“What do you do in your down time?

That’s a question we ask colleagues, new friends, and business clients all the time.  It’s a great conversation starter.  Ask any professional shooter what they do in there down time and I guarantee they will respond, “shoot!”  I bet most of them will answer… “well, why do you think I went Pro.. that’s all I do is shoot!”   The funny thing about that answer… when do any of us, photographer or not, ever have down time in this fast paced world we live in?!   Ha!

This past September, mother nature provided a lengthy stretch of down time when she flooded the Southern Tier of NY and parts of PA with record amounts of water stemming from Tropical Storm Lee.  The flood waters forced residents to live without electricity for more than 5 days… that’s Mother Nature sanctioned DOWN TIME!  So go ahead an ask… “what did I do in that precious down time?”  Ha!… I photographed.  Surprise!

I didn’t photograph objects or projects I put on the back burner… Oh no… that would have been too easy and relaxing.  I pulled up waders and trekked out into Owego and Apalachin, NY and photographed over 5,000 images of history we HOPE never comes our way again.  I was addicted!  The sun rose and I was out & about, camera in hand… the sun set and I sadly walked home to the darkness.

At the end of the 5th day; I had met so many people in need and heard so many fascinating stories, I convinced myself I would do something with 5,000 images… and I did.  I wrote a book about a devastating storm, a shocked community and the power of neighborly love.  What else could I do.. put ’em all in an album or storage?!  Ha!

The book was released last December and it had such a over-whelming response, we printed a second round, which is currently on sale as paperback at the Riverow Bookshop in downtown Owego, NY.

In addition to those, I printed a limited run of 75 hard copies.  They can be purchased through The Camera’s Eye. Simply send me an e-mail and I will respond within a day.  You will be able to see images of the flood on my site and images from the book on my Facebook page, The Camera’s Eye Studio

Or maybe, you’re just interested in viewing a little bit of history online… either way, it’s worth the look!ImageImage

Photos, Chocolate, and Gifts for Spring

Life’s crazy isn’t it?   As a woman, it moves a mile a minute.  Monday hits and you’re getting the kids ready to jump on the school bus, you’re off to work and the day rushes into after school activities and dinner… REPEAT.   Most women can relate to that, right?  We look forward to the weekend and in an eye-wink it’s over.

The best part about being a woman with children though; when it comes to your kids, you’ll go above and beyond EVERY TIME and the excitement is endless!  You as clients taught me this!  You find ideas on Pinterest, You network in Mommy groups, You Facebook your children’s events in photos, videos, instagrams….  Oh and you love Holidays OR you fake that you do flawlessly!  =)

St. Patty’s Day is around the corner & you know somewhere in the midst of your life chaos you’ll bake cupcakes with green icing and shamrock-shaped sprinkles. Easter is right behind that with fun-filled baskets, chocolate, fancy clothing and the hint of spring!  A few places I recommend to go crazy this Easter…

Fuddy Duddy’s Fudge Factory  in Owego, NY  (607) 687-3834

They provide us with all our chocolate goodies for portraits with Peter Cottontail at The Camera’s Eye Studio and our exciting Easter Basket Giveaway.  One lucky child who smiles with Peter during Portraits with PeterCottontail, March 10th to the 18th, wins a basket filled with chocolatey delights from Fuddy Duddy’s.ImageImage

Also check out Simply Precious Boutique! This little business is comprised of moms and ambitious young women who fill a need for embroidered wedding and baby items, frilly hair pieces, and anything else they dream up!  I know them personally – they are great gals who celebrate life’s important moments!