2016 Owego Free Academy Senior – Kelsey

Loving the craziness of senior photo season at The Camera’s Eye! Here is another wonderful shoot with Kelsey, a senior at Owego Free Academy:

TheCamerasEye, Seniors04

Kelsey is a totally down-to-earth girl – sweet and quiet. She’s into fitness and eating healthy. And she was a complete natural at having her photo taken!

TheCamerasEye, Seniors01

I see so many great options for a yearbook photo with Kelsey’s shots. The outfits are natural and simple and don’t distract from Kelsey, while still being totally flattering.

TheCamerasEye, Seniors05

She has a gorgeous smile, casual hair, and just looks like, well, herself!

TheCamerasEye, Seniors02

Kelsey, thank you for a fun senior session with The Camera’s Eye! Seniors, don’t forget: October 1st is the deadline to get me your yearbook choices!

TheCamerasEye, Seniors03TheCamerasEye, Seniors06

2016 Owego Free Academy Senior – Kayla

At The Camera’s Eye, we’re still shooting senior sessions seven days a week! Meet Kayla, another awesome senior from Owego Free Academy!

Seniors, The Camera'sEye2

In addition to being a total sweetheart and taking great senior photos, Kayla is a state champion volleyball player – she’s played varsity for 4 years as a middle hitter.

Seniors, The Camera'sEye6

She is SUCH a hard-working athlete, but is completely down-to-earth. I’m so impressed with her dedication to the sport!

Seniors, The Camera'sEye5

Love Kayla’s style – and she loves dressing up!

Seniors, The Camera'sEye3 Seniors, The Camera'sEye1 Seniors, The Camera'sEye

The black off-the-shoulder shirt with jeans and high heeled boots had just the right amount of sass!

Seniors, The Camera'sEye4

In addition to the volleyball shots, Kayla knew she wanted water in her photos. And how gorgeous is she in this white dress?

Seniors, The Camera'sEye7

Seniors, The Camera'sEye9

Kayla, thanks for being up for some creative fun with The Camera’s Eye, and good luck with this year at OFA, on and off the court!

Seniors, The Camera'sEye8

2016 Senior Sessions with The Camera’s Eye

Hard to believe it is already more than halfway through September, and the kids I’ve been meeting in my senior sessions are now officially seniors!
The Camera's Eye8 The Camera's Eye10

I have had such a blast getting to know the 2016 area seniors through our sessions at The Camera’s Eye. So many unique personalities, and so many true collaborators in the process of crafting a personal senior session!

The Camera's Eye7 The Camera's Eye1 The Camera's Eye4

Through the end of October, The Camera’s Eye is shooting senior sessions SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. So if you haven’t booked yet, it’s not too late!

The Camera's Eye5

The Camera's Eye2

All of my seniors, take note: The Camera’s Eye deadline for your yearbook picture choice is October 1st. This gives me time to edit and send off your photo to your school by the school’s deadline. Check out our previous blog post for help in choosing a senior yearbook photo.
TheCamera'sEye1 (1) TheCamera'sEye4

And if you haven’t scheduled yet? Email me at lisamcqueeney AT gmail DOT com or give me a ring at 607 426 6023. Don’t miss the boat on getting your senior photos with The Camera’s Eye!

2016 Owego Free Academy Senior – Marissa

I had another awesome senior photo session with an Owego Free Academy senior – Marissa! She is driven, determined, and sweet as a button. The Camera’s Eye has photographed some of her sisters before – they all swim, but Marissa definitely has her own personality and spunk 🙂

TheCamerasEye, Seniors02

Marissa was looking for a fun and relaxed atmosphere for her senior photos – except for the swimming shots, where we went for a little more intensity!

TheCamerasEye, Seniors07

She has been swimming competitively since the age of six – last year, she broke the OFA school record for the 100-yard breaststroke, and her medley relay placed 6th in the state. This year, they are aiming for first! Two years ago, the varsity swim team as a whole was ranked 1st in the state and third in the nation.

TheCamerasEye, Seniors05

Marissa chose her senior session outfits based on her hair color, her personal style, and certain background locations. We thought that her maroon shorts would match the brick walls, and the blue-and-white dress would be good for some more “dressy” shots.

TheCamerasEye, Seniors03

TheCamerasEye, Seniors01

The outdoor shots were certainly outdoorsy, as the sun was shining bright and the bugs were everywhere in Marissa’s face and eyes! She was a great sport about it though, and we got some gorgeous senior photos.

TheCamerasEye, Seniors04

Thanks to Marissa for a great senior session, especially letting me capture those swimming shots! Good luck in your last year at OFA 🙂

TheCamerasEye, Seniors06

2016 Maine-Endwell Senior – Jilianne

Loved this recent senior session with The Camera’s Eye in Owego! Meet Jilianne, a rising senior at Maine-Endwell:

TheCamerasEye001 TheCamerasEye005

She is dancer, and is completely easy-going. She only had two outfits, and that’s all she needed with her personality and her smile to rock this senior session!


She wanted something carefree to match her personality, with a country atmosphere to match her family (her grandfather was a dairy farmer, and the hat even belonged to him!).


Loved working with Jilianne’s mom as well – they were very patient in waiting out the rain, and we only started our senior session 15 minutes late. We knocked all of our images out in just a little over an hour!


Sure, there were some prickly bits to the grass and the dock was a little unsteady – but that’s part of the fun of an outdoor senior photo session. You really can’t tell from the photos!


As usual, playing the waiting game with the Southern Tier weather can be a gamble, but it pays off with a little patience, and you CAN get some great outdoor images for your senior session 🙂

TheCamerasEye004 TheCamerasEye003

Jilianne, thank you for an awesome senior photo session with The Camera’s Eye, and good luck in your last year at Maine-Endwell!


The Camera’s Eye – An August Wedding in Owego, NY

Another wedding post from The Camera’s Eye! Capri and Ryan’s wedding took place at the bride’s family home in Owego, NY. Capri is SUCH a sweet girl – very funny, heartfelt and theatrical. And of course, a beautiful bride:

Bridal Portrait Bridal Silouette The Camera's Eye4

The day unfolded under various tents on the family property. Guests were ushered in and given fans and water, and took Polaroids as mementos for the bride and groom.

Wedding Flowers, Tioga Gardens001 TheCamerasEye002

Popular local band Splash played during the ceremony and the cocktail hour.

TheCamerasEye001 TheCamerasEye011 TheCamerasEye012

My personal fave, Tioga Gardens, provided the flowers:

Wedding Flowers, Tioga Gardens005 Wedding Flowers, Tioga Gardens010 Wedding Flowers, Tioga Gardens007

The day included a hot dog station (what fun!) and ice cream truck Here’s The Twist, owned by Dan Liddic.


After working extensively with a family to prep and complete a wedding shoot, I can always think back to what the day encompassed for me – what my takeaway as the photographer is. What stood out at Capri and Ryan’s wedding was the unBREAKABLE family bond. This is especially apparent between Capri and her uncle, grandma, and dad.



Capri and Ryan – thank you so much for letting The Camera’s Eye capture your wedding day!

TheCamerasEye006 TheCamerasEye005