Mother/Baby Connections at The Camera’s Eye

We’re social beings.  We connect, network, and converse with friends, colleagues, and family all day, everyday.   There’s one connection to me that’s more precious than any other… and that’s the connection between a mom and her baby.  I love it!

I’ve been photographing babies for 12 years – from 5 days old and up.  I can truly empathize with fathers who say, “no one has the ‘touch’ like Mommy when baby is crying.” I can do all the same things she does in a shoot and the minute she lays a finger on her lil’ one, WhaLaaa!… Baby’s all better.

There’s a thrill in capturing that connection for a mom and an even bigger one knowing she can show it to her child when he or she is older.  They grow and grow and grow away from us and sometimes all we want is to “remember when…”


One mom put it best when she said, “Sometimes I want  a day without anyone clinging to me and then I think to myself… I better take all the clinging I can get now, because soon they won’t even want to stand next to me in public!”  How true is that??!!!  ha Ha!  Those are the moments you look at a picture like this and close your eyes to remember…. Aaaahh.  🙂

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