Birthday Smash Session at The Camera’s Eye

Working with kids at The Camera’s Eye always brings the unexpected, but I love to improv! I recently did a cake smash session for little Clara’s first birthday.

Birthday Bash005

She was not too impressed with the icing on the cake…

Birthday Bash004

Birthday Bash003

So her older sister Layla decided to take advantage of it and stick her fingers in the frosting…so at least someone got to enjoy it!

Birthday Bash006Birthday Bash008Birthday Bash007

Layla was celebrating her big fourth birthday a few weeks later with a “Frozen” theme, so I picked up this adorable tiara for her 🙂

Birthday Bash001

A big happy birthday to both kiddos from The Camera’s Eye!

Birthday Bash002


Birth Announcements with The Camera’s Eye

At The Camera’s Eye, we adore doing newborn sessions, and we love helping you announce your little one to the world! Rather than having a set of templates to choose from, I work with new parents to custom design their birth announcements, going back and forth on layouts, size, photo choices, and even the finish of the announcement until you have *exactly* what you want. Here are just a few of the mockups for Dexter:


And some for Ellery:

The newborn shoot is a lot of fun, and so is picking out the photos for announcements and other photo products for your home. And an FYI for new parents…did you know you can send announcements to the Pope, Disney characters, and the President…and get a keepsake response? Who knew?! So make sure to order a few extras when you design your announcements with The Camera’s Eye!

Henry’s Newborn Session at The Camera’s Eye

Time for another great newborn shoot at The Camera’s Eye! Meet Henry William, the fourth in a line of great kiddos!
I’ve known Amy’s family for quite a while, starting when I photographed her oldest son Jack back in 2006 when HE was a newborn.​ Henry was a surprise for Amy and her family, but the very best kind 🙂
We had hoped that I would be able to go to the hospital to photograph his birth via C-section, but it was against hospital rules…so we settled on doing a newborn shoot 9 days after he was born in the studio, on a SUPER cold day (sound familiar?).
We mostly used the props that I had on hand, but there was one particularly special prop – a handmade airplane quilt from Amy’s 7-year-old daughter Olivia!
Olivia already has her sights set on becoming a fashion designer! Amy and her family have certainly taught their kids well, following the motto of “Work hard and you can accomplish anything.” Like getting started early on Penn State? 🙂
Henry’s newborn session was about four hours long – and even with the super-warm studio and the fact that he was still in his sleepy newborn stage, he was awake for almost ALL of the session, except the last 15 minutes or so!
No worries – as with all of my newborn sessions, we took all the time we needed, with frequent breaks to nurse and rest 🙂
Here’s hoping he was tired out by the end of the shoot and gave his parents some much-needed sleep that night 🙂

Gabby’s Tween Shoot with The Camera’s Eye

At The Camera’s Eye, I’ve loved getting into tween photo sessions! Meet Gabby, a truly lovely young lady I recently met!
The Camera's Eye, Tweens001
Her mom Sam decided that she simply could NOT wait until senior photos came along to have some pictures done of her daughter Gabby. She shares, “In the last couple of months, I found myself just stunned by my daughter.”
The Camera's Eye, Tweens006
“She is at this unique age, no longer a little girl, and glimpses of the woman she will be are there. From the way she does her hair to the angles in her profile- She’s beautiful!  It was just taking my breath away.”
The Camera's Eye, Tweens004
Sam tried searching Pinterest for ideas on how to capture this moment in her daughter’s life – but a search for “tween photo shoot” didn’t reveal much that suited her Gabby. So they came in to chat with me!
The Camera's Eye, Tweens009
I learned a lot about Gabby through chatting with her, and told her to pick out outfits that made her feel GOOD! This is key to having a natural photo session, no matter the age.
The Camera's Eye, Tweens007
In chatting with my clients, I love seeing the bond between family members. Sam shares that what she admires most about Gabby is her strength. She loves watching her daughter learn that she can be brave and build her confidence.
The Camera's Eye, Tweens008
All that (and some great photos) from a simple tween session at The Camera’s Eye! Big thanks to Gabby and Sam – we hope to see you again when the time for a senior session rolls around 🙂
The Camera's Eye, Tweens005

Valentine’s Day Fun with Allie and Jack

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we’ve been having a blast with our Valentine’s Day shoots at The Camera’s Eye!

Valentine's Day, The Camera's Eye4

Meet Jackson, a 6-month-old bundle of love, and his big sister Allie!


Hard to believe I’ve done newborn sessions for BOTH of these munchkins 🙂 I’ve worked with this family for ages, and mom Amy shared that this was one of her FAVORITE sets.

Valentine's Day, The Camera's Eye6

Valentine's Day, The Camera's Eye3

Allie was a big help with her little brother during the shoot, and she even got behind the camera for a few minutes!


Thanks to Allie, Jack, and mom Amy for a shoot FULL of smiles!

Valentine's Day, The Camera's Eye5

If you haven’t had a chance to get Valentine’s Day photos done, remember that gift certificates to The Camera’s Eye make AMAZING Valentine’s Day presents!

Valentine's Day, The Camera's Eye8