Abby – 2018 Owego Free Academy Senior

Meet Abby, a superstar rising senior from Owego Free Academy! As an honors student taking college courses, it’s hard to believe she has time for anything else…

#Seniorpics 3

…BUT, Abby is also a leader in the community, taking part in Global Leadership Now, YES LEADS, and the Interact Club, to name just a few…

#Seniorpics 2Oh, and did I mention she is also a top athlete? She’s lettered in track and cross country, but NOTHING compares to how much she loves softball!

Abby071-The Camera's Eye, #softball

It’s clear this girl is headed places – and the most exciting place she’s headed is Italy! Abby has the honor of representing the USA Athletes International team in the Italian Softball Series next summer in Florence. She is just one of just FOURTEEN young women from across the country selected to represent the US – pretty incredible stuff!

Abby064-The Camera's Eye, #softball

To do that, she needs to raise a bunch of money – please click here to help send Abby to Italy!

#Seniorpics 1

Besides all of these accomplishments – Abby is an absolute sweetheart with a positive attitude and a striking personality. I’m so glad I got to know her through her urban senior session with The Camera’s Eye – best of luck to her in her senior year, Italy, college, and beyond!

Abby074-The Camera's Eye, #softball

Newborn Session with Adelyn at The Camera’s Eye

Welcome to the world, Miss Adelyn! Sarah and Jenise brought their little bundle in to me just a few days after she was born – they were back and forth a bit about doing a newborn shoot, but once she was finally here, they knew they would regret not getting the photos.

Newborn Photography, The Camera's Eye

The ladies brought a few memorable stuffed items and a softball glove, but there was really no major planning…sometimes the way to do things involving a newborn 🙂

Newborn Photography, The Camera's Eye3

We do have babies that aren’t as fast asleep as Adelyn was – which is totally fine. That’s why we try to schedule newborn shoots at The Camera’s Eye before the baby is two weeks old, but you’ll get amazing photos either way!

Newborn Photography, The Camera's Eye2

Since Adelyn was sleeping away, we did a few extra shots in this ADORABLE Minnie Mouse outfit. And, as happens with EVERY newborn shoot, she left this crocheted diaper a little less white than when we started 🙂

Newborn Photography, The Camera's Eye5

We took our time to make sure everyone was comfortable. I have a Boppy and a wipes warmer in the studio, and we played Adelyn some lullabies – even used an app on my phone to create some soothing vibrations for her!

Newborn Photography, The Camera's Eye6

I absolutely loved getting to meet Sarah and Jenise and their little sweet pea. I’m so glad they had a memorable experience with Adelyn’s newborn shoot. As Sarah put it, “I will never forget how it felt watching Lisa take pictures of our new baby. It was one of those moments that you think about while pregnant, and then was coming true in front of me.”

Newborn Photography, The Camera's Eye1

Hoping to have Adelyn back in the studio for her 6-month shoot and beyond! Lots of love to this family from The Camera’s Eye.

Newborn Clare at The Camera’s Eye

Check out some photos from a recent newborn session with little Clare at The Camera’s Eye! Clare’s mom Rosey didn’t have any specifics in mind for props or themes, so I just went all-out with some of my current fave newborn setups!

The Camera's Eye 50The Camera's Eye 14The Camera's Eye 12The Camera's Eye 6jpg

Clare slept for an hour and a half straight, making it easy to get all of the shots we wanted. How cozy does she look??? And her parents decided to order birth announcements to celebrate their new addition 🙂

The Camera's Eye 51

Thanks to Clare’s parents for bringing her to The Camera’s Eye to capture these memories:) Thinking about bringing your little one in as a newborn? Read more about what a newborn session is like here!

Meeting Baby Brooklyn at The Camera’s Eye

I am BEYOND excited to show you these images from a recent newborn session at The Camera’s Eye. Not only is little Brooklyn just adorable (what a head of hair!) but her mom Johcelyn handmade all of the props 🙂



It’s easy to see why Brooklyn’s two older brothers are already in love!


We didn’t do a whole lot of planning – we just went for the Easter theme and incorporated these gorgeous props!


Johcelyn started off crocheting pieces like these just as a hobby, but it turned into a business once she shared her work on Facebook 🙂


A big thank you to Johcelyn for bringing her newest little addition to The Camera’s Eye! You can check out her handmade work on her Facebook page and over at Etsy.



Birth Announcements with The Camera’s Eye

At The Camera’s Eye, we adore doing newborn sessions, and we love helping you announce your little one to the world! Rather than having a set of templates to choose from, I work with new parents to custom design their birth announcements, going back and forth on layouts, size, photo choices, and even the finish of the announcement until you have *exactly* what you want. Here are just a few of the mockups for Dexter:


And some for Ellery:

The newborn shoot is a lot of fun, and so is picking out the photos for announcements and other photo products for your home. And an FYI for new parents…did you know you can send announcements to the Pope, Disney characters, and the President…and get a keepsake response? Who knew?! So make sure to order a few extras when you design your announcements with The Camera’s Eye!

