2016 Owego Free Academy Senior – Kayla

At The Camera’s Eye, we’re still shooting senior sessions seven days a week! Meet Kayla, another awesome senior from Owego Free Academy!

Seniors, The Camera'sEye2

In addition to being a total sweetheart and taking great senior photos, Kayla is a state champion volleyball player – she’s played varsity for 4 years as a middle hitter.

Seniors, The Camera'sEye6

She is SUCH a hard-working athlete, but is completely down-to-earth. I’m so impressed with her dedication to the sport!

Seniors, The Camera'sEye5

Love Kayla’s style – and she loves dressing up!

Seniors, The Camera'sEye3 Seniors, The Camera'sEye1 Seniors, The Camera'sEye

The black off-the-shoulder shirt with jeans and high heeled boots had just the right amount of sass!

Seniors, The Camera'sEye4

In addition to the volleyball shots, Kayla knew she wanted water in her photos. And how gorgeous is she in this white dress?

Seniors, The Camera'sEye7

Seniors, The Camera'sEye9

Kayla, thanks for being up for some creative fun with The Camera’s Eye, and good luck with this year at OFA, on and off the court!

Seniors, The Camera'sEye8

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