Dress to Impress: Senior Sessions at The Camera’s Eye

During our senior sessions at The Camera’s Eye, I LOVE getting to know you and capturing your personality. And though it’s what’s on the inside that counts, clothing naturally plays an important part of your senior photos, and I get asked a LOT about how to dress…we’ve written about it before, but here are some key tips for this season…

The Camera's Eye,9

The big biggie: be yourself! There’s no use in taking a bunch of senior photos where you don’t wear what you normally wear and you don’t look or feel like yourself 🙂 People should recognize you in what you wear every day.



I’m an environmental portrait artist…that means we will be trekking through fields, rivers, over rocks, and through funky terrain….THAT means: wear the comfy shoes, and carry the diva heels! I LOVE great shoes, so save them for when we’re actually shooting and I’ll get them in all their glory:)

The Camera's Eye9
And as far as shoes go…make sure to match the socks if you’re wearing them. There’s nothing worse than white socks BLAZING out from under your pants and stealing the spotlight from your amazing shoes.
The Camera's Eye, Seniors5
This one is from your mother, but it is the #1 clothing retouch requested from your mothers….check for wrinkles in your clothes before you come and HANG your outfits prior.
Ladies: think about your undergarments!  Straps other than the ones holding your shirt or dress up are DISTRACTING from your face. Straps distract!
TheCamerasEye, Seniors02
Most of all..SHARE with me… tell me what you’re bringing! Text or Snapchat your clothing choices.  I’ll plan around your outfits and it will remind us both to bring props, sporting equipment, locker room keys, jerseys, etc. 🙂
Senior photos, The Camera's Eye3
Remember, I’m a professional photographer…which means I do MORE than just snap the camera. I WANT to work with you before and after our session to get  the photos you want 🙂 One of the best ways we can collaborate is over Pinterest…check out our senior style and senior photos boards to get pumped for your session!
The Camera's Eye, Seniors
Call me at 607-426-6023 or email lisamcqueeney AT gmail DOT com to book your senior session with The Camera’s Eye today!

Country Living Fair – Abbey Knight of Heart of Ohio Antiques

The Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck showcased SO much talent – one of my favorite vendors to meet was Abbey Knight of Heart of Ohio Antiques in Springfield, OH. You can check out her new personal store website, Ohio Antique Trading Supply, for a close look at what she has on offer!

CLFair018 CLFair020

Abbey buys and sells all over the country, and also sells products wholesale from her warehouse. This is in addition to all the work she and her parents do out of the antique mall in Springfield!

CLFair021 CLFair022

I just love the country feel and the aesthetic arrangement of all of her pieces. Can’t imagine what this would be like on a larger scale at a huge antiques mall!

CLFair023 CLFair025

Ohioans, take note – Heart of Ohio Antiques will be hosting their first annual antique and vintage festival on Labor Day weekend (September 4-6). The Knight’s Antique and Vintage Fair– Ohio White Tent event will feature over 80 vendors spanning every possible category, as well as live music and delicious gourmet food trucks 🙂


For more Country Living photos from The Camera’s Eye, check out our proofing page with the password “Rhinebeck”.

La Contessa/Mary DeMarco at the Country Living Fair

As you know, The Camera’s Eye recently traveled to the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck! I loved getting to meet individual vendors and take some shots of their wares, including the incredible jewelry made by Mary DeMarco of La Contessa in Baltimore:


Her jewelry is inspired by nature and completely hand-made through an intricate plating and layering process.


Mary, along with her husband, has been making pewter jewelry since 1986. As you can see, her pieces are highly detailed and the use of semi-precious stones really makes the color jump!



If you’re in the Baltimore area, definitely stop by her shop, which is attached to the studio. Here’s a sneak preview of what the store looks like – now I am dying to take a trip myself! Check out other retail locations here.

Curran_2015-06-24_4599resized Curran_2015-06-25_4655 Curran_2015-06-24_4605

Thanks to Mary for sharing more about her business and letting The Camera’s Eye photograph some of her gorgeous jewelry at Rhinebeck!

The Camera’s Eye Meets Baby Blake!

It might be senior photo season, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have time for the younger set at The Camera’s Eye – like newborns!

