Heads Up Tioga – November 1st & 2nd in Owego!

Hey, Tioga County residents! Don’t miss this amazing event on November 2nd and November 3rd! The Camera’s Eye will be shooting portraits to be displayed and for sale as posters throughout downtown Owego during the month of December. All proceeds benefit the Tioga County United Way! Just bring $20 and your best smile. You’ll walk away with a hard copy and a digital file to show your community pride all over social media!

Thank you to our co-hosts: Farmer Brown’s Marketplace, Fuddy Duddy’s, Tom Ash Insurance, Tioga Tourism, The United Way, and The Tioga Arts Council! We are so thrilled to be supporting our local United Way and giving everyone a chance to be a part of the Tioga County community.

Heads UP Tiogaw Promos 4x6

Check out the Heads Up Tioga event page on Facebook! And if you’re a client of The Camera’s Eye from Tioga County, you KNOW I would love to see you again! Mark your calendars for this Friday and Saturday, and get ready to be the face of Tioga County!


Custom Planting and More with Farmer Brown’s Marketplace

One of my absolute fave local businesses is Farmer Brown’s Marketplace! I’ve had the chance to connect with new owner Logan, who jumped in to help us beauty up the Bella Lockwood Inn and is one of the organizers of our planting auction this Friday and Saturday!

FBM, The Camera's Eye, Owego, Apalachin, NY009

Logan, who has a self-described “rather diverse background in horticulture,” became the owner of Farmer Brown’s a little over a year ago, and he has HUGE plans for the business ūüôā

FBM, The Camera's Eye, Owego, Apalachin, NY002

In his first season alone, he improved the store display and shopping experience, featuring products that were 85% homegrown, and even increasing sales despite the wonky weather we went through this year in the Southern Tier!

FBM, The Camera's Eye, Owego, Apalachin, NY003

At Farmer Brown’s, you can now enjoy rewards for frequent purchases. Even more exciting, Logan has brought his brother-in-law Adam R. Coney on board as house designer, which puts them on the path of custom planting!

FBM, The Camera's Eye, Owego, Apalachin, NY008

Also, just because the temps are dropping doesn’t mean Farmer Brown’s is done for the season. This year, keep an eye out for home-grown poinsettias and¬†‚ÄėLive From New York State‚Äô Christmas trees. Logan and Adam hope to move to a year-round farmers market-style business, and are using this year’s holiday season to test the waters ūüôā

To own a piece of Logan and Adam’s custom work and support The United Way at the same time, please visit our plant auction Facebook page! The auction is hosted by The Camera’s Eye, Farmer Brown’s Marketplace, and the Belva Lockwood Inn – sneak peeks are available up until the auction opens on Friday September 28th!

Support for the Daggy Family

It’s a challenge to stop and focus on something other than our daily routine – our fast paced, gizmo-gadgety, instantaneous lifestyle. ¬†At times a natural catastrophe or two will wake us up, but even after¬†that, our focus gets redirected back to what is going on with US. ¬†I’ll be the first one to raise my hand and admit to this. ¬†For some of us, however, it simply comes naturally to put down our own chaos and reach out to others. ¬†In particular, this sums up¬†Bridgett Kilmer Daggy.

In the midst of the 2011 flood, I was trying to organize a Chair-ity Auction to help others. ¬†Just like today, I was throwing post upon post out there to find artists, brainstorm ideas and network with potential vendors. ¬†I received an email from a woman who was not only enthusiastic – she was a force of nature. ¬†Interestingly, she was also a flood victim in an old farm house in Candor, though she chose NOT to share that at the time. ¬†She said, ‚ÄúTHIS is amazing! ¬†I’m helping you!‚ÄĚ… and she did! ¬†Think Etsy stamps to authenticate our Chairs, donations, more chairs, colorful tags, and endless ideas. ¬†Because I tend to go “full force” not realizing what I’m getting myself into, one day, she just showed up at my door and said, “You’re gonna need help to pull this off by the weekend…. Sooooo, tell me what you have going on in the office because I’m here to help.” ¬†Who stops long enough to recognize that about someone else and even better, to then do something about it?!?!?!… Bridgett Kilmer Daggy.

As time passed, Bridgett had a child, Eli.  I photographed him as a baby and it was tons of fun to be re-united with Bridgett.  

