2016 Owego Free Academy Senior – Marissa

I had another awesome senior photo session with an Owego Free Academy senior – Marissa! She is driven, determined, and sweet as a button. The Camera’s Eye has photographed some of her sisters before – they all swim, but Marissa definitely has her own personality and spunk 🙂

TheCamerasEye, Seniors02

Marissa was looking for a fun and relaxed atmosphere for her senior photos – except for the swimming shots, where we went for a little more intensity!

TheCamerasEye, Seniors07

She has been swimming competitively since the age of six – last year, she broke the OFA school record for the 100-yard breaststroke, and her medley relay placed 6th in the state. This year, they are aiming for first! Two years ago, the varsity swim team as a whole was ranked 1st in the state and third in the nation.

TheCamerasEye, Seniors05

Marissa chose her senior session outfits based on her hair color, her personal style, and certain background locations. We thought that her maroon shorts would match the brick walls, and the blue-and-white dress would be good for some more “dressy” shots.

TheCamerasEye, Seniors03

TheCamerasEye, Seniors01

The outdoor shots were certainly outdoorsy, as the sun was shining bright and the bugs were everywhere in Marissa’s face and eyes! She was a great sport about it though, and we got some gorgeous senior photos.

TheCamerasEye, Seniors04

Thanks to Marissa for a great senior session, especially letting me capture those swimming shots! Good luck in your last year at OFA 🙂

TheCamerasEye, Seniors06

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