Birth Announcements with The Camera’s Eye

At The Camera’s Eye, we adore doing newborn sessions, and we love helping you announce your little one to the world! Rather than having a set of templates to choose from, I work with new parents to custom design their birth announcements, going back and forth on layouts, size, photo choices, and even the finish of the announcement until you have *exactly* what you want. Here are just a few of the mockups for Dexter:


And some for Ellery:

The newborn shoot is a lot of fun, and so is picking out the photos for announcements and other photo products for your home. And an FYI for new parents…did you know you can send announcements to the Pope, Disney characters, and the President…and get a keepsake response? Who knew?! So make sure to order a few extras when you design your announcements with The Camera’s Eye!

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