TheCamera'sEye, Babies4

I’ve worked with mom Carrie and dad Corey through their engagement session AND their wedding photos, and I was honored when they tapped me to shoot their sweet little girl, Blake!

TheCamera'sEye, Babies1

Carrie and Corey are easily some of the most mellow new parents I’ve ever met. They completely handed the shoot over to me, and were very trusting. When I shot their wedding, it poured – so they let me try out the idea of putting all the wedding gear back on and shooting them the NEXT day. It was just as magical as we had hoped! I was so glad we could find the magic with their newborn session as well 🙂

TheCamera'sEye, Babies3
TheCamera'sEye, Babies

Newborn photography always brings its own challenges, and its own unique style of creativity and fun. Patience is key when photographing any newborn, and I think that (much like being pregnant and then having a baby) the end product is well worth it!

TheCamera'sEye, Babies2

Thanks to Blake and her parents for entrusting The Camera’s Eye with their newborn photo session!

The Camera’s Eye at the Mud Mountain Rock and Run 5K

I was on such a high after shooting the Mud Mountain Rock and Run 5K last month! Time to finally share some photos 🙂

The Cameras Eye, Mud Run015

The Run is crazy, crazy fun….and funny at the same time. You see all kinds of runners – those who take it seriously, those who are there to laugh and maybe avoid some of the nastier obstacles, and a non-competitive group who could walk and have fun!

The Cameras Eye, Mud Run012

The obstacles aren’t impossible, but they are HARD. I was glad to be behind the camera rather than neck high in mud, like some of the runners.

The Cameras Eye, Mud Run010The Cameras Eye, Mud Run006

At the end of the day, it’s an awesome cause. The money raised went to the Family Enrichment Network. All the runners get to wash off with hoses and enjoy some yummy food and great music. There’s a very communal atmosphere, where everyone gathers with friends at picnic tables.

The Cameras Eye, Mud Run023

I get so jazzed by the energy at events like the Mud Mountain Rock and Run, and it’s really when I’m shooting something like this that I’m at my BEST!

The Cameras Eye, Mud Run009

A Basket of Kittens!

The majority of my clients at The Camera’s Eye are human…but I can never resist the chance to take photos of ADORABLE animals!


These three kittens, about 3-4 weeks old, were found by my good friend Taunya. Her kids are helping take excellent care of them while they find forever homes!

11401026_10153373734493428_5477215022208140552_n 11390249_10153373734728428_4796196068465816948_n 11350523_10153373734908428_1611880391745263820_n

I adore them all! The little black one is the runt, and I even helped hand-feed him. Hard not to fall in love!11330046_10153373734093428_1880783671656353946_n 11219598_10153373734618428_8635245555882139558_n

We’ve shared these photos on The Camera’s Eye Facebook page, and it looks like all kitties may have been snatched up. Still, it never hurts to spend part of your day looking at photographs of kittens on the Internet, right? 🙂

10377259_10153373734033428_557015459954548004_n 10155687_10153373734353428_127695167217001013_n

Why I LOVE Canvas Photo Products!

We have a range of finished photo products that you can order from The Camera’s Eye, but you should know that I. LOVE. CANVAS. It’s durable, it has a beautiful texture, and it has incredibly brilliant color saturation!

The Cameras Eye, Framed Canvas4

You can choose a canvas gallery wrap or even put it in a frame. It’s still lightweight in the frame since there’s no glass front, making it a breeze to hang! Many of my clients at The Camera’s Eye go for a 16×20 or 20×24 canvas print, and don’t need to go bulk up at the gym in order to hang the finished piece 🙂 The Cameras Eye, Framed Canvas3

You can collage your canvases on the wall or hang them one by one.  A 16×20 with two 9×9 pieces makes a lovely collection. We have our most popular canvas collections listed in our brochure  : )

One way to cluster your canvas pieces...

One way to cluster your canvas pieces…

...and version two!

…and version two!

