Newborn Session with Dexter at The Camera’s Eye

The Camera’s Eye welcomes little Dexter Henry to the world!  I have been friends with Dex’s mom Sydney for a while now, and even shot her wedding.

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby004

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby005

We normally do our newborn sessions at The Camera’s Eye at a max of 10 to 14 days old – this ensures that the little nugget stays asleep for most of it, making it easy to move them around as much as we need to.

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby002

However, we did Dexter’s shoot at about four weeks old – so we have some great wide-eyed shots of him! And who could beat that HAIR?!

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby001

Because he was so awake, we spent about 3.5 hours on the shoot, with frequent breaks to nurse. He probably stopped to nurse about eight times! I always give my newborn clients as MUCH time as they need, so this was no problemo – just say the word and we’ll break so you can set up shop with my Boppy pillow 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby003

Syd brought a few props, including a blanket with Dex’s name embroidered on it, but she really didn’t plan too much. As much as I love using Pinterest boards and bouncing ideas around with my clients beforehand, this approach can work, too! We know each other well and we were both totally game to play it by ear and see how the session progressed.

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby007

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby009

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby008

Congrats to Syd, Nelson and Nora on the new addition to the family!

The Camera's Eye, Mother & Baby006

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