2016 Owego Free Academy Senior – Kelsey

Loving the craziness of senior photo season at The Camera’s Eye! Here is another wonderful shoot with Kelsey, a senior at Owego Free Academy:

TheCamerasEye, Seniors04

Kelsey is a totally down-to-earth girl – sweet and quiet. She’s into fitness and eating healthy. And she was a complete natural at having her photo taken!

TheCamerasEye, Seniors01

I see so many great options for a yearbook photo with Kelsey’s shots. The outfits are natural and simple and don’t distract from Kelsey, while still being totally flattering.

TheCamerasEye, Seniors05

She has a gorgeous smile, casual hair, and just looks like, well, herself!

TheCamerasEye, Seniors02

Kelsey, thank you for a fun senior session with The Camera’s Eye! Seniors, don’t forget: October 1st is the deadline to get me your yearbook choices!

TheCamerasEye, Seniors03TheCamerasEye, Seniors06

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