2015 Owego Free Academy Senior – Carrie

I LOVE shooting senior sessions in and around Owego, NY. However, as you saw in our last post, it’s nice to take advantage of all of upstate New York’s beauty with a location shoot now and then! Carrie, a 2015 senior from Owego Free Academy, had her senior session with the The Camera’s Eye in Skaneateles, NY. She really wanted to get her photos done near the water, and as you can see, we got more than just NEAR the water:

TheCamera'sEye- Senior

Carrie’s main goal for her senior portrait session? Making sure that she looked just like herself. In this case, that meant a lot of smiling and laughing 🙂

TheCamera'sEye- Senior2

We had a blast! It took a few months of emailing back and forth and planning out the logistics, but I’m easygoing when it comes to planning.

TheCamera'sEye- Senior6

Of course, there’s always the behind-the-scenes story – this shoot was either the fourth or fifth time we had to reschedule due to rain (I lost track!). And it’s not like that kept the rain away in the end – we drove up to our location in a downpour, and back home in a downpour to match. During Carrie’s session, we had to duck under a veranda to escape from even MORE rain rolling in.

TheCamera'sEye- Senior5

The cards seemed to be against us! The best part though? We tried to stop for pizza towards the beginning of our shoot at a local joint. They told us that they hadn’t started making any yet for the day – fair enough. About five hours later, when we had wrapped up the photo shoot and were totally starved, we stopped back at the SAME place…and they STILL didn’t have any pizza! So if anyone has any recommendations for pizza places that actually serve pizza in the Skaneateles area, lemme know 🙂

TheCamera'sEye- Senior1

A big thanks to Carrie from The Camera’s Eye for a fun (and adventurous) senior session! Best of luck in your senior year at Owego Free Academy!

TheCamera'sEye- Senior3

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