Our newest canvas product at The Camera’s Eye is the canvas pop out – check it out below! The Cameras Eye. Image Pops The Cameras Eye. Image Pops1

Unlike glass, canvas is super easy to clean – just wipe it down with a damp cloth and you’re good to go! The most fantastic part of canvas, in my opinion? It lends your photos a deeper, richer color. A canvas wall hanging is eye-catching because of its contemporary style, but also because that color just POPS, making it the focal point of your room. And if you love texture? Canvas is just shy of magical 🙂 The Cameras Eye. Image Pops4

The Easter Bunny Came Early to The Camera’s Eye!

Spring is officially here, and that means that Easter is around the corner! At The Camera’s Eye, we love doing Easter shoots with our littlest clients, like Sawyer 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Easter4

The Camera's Eye, Easter

I’ve worked with Sawyer’s family before, when I photographed his older brother Trevor last year.

The Camera's Eye, Easter6

The bunny ears are adorable, but Sawyer really just needs those eyes – and not much else – to capture your heart 🙂The Camera's Eye, Easter5  The Camera's Eye, Easter3

Sawyer’s photos are currently on display at Fuddy Duddy’s, just downstairs from The Camera’s Eye studio in downtown Owego. Stop by to grab some chocolatey goodness and check out his photos in person!

The Camera's Eye, Easter2 The Camera's Eye, Easter1

Luciano Wishes You a Happy Valentine’s Day!

They don’t get much cuter than this! Meet Luciano, who came in to The Camera’s Eye for a special Valentine’s Day session.

The Cameras Eye Valentine's Day11

The Cameras Eye Valentine's Day10

Luciano, a lucky Christmas baby, is two years old, and these photos pretty much capture his personality – hilarious, totally full of energy, and very easily excited. He’s a blast to photograph – we’ve done Easter portrait sessions and he has been a model at Fuddy Duddy’s, just downstairs from my studio 🙂

The Camera's Eye The Camera's Eye1

The Camera's Eye2

I love these photos because they embody the reasons that I LOVE doing lifestyle portraiture – capturing the moment and the pure energy, rather than having something perfectly posed.

The Camera's Eye3
The Camera's Eye5

The Cameras Eye Valentine's Day08

And with some personalized Valentine’s Day cards from The Camera’s Eye, Luciano’s family and friends get to enjoy this little goofball, too!

The Cameras Eye Valentine's Day12 The Cameras Eye Valentine's Day13




Finished Photo Products From The Camera’s Eye

When you’re working with a professional photographer in a selection session, you shouldn’t feel intimidated by all the options out there! Sometimes the simplest answer is the one that works the best! Because I work with so many seniors, one of our most popular products is Gallery Wrapped Canvas. And if you can’t narrow down your faves to just ONE, why not try a Canvas Cluster, Mini Accordion or a Shelfie? Check out Chloe’s Mini Accordion book:

Accordion Square Mini Book

These are the kinds of surprises that come from a selection session at The Camera’s Eye. I work ALL DAY LONG in images… these ideas might not come as easily to my clients, but when they share a little about their home or display area, they pop into my head effortlessly.

Accordion Square Mini Book Back

Then again, the reverse is always a pleasant surprise – I often meet a mom or dad who has tons of great ideas and then we spin thoughts around like mad people – this always results in a great end product!

Image Folio Template 8x10

One example that comes to mind is a dad who didn’t do anything with his daughter’s images because he only bought the CD. He never had time to create anything, but what he really wanted was a side-by-side canvas cluster of both of his kids, the daughter who graduated three years prior and his son, who was currently graduating.  So we designed two canvas clusters with matching neutral background and similar poses.  It was stunning!

The "Shelfie"  - a simple and elegant display of a few fave shots at once.

The “Shelfie” – a simple and elegant display of a few fave shots at once.

While we do offer the CD-only option at The Camera’s Eye, I’m not a huge fan. If you’re not art-inclined or if you don’t have the time to figure out what to do with the photos, you’ll probably end up like that dad – great intention, NO TIME. More often than not, the CD gathers dust – trust me, I’ve seen it time and again!  Keep in mind, we offer free retouching on any print that you purchase from The Camera’s Eye. You’ll see in your selection session: retouching is the true magic of professional imagery.


Can't forget about senior graduation announcements!

Can’t forget about senior graduation announcements!

Grad Card, The Camera's Eye Announcement, The Camera's Eye