Ellie’s 3-Month Shoot at The Camera’s Eye

Today, treat yourself to another guest post from my social media maven Sam! We just did another session with Miss Ellie:
The Camera's Eye, Newborn005
Lisa doesn’t normally do a lot of 3-month sessions – something I missed in my sleep-deprived state when we were discussing our timeline. A lot of babies are still pretty cross-eyed and have difficulty focusing at this age. But, as she put it to me, she was excited for the challenge and we could “muddle through it together.”
 The Camera's Eye, Newborn007
There wasn’t a lot of muddling involved! We decided to come in mid-morning, since Ellie would be awake and still happy for the day.
 The Camera's Eye, Newborn011
I had used Pinterest to make a board of shots I liked that we could probably do with a 3-month-old. I didn’t have nearly as many ideas or preferences as when I was prepping for our newborn shoot (sleep deprivation again, for the win). I did know that I wanted some unique shots of the three of us, and of each of us with the baby.
The Camera's Eye, Newborn001
I emailed Lisa photos of our outfits to check they matched well. Per Lisa, shades of the same color are usually the way to go with a family shoot. Old Navy was a good affordable option to find matching clothes.
The Camera's Eye, Newborn009
Either way, she obviously has no problem being in front of the camera…
The Camera's Eye, Newborn010
We brought much less stuff than with the newborn shoot – a couple of textured blankets and some visually interesting toys.
The Camera's Eye, Newborn006
The Camera's Eye, Newborn012
The key things that made this 3-month shoot successful were the fact that Ellie could focus her eyes, mimic faces, and smile. She’s pretty happy lying on her back (which made a lot more sense than struggling to prop her up.) And Lisa’s fave part of this particular age group is the chance to show to the real bond between babies and their parents 🙂
The Camera's Eye, Newborn002
The Camera's Eye, Newborn003

Newborn Session with Dexter at The Camera’s Eye

The Camera’s Eye welcomes little Dexter Henry to the world!  I have been friends with Dex’s mom Sydney for a while now, and even shot her wedding.

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby004

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby005

We normally do our newborn sessions at The Camera’s Eye at a max of 10 to 14 days old – this ensures that the little nugget stays asleep for most of it, making it easy to move them around as much as we need to.

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby002

However, we did Dexter’s shoot at about four weeks old – so we have some great wide-eyed shots of him! And who could beat that HAIR?!

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby001

Because he was so awake, we spent about 3.5 hours on the shoot, with frequent breaks to nurse. He probably stopped to nurse about eight times! I always give my newborn clients as MUCH time as they need, so this was no problemo – just say the word and we’ll break so you can set up shop with my Boppy pillow 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby003

Syd brought a few props, including a blanket with Dex’s name embroidered on it, but she really didn’t plan too much. As much as I love using Pinterest boards and bouncing ideas around with my clients beforehand, this approach can work, too! We know each other well and we were both totally game to play it by ear and see how the session progressed.

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby007

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby009

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby008

Congrats to Syd, Nelson and Nora on the new addition to the family!

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby006

Carli’s “Tween” Session with The Camera’s Eye

My newborn shoots and senior sessions often get a lot of attention – babies are universally CUTE. And seniors LOVE sharing their photos on social media, which capture their personalities at such an important time in their lives. But it’s not like there’s just *nothing* between being born and graduating from high school. So I want to share a type of session we haven’t promoted much at The Camera’s Eye – the tween session!

The Camera's Eye, Tween Sessions015

Carli’s mom Traci wanted something that captured her daughter’s personality better than the usual posed school photo. She wasn’t even sure if they had had Carli’s photos done professionally since preschool…probably a common story for many families! This particular age is a great choice for a photo session, because it gives a wonderful hint of the adult your child is growing into 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Tween Sessions010

In this case, capturing Carli’s personality meant including Nittany, the horse that Carli rides. Riding is a huge part of who Carli is right now, and we did this session at the same place where she rides, Meadow Pond Farm in Little Meadows, PA.

The Camera's Eye, Tween Sessions006

As a professional photographer, it’s my job to capture the personality of my subjects – and that includes animals! I  think these photos show the relationship between Nitanny and Carli so well, including when they are being silly and affectionate with each other.
The Camera's Eye, Tween Sessions012

The Camera's Eye, Tween Sessions004I’m loving doing tween sessions at The Camera’s Eye! This age is a time of big changes, so it’s a lot of fun to capture these young men and women in the moments that show their true passions and personality.

The Camera's Eye, Tween Sessions001

The Camera's Eye, Tween Sessions016

A big thank you to Carli (and Nittany) for such a fun outdoor tween session 🙂

Newborn Session with Ellie at The Camera’s Eye

So it’s been nearly….four months 🙂 But I didn’t want to forget to share newborn pictures of Ellie with The Camera’s Eye! You can read Sam’s first-hand account of the session here.

The Camera's Eye, Newborn Photography
She was nine days old (we did the session on her actual due date!) and, as newborns usually do, slept through almost the whole thing.

The Camera's Eye, Newborn Photography1

The Camera's Eye, Newborn Photography2

And as a bonus…a sample of the birth announcement they ultimately went with, featuring the fall-themed photos from their session 🙂

El 2 back copy El 2 front copy

And as a bonus bonus…her completed canvas cluster, right over the living room mantle 🙂 I made up a few sample cluster arrangements and we worked on it over email:


For yet another bonus…an adorable onesie collage! I love coming up with finished wall art for my clients 🙂


Coming very soon to The Camera’s Eye blog – 3-month photos of this same little munchkin!

January 2016 Image CD Deal at The Camera’s Eye

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The Camera's Eye,1

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Seniors, The Camera'sEye8

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The Camera's Eye, Newborns1

The deal applies no matter what type of session you had – newborn, engagement, maternity, senior photos, Valentine’s Day, cake smash, and anything in between. If you loved your 2015 session with The Camera’s Eye and ordered with us last year, take this chance to get ALL of your photos on CD at a huge discount!

Mother's Day, The Camera's Eye4

This CD image deal is OVER on January 31st…when we’ll already be in the middle of our Valentine’s Day photo sessions!

The Cameras Eye Valentine's Day7