eye,, it’s no secret… I love cats.  I have a Studio Cat named, 2Dots that adores infants and tries to snuggle them in their baby carriers and mauls all the High School Seniors who dare sprawl out on 2Dot’s studio floor.  I can’t hide her and I can’t hide my love of cats.  Of course, I get a kick out of photographing them!

Black Playful FellowLast week, I visited Stray Haven Animal Shelther  in Waverly NY, Stray Haven and met the animal- lovin’ staff who showed me this year’s kittens.  The Staff was amazing… one woman was nursing with a dropper a lil’ set of black kittens whose eyes were barely open.  So sweet!  Eyes barely open -2 Black babiesI asked… can I help you adopt these guys?  They had no idea what I meant.   A day later, I stopped in with a backdrop, props, a feather duster and anything else I knew that could attract the attention of these lil’ guys.  Everybody has a thing… this is my thing.  I genuinely connect with cats and so does this staff!  Within 10 minutes, 6 of us (Junior, Darlene, Shanna, Lynn, Dezi and I) Tiger Tortiwere scooping up familes of kittens,Family of 5Family of 5 solo kittens, all the way down to the two, lil’ buggers whose eyes were barely open.  No flash- just window light and a lot of lovin’.

All these kittens are for adoption and in need of your love!   Take a peek and if you see someone you like… give them a call:  (607) 565-2859 or visit your interest:  194 Shepard Road, Waverly NY 14892   Stray Haven Humane Society for directions.Orange/ White LitterOrange White Litter  Describe who you saw… they will know who you’re talking about.  They affectionately name all the kittens based on some attribute about their arrival or their character… it’s very very sweet.  For instance, the white/ black tiger striped male to the far left in the basket is “Chunk” and when you lift him up… You’ll know why!Orange FemaleFamily of 5

For more images, please visit,  click Client Proofing at the bottom after entering the site and type:  Kittens

Happy hunting!White with gray on headGray male

We made it through Easter…

Two bunnies, two dozen eggs, and two weekends of portraits with Peter Cottontail… we made it through Easter with these fun-filled images!

Our first bunny, “Pip” affectionately named for his energy, did a wonderful job our first weekend, until he realized I had outdoor cats.  Standing in front of  the tall sliding glass doors in the atudio, I was holding him sharing what a great job he did that day… and then… he saw my cat, Sophia, sitting on the stairs outside and shot out of my arms like Dumbo the flying elephant!  Sooooo sad… we rescued “Pip” from under a stairwell, and that explained all the scratches he had endured on his journey to The Camera’s Eye.   Stray Haven Animal Shelter in Waverly, NY gladly took our furry friend and before we had him inside, Pip was taken by a gentleman who loved rabbits and had to have him.  That’s a happy ending for a rescue bunny!

Franceso, aka Antonio was given to us by a family who had a very ambitious bunny who broke through the divider in his cage to visit his female cage mates on the other side…lol  ; )  The second to last to be adopted away, I had to have him because he sports an adorable mustache.  The children who gave him to me said they had been calling him, Franceso… BUT, after my first shoot… I had to change that.  A little girl convinced me he should be named “Antonio… like Antonio Banderas!”  She said it with accent and all!  She’ll be in theatre by age 11, for sure.   =)  So know lil’ Antonio lives at The Camera’s Eye with 3 cats, all of which eat breakfast right beside him every morning – it’s hysterical.   I can contribute that oddity to the fact that a cat lived on top of his cage as he grew up…  Gotta love cats!

Ready for furry & feathery Easter fun?

It’s that time of year when robins begin chirping, daffodils sprout from the Earth, and Peter Cottontail hops into The Camera’s Eye Studio, for portraits with young kids dreaming of chocolate-filled Easter baskets.

March 10th to the 18th… Book your Session today!   lisamcqueeney (at) gmail (dot) com / 607 426 6023ImageImage

Feathery Fun from last year’s “Duck In for Easter” Portraits!

Duck in for Easter PortraitsDuck in for Easter Portraits

Never heard of Portraits with Peter Cottontail & Friends?  That’s ok… take a peak at last year’s Duck in for Easter Portraits at The Camera’s Eye Studio.

These are some of the most hysterical, genuine and un-predictable children’s portrait sessions imaginable!  I think one thing will happen, and then it’s the total opposite.  One thing is for sure… it’s always fun to watch the children interact with the bunnies, chicks or ducks.  I actually think the parents and grandparents love it most.

Here’s how it works… Book your session any time between March 10th & the 18th, view your images in our online gallery, and your Easter Portraits will be delivered one week before Peter Cottontail arrives.  Every child that visits The Camera’s Eye receives a candy gift from Fuddy Duddy’s Fudge in Owego, NY,  and is entered to win one of Sue & Candy’s amazing Easter Baskets.  My niece & nephew are crazy about the chocolate bunnies!

Whose ready for good laughs and springtime fun?  Call:  607 426 6023 or  e-mail directly from my website:  Happy Spring Everyone!

Portraits with Peter Cottontail