Professional Headshots at The Camera’s Eye

We do SO much at The Camera’s Eye – from capturing meaningful events to getting memorable family photos – that it’s easy to forget we can help out with things like professional headshots as well!Professional Headshots, The Camera's Eye3

Jennifer recently started up a website for her business, but felt that the existing photos were a little lacking. So she turned to The Camera’s Eye to see if we could help her out!

Professional Headshots, The Camera's Eye2

Jennifer is not a huge fan of having her photo taken, so I made sure to make her as comfortable as possible during the shoot. We chatted away and before she knew it, we were done!

Professional Headshots, The Camera's Eye1

She chose the dress she wore because she loves the pattern. It’s eye-catching and classy, without taking away from her natural beauty. Just the right thing to break out for a headshot session!

Professional Headshots, The Camera's Eye


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