The Benefits to Burning the Midnight Oil

It’s common to hear artists say they “burn the midnight oil” or “come alive” once the clock hits 12:00 a.m. but I rarely hear anyone say, “That’s awesome or That’s so healthy for you!”  Like many of my colleagues, at The Camera’s Eye Studio I work late into the wee hours of the night and I usually hear, “You’re crazy!  Why do you do that?  Whoa, Lisa… you need to sleep!”

Well everyone, I have your answer…. I’m not only a Night Owl, last night I became a Super Hero.  ; )  It was about 3:00 a.m. and I was up working on Senior Graduation Announcements.  I heard this loud bang as if a construction site popped up outside my office window.  Then quiet.  I continued working… It happened again.  I went for the flashlight and shown it towards the road outside the window… Nothing.  Odd, but stranger things happen in the country.  

Ten minutes pass and I heard it again but louder this time…. I looked a the cat, she looked at me alarmingly, “Beats me Shutter, but I’m glad you’re ears are perked up too”  : )  I thought, if that’s a burgular… they’re stealing the barn doors because that is LOUD!  Just then we heard this huge crackling noise and BANG!  Now that noise I recognized!  I opened the front door at 3:30 a.m. to see an enormous tree cracked in half and covering the road with limbs and branches all the way to the very edge of the mailbox by the driveway entrance!

One 911 call to our local Fire Department and about an hour and a half later… local work traffic zoomed up and down the hill without a clue!  The only trace of evidence is a totem pole (the other half of the tree) tucked into the hillside along the road.

So for all my friends and clients who say..”what are you doing up sooooo late???”  I’m playing Super Hero!

Supporting The Valley Kiwanis

Every spring, The Camera’s Eye donates several packaged portrait sessions to The  Valley Kiwanis to help with all the good they do year round.  This year, we packaged one for a 2013 Senior, one for a newborn and one for any woman whatsoever… The Madonna Session.  Because this is a new concept and a little different, my phone is ringing off the hook with this question, “what on Earth is a Madonna Session???”  One woman asked…”What is a Madonna Session… MY HUSBAND won it for me!”    I thought that was super sweet because I’m sure he didn’t know either!   Some women may roll their eyes at that one… I give him a thumbs up for trying something new and taking a risk that it might be something special for her on Mother’s Day.  🙂  Obviously, he got a lil’ nervous because she called this week and Mother’s Day is May 13th, hee hee.  ; )-

So a Madonna Session is a session that simply celebrates Women.  Single women, working women, retired women; Moms…moms with 5 children, stay-at-home moms, moms with babies in their bellies, moms who split their lives in sections to be all the people they need to be in one day: wife, mom, money-maker, house cleaner and fabulous chef!  You  think of her and we want to celebrate her life by giving her a session where the world slows down a bit.  Coffee, tea and mid-morning snacks to start the session, a hair and makeup stylist and then some quality portraiture to make her feel incredible.   And it doesn’t have to be our style…. it’s about her style.  She’s a gardener… well then,  we’re going to photograph in the garden.   We usually invite her best friend or sister or mother for some solid estrogen support and then we photograph that person with her because obviously she’s there for a very good reason… 

Here’s a few samples of a new mom and an expecting mom.  It just happened to be that my most recent Madonna shoots revolved around pregnancies, but they don’t have to at all. If you have a question about a Madonna Session that I didn’t answer… do post and ask.  I bet someone else is thinking the very same one!