Owego Custom Planting Auction This Week!

As the owner of The Camera’s Eye, I find networking with business owners vital to thriving in small upstate NY!  Last week, I shared my love of gardening with the owners of the soon-to-open Belva Lockwood Inn and scored a fun gardening project that exploded with creativity and opportunity for two other local shops! Read through to learn how THIS WEEK you can own a piece of our project and support The United Way at the same time 🙂
Belva Lockwood Inn by The Camera's Eye, Owego NY
Locals Julie and Ike Loveless purchased a dilapidated building at 249 Front St. Owego, NY and gained more than they bargained for with both a spot on the hit HGTV television show House Hunters AND a striking piece of history from the 1800s.

Belva Lockwood Inn by The Camera's Eye, Owego NY

When Julie asked me to “fancy up” the half-torn-down porch for an official tour by travel bloggers converging for an international TBEX conference in Corning NY, I was “game on!” I drew in Logan Keeney, the new owner of Farmer Brown’s Marketplace, not only because his flowers adorn my property; his brother-in-law designer, Adam Coney, also created a stunning arrangement across the street from my studio that I used as a photo backdrop all summer!

Belva Lockwood Inn by The Camera's Eye, Owego NY

Adam wanted to incorporate a shabby chic style to match the re-purposing of the old house, so off I went to Rusty and Jewel to beg owner Lisa Bystrak for wares that could create the look Adam desired.

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Adam named the custom arrangements “A Cinderella Story” because they literally came to life in one night! The event went off fantastically, and construction at the Inn is now back in full force.  Logan and I can’t handle seeing the Cinderella arrangements become covered in deck stain and wood-working dust, so we’ve decided to auction them off on Facebook with proceeds benefiting the United Way! Bidding is Friday and Saturday, September 28th and 29th – check out our sneak peaks all week!
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Belva Lockwood Inn by The Camera's Eye, Owego NY

Meet Jeff Turney of Lone Ranger Antiques!

So I already featured some of the artisans I met at the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, but a few of them had such interesting stories that I needed MORE space for them! So meet Jeff Turney of Lone Ranger Antiques in Florida!

Jeff specializes in antique Swedish furniture. Here are some of his wares on display at the Country Living Fair:

CLFair003 CLFair008 CLFair007 CLFair006 CLFair004

So, how does one get started in antique Swedish furniture? Jeff started visiting Sweden in 1986, when he was 21 and especially interested in Swedish girls um, culture. While waiting in line for ice cream at Kings Garden in Stockholm, he got chatting with an American guy and a Swedish woman. They bought him some ice cream – his Swedish language skills being non-existent – and they sat down to start chatting.

The American guy offered Jeff a job so that he could continue living in Sweden. The couple then invited Jeff to spend the weekend with them at their country farm house. Right across the road was an Estate Auction sign. All that Jeff bought was a box of old wooden tools for $2, but that was all it took – he was totally hooked. See Jeff’s own photos for proof:

12-21-2008_009 12-21-2008_071 old08[1]

Today, he owns his OWN Swedish country house, and spends summers in-country buying up items from estate auctions like an unstoppable force.

He has spent nearly three decades making the trip to Sweden each year, and frequently hears from customers that “there must be nothing left in Sweden.” He actually finds that with the popularity of IKEA and other modern, cheap options, there’s not a whole lot of demand for the type of antiques and collectibles he finds, and he never has trouble scooping them up and bringing them home.

In fact, the items he’s after are frequently called “Mors Mors Skit” by the Swedish. “Mors Mors” is “grandmother” and “Skit” is, well, just one letter different than its English translation. I can say that his wares are WAY better than that term implies 🙂

Jeff does four shows each year –  the Brimfield Antique show in Massachusetts (summer and fall) and the Round Top Antiques Fair in Texas (next show starting September 28th, 2015).

Jeff is the one on the right, FYI.

Jeff is the one on the right, FYI.