Eli Infant


I kept in touch with her via social media and this summer, I read of her journey to have another child…5 years in the making, and she and her husband were blessed with IVF twins. ¬†They were due to arrive this December, but they came early, weighing 2 lbs 14 oz and 4 lbs 8 oz and earning their tickets to the NICU. ¬†Bridgett e-mailed me alllll along the way. ¬†These were her dreams and she trusted me to photograph them the minute it was safe. ¬†November 27th, I met Willow and Owen. ¬†Willow is so much tinier than her brother and I asked Bridgett, “How scared were you in the NICU with her?” ¬†Her response is the epitome of the energy Bridgett brings with her wherever so goes: “NOT at all. ¬†I knew she was gonna make it. ¬†My sister said to me, Bridgett, she’s SO little. ¬†I said, I’m not worried. ¬†She’s going to be fine.” ¬†Bridgett spoke that fearlessly as I choked up… ha. ¬†The Mom stronger than the photographer listening… really?

Eli, Willow, Owen Siblings

I share this story about this woman because tragedy has entered her life, or as I would say, ¬†“Life” has happened. ¬†On December 7th, Bridgett’s husband Aaron¬†passed away¬†unexpectedly, leaving her with the 7 1/2-week-old twins and Eli. ¬†¬†This is the type of person who would STOP her life to help yours and has already done so. ¬†She didn’t know me in Owego. ¬†She didn’t know any of us in Owego, but she rallied behind us to help put our lives back together. ¬†Bridgett’s husband was the same way – not only an ER doctor, he was a volunteer firefighter in every town he moved into. ¬†¬†There’s a trust being created for Eli, Willow and Owen and a place to donate to any of Aaron’s fire stations (information in the obituary, and see links at the bottom of this post).¬†

This is our chance to STOP and help. ¬†And if helping monetarily isn’t possible for you, I understand. ¬†Simply take a minute and share a piece of your life with Bridgett. ¬†Email your thoughts to me with the subject line “BDaggy” and I will forward them onto her unread (lisamcqueeney@gmail.com).

A magnificent friend once told me… “In the process of death in our culture, it’s all backwards. ¬†We gather endlessly for a few days while the shock is still in the air. ¬†Then the food platters stop coming and the flowers die and the frantic rushing is over… it is then that the sadness and the process of healing begins. ¬†It’s then that we should surround our friends who are coping with their loss.” ¬†If you choose to write a note or send something other than money. ¬†I’ll hold those for several weeks and send them at a time that we would ALL appreciate being comforted.


Eli, Willow, Owen Daggy


Trust established at Tioga State Bank, PO Box 125, Candor, NY 13743-0125 (checks payable to Bridgett Daggy).

Locations where Aaron was a volunteer firefighter include:

West Corners Fire

Vestal Volunteer Emergency Squad

Candor Emergency Squad

Candor Fire Department

Fort Allen Volunteer Fire Department (PA)

The Just Keep Believing (JKB) Foundation in Owego, NY

One of the things I adore about being a professional photographer in the Owego/Apalachin/Binghamton area is getting involved with so many community causes and groups. For the past few years, The Camera’s Eye has been proud to support the Just Keep Believing (JKB) Foundation.

This organization raises money to find a cure for spinal cord injuries, and was started to help Jessica K. Burrell, an Owego Free Academy student-athlete who sustained a spinal cord injury in a car accident in 2008 . It‚Äôs near and dear to my heart because I had a chance to take Jess‚Äôs senior portraits at Tioga Gardens, post-injury and only shortly after she returned from a rehab center far from this area. Her attitude was, and still is, simply amazing. Just look at the sparkle in her eyes…I love it!

Jess, The Cameras Eye

Every year, The Camera’s Eye supports JKB with gift certificates to auction off throughout their tournament event via gift baskets and raffle tickets. This year, the tournament runs from Thursday June 12th through Saturday June 14th at Owego Free Academy. The proceeds from this year’s tournament will go to The Miami Project, The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, and the Shepherd Center.
Stop by and see us in Owego, and support a great cause!

Photos from “Minis for Abbi”

When I’m not in the studio, I’m out shooting, and I recently had the chance to participate in Minis for Abbi, a community fundraising event in Wyalusing, PA. Abbi is the daughter of a long-time client, and this event was put together to raise money for her battle with mitochondrial disease. With three photographers and tons of community members donating time and money, the event showed us all how Wyalusing is really an extended family in the form of a town.

