The Camera’s Eye and Binghamton Yoga

Work at The Camera’s Eye keeps me more than a little busy – but I try to find time to relax and take care of myself by going to my Friday morning class at Binghamton Yoga.

The Cameras Eye011

I’ve been going to Binghamton Yoga since 2012. At first, I did a little exploring with different classes. Eventually I fell in love with Flow yoga – a 1-hour class that combines movement with static stretching or poses.  It loosens my overworked muscles and strengthens my weak areas. It lets me relax – shavasana, anyone?  – and at the same time gears me up for the weekend, when I’m usually working!

As studio co-owner Jason Shaw puts it, “We help people find physical ease so that the mental and emotional stuff is easier to handle. Once someone feels themselves, then they’re better able to hear themselves and deal with the other things in their life.” Put another way, Binghamton Yoga is perfect for adults who are very settled in their bodies and want to strive for improved alignment, graceful movement, and the many other benefits of consistent yoga practice.

The Cameras Eye016

The Cameras Eye002

Binghamton Yoga has nine teachers, each of whom brings a unique style to the yoga mat. The teachers come from a range of schools, and there isn’t any single way of thinking or teaching that defines what goes on at the studio – variety of instruction is key! What’s most important to them, above all, is “do no harm.” Something I think we can all get behind!

The Cameras Eye046The Cameras Eye042 The Cameras Eye043 The Cameras Eye044

The teachers at Binghamton Yoga know that when it comes to trying out yoga for the first time, or even just in a new place, the simple act of stepping through the door can be huge. Their mission – and I can tell you they’re successful at it! – is to make you feel safe and accepted once you’re there. And if I didn’t feel safe and accepted, would you catch me doing things like this?



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