Henry’s Newborn Session at The Camera’s Eye

Time for another great newborn shoot at The Camera’s Eye! Meet Henry William, the fourth in a line of great kiddos!
I’ve known Amy’s family for quite a while, starting when I photographed her oldest son Jack back in 2006 when HE was a newborn.​ Henry was a surprise for Amy and her family, but the very best kind 🙂
We had hoped that I would be able to go to the hospital to photograph his birth via C-section, but it was against hospital rules…so we settled on doing a newborn shoot 9 days after he was born in the studio, on a SUPER cold day (sound familiar?).
We mostly used the props that I had on hand, but there was one particularly special prop – a handmade airplane quilt from Amy’s 7-year-old daughter Olivia!
Olivia already has her sights set on becoming a fashion designer! Amy and her family have certainly taught their kids well, following the motto of “Work hard and you can accomplish anything.” Like getting started early on Penn State? 🙂
Henry’s newborn session was about four hours long – and even with the super-warm studio and the fact that he was still in his sleepy newborn stage, he was awake for almost ALL of the session, except the last 15 minutes or so!
No worries – as with all of my newborn sessions, we took all the time we needed, with frequent breaks to nurse and rest 🙂
Here’s hoping he was tired out by the end of the shoot and gave his parents some much-needed sleep that night 🙂

Newborn Session with Dexter at The Camera’s Eye

The Camera’s Eye welcomes little Dexter Henry to the world!  I have been friends with Dex’s mom Sydney for a while now, and even shot her wedding.

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby004

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby005

We normally do our newborn sessions at The Camera’s Eye at a max of 10 to 14 days old – this ensures that the little nugget stays asleep for most of it, making it easy to move them around as much as we need to.

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby002

However, we did Dexter’s shoot at about four weeks old – so we have some great wide-eyed shots of him! And who could beat that HAIR?!

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby001

Because he was so awake, we spent about 3.5 hours on the shoot, with frequent breaks to nurse. He probably stopped to nurse about eight times! I always give my newborn clients as MUCH time as they need, so this was no problemo – just say the word and we’ll break so you can set up shop with my Boppy pillow 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby003

Syd brought a few props, including a blanket with Dex’s name embroidered on it, but she really didn’t plan too much. As much as I love using Pinterest boards and bouncing ideas around with my clients beforehand, this approach can work, too! We know each other well and we were both totally game to play it by ear and see how the session progressed.

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby007

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby009

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby008

Congrats to Syd, Nelson and Nora on the new addition to the family!

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby006

Newborn Session with Ellie at The Camera’s Eye

So it’s been nearly….four months 🙂 But I didn’t want to forget to share newborn pictures of Ellie with The Camera’s Eye! You can read Sam’s first-hand account of the session here.

The Camera's Eye, Newborn Photography
She was nine days old (we did the session on her actual due date!) and, as newborns usually do, slept through almost the whole thing.

The Camera's Eye, Newborn Photography1

The Camera's Eye, Newborn Photography2

And as a bonus…a sample of the birth announcement they ultimately went with, featuring the fall-themed photos from their session 🙂

El 2 back copy El 2 front copy

And as a bonus bonus…her completed canvas cluster, right over the living room mantle 🙂 I made up a few sample cluster arrangements and we worked on it over email:


For yet another bonus…an adorable onesie collage! I love coming up with finished wall art for my clients 🙂


Coming very soon to The Camera’s Eye blog – 3-month photos of this same little munchkin!

Gracelynn’s Newborn Shoot at The Camera’s Eye

Loved this recent session with little Gracelynn at The Camera’s Eye studio and had to share 🙂
The Camera's Eye, Newborns
Gracelynn is a “miracle baby” – her parents were ecstatic to find out they were expecting after fertility treatments.
 The Camera's Eye, Newborns4
Mom Ashley was determined to get the photos just right, and went with The Camera’s Eye because she was looking for a more natural looking newborn session.
The Camera's Eye, Newborns5
Of course, it can be nervewracking to be doing a newborn shoot with a brand new little human. Additionally, Gracelynn was a little older than the average newborn I photograph (due to a NICU stay), and it seemed likely she wouldn’t sleep through it or would fuss the whole time…adding a little extra anxiety for her mom!
The Camera's Eye, Newborns2
However, we’ve done it all at The Camera’s Eye – I had my little newborn session tricks, and Gracelynn slept through the WHOLE thing. Baby and mama were very happy! Mom’s biggest piece of advice for new parents in the same boat? Don’t even bother stressing 🙂
The Camera's Eye, Newborns1
Thanks to Gracelynn for such a lovely newborn session – and congrats to her parents on such a gorgeous and sweet little girl!

Newborn Canvas Clusters with The Camera’s Eye

You might remember our earlier post by blogger Sam about her daughter’s newborn shoot with The Camera’s Eye. Now what to do with those photos? I’ve written before about how much I LOVE canvas and I LOVE wall art. Well placed photographic art can make your home TRULY yours…especially in the case of a newborn photo shoot 🙂

After walking through a few rooms of Sam’s house, we decided that the best place for her canvas cluster would be above the fireplace in the living room. Another place that I find makes a good spot is above the baby’s changing table, but they were already fully decorated in there 🙂

She sent me her image choices, and I sent back a few files with different configurations (using unretouched images)…

Try 2 34W 24H

Try3 34W 24H

Sam ColorWe threw around the idea of mixing black and white and color images – not something I’ve seen much at The Camera’s Eye, but a challenge that I loved to wrap my mind around!


Sam BWUltimately, she decided to keep the images all color, and did keep a shot of those adorable little baby feet 🙂 Difficult to use up real estate on anything that isn’t that precious little face, but it adds some nice variety to the images 🙂

Try #8

I love working from initial shoot to finished photo product with my clients!