Besides raising over $9,000 for a wonderful cause, this event resulted in some fantastic photos. Lifestyle portraiture, focusing on the authentic moment, is what I love to do and is the foundation of my photography business. In case there was any question about it, my studio in downtown Owego even features ‚Äúlifestyle‚ÄĚ as the largest word in a 40-by-60-foot display. As you can see from the shots, this type of photography¬†shows the subjects as they really are, whatever that means for that particular day and moment.

The Camera's Eye 06

I took these images in a series of super short sessions, which is not the norm for me. However, I was amazed to see that I ended up with the same type of images as when I spend extensive, quality time with each of my clients. Guess that means that no matter where you put me, or what limitations I’m under, this is just how I shoot!

The Camera's Eye 10

Gotta love this ‚ÄúBaby for Sale‚ÄĚ shot! The younger sister was having a hard time sitting still, so I grabbed a spare piece of cardboard lying around, some ribbon and a marker, and went to work. ‚ÄúIs she making you a little crazy?‚ÄĚ I asked the older girl as I handed over the sign. She was too shy to admit it to me, but the answer was probably yes, and she did love holding that sign. Look closely and you can see it in the smile she‚Äôs trying to hide.

The Camera's Eye 11

This little princess could not let go of Minnie, and she never stopped smiling.

The Camera's Eye 12

I could have tried to get this ball of energy to sit in his dad‚Äôs lap ‚Äď but why not capture an impromptu hide and seek session instead?

This story goes on and on. Probably my favorite session of the day, and a fitting one for this event in particular, was the little boy in the Iron Man shirt who is most definitely a superhero in training. I asked him for his favorite super hero moves and he was happy to bust them out! On a day filled with community support, it was a nice reminder of the hidden superpowers we can sometimes uncover.

The Camera's Eye 05

Mini Sessions for Abbriella “Abbi” Brown

Hello Photo World!!  : )

I know you haven’t heard from me in forever.¬† Life… we joke it just “gets in the way”¬† I’ve been busy at The Camera’s Eye,¬†https://www.facebook.com/CamerasEyeStudioNY?ref=br_rs and today is no different!

I’m writing to tell you about a little gal named, Abbi.¬† I met her Mom & Dad, Delicia & Chris Brown years ago when they brought their first daughter, Nadia, (now 6) for photos.¬† You all may have seen Nadia as she highlighted many of my promotional materials for years.




Nadia has several sisters now in 2014… Abriella 3, her twin Elliana 3, and Aliza 1.¬† This story is about Abriella, “Abbi.” Bri Homer Photography

She has been diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease.¬† I’ve never heard of it, have you?¬† Today, we’re being educated by her Mom, who kindly shared in easy terms how this affects her daughter.

“Mitochondrial disease is a group of neuromuscular diseases caused by damage to mitochondria. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of our body, they produce energy from food. When¬† damaged it’s not able to produce the energy. Every cell has mitochondria, so every organ can be affected by the mitochondrial disease. Mitochondrial disease has no cure, no treatments, and is progressive so therefore considered terminal. There are hundreds of mitochondrial diseases.¬† Abbi has a very progressive one called Leigh’s disease.¬† It has affected Abbi’s brain, brain stem and muscles.¬† And now they believe its affecting her respiratory system.¬† Abbi is currently fighting respiratory failure.”

Now, this story is going to become about You and I, and the reason we weren’t placed on this Earth by ourselves.¬† Why we get on Facebook, Twitter, etc and read about each other and post about ourselves… because we’re social beings filled with compassion, kindness and love… not always, but a lot of time.¬† We have a opportunity to make a difference- even if it’s in the slightest way to reach out to this little girl and her family.¬† So we are!

Mini Sessions for Abbi, https://www.facebook.com/events/1377203572535053/?ref=22 started as an idea I pitched to Brie Homer, a friend of The Browns and wonderful photographer at Brie Homer Photography, https://www.facebook.com/briehomerphotography?ref=br_rs.  She took it and ran.. which I loved!!!!

Now it’s an opportunity for all of us to “reach out” on February 23, 2014 at Grovedale Winery in Wyalusing, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Grovedale-Winery/113188522089989, where you can schedule a Mini Photo Session, buy a baked good, snag a raffle for all kinds of things from gift baskets to hunting gear or just lend a hug to the Brown Family.¬† If you have an idea you want to add to the event, want to make a donation to the Brown Family or you just want¬† more information, check it out on Facebook at either Brie Homer Photography or The Camera’s Eye Studio or drop me a line:¬† lisamcqueeney@gmail.com or directly through my website: http://www.thecameraseye.biz

Looking forward to hearing from You!!!