Love Conquers All: A Wedding with The Camera’s Eye in Rome, PA

This month, I had the pleasure of shooting TWO weddings in a row for The Camera’s Eye. This one, in Rome, PA, was with Stefanie and Mike:


The wedding took place at Stefanie’s dad’s house in the country, where her grandmother, who has passed away, used to live and do the landscaping. This truly made it feel like she still there with the family on the big day, and the WHOLE event had a fun, down-home, country feel.



It was very easy to tell there was a HUGE bond between the bridal party and the bride and groom – all of the speeches were very emotional, and it was overwhelmingly clear that everyone was there out of love.


To match that, it was a do-it-yourself kind of wedding – the bridal bouquets were made that morning. They took a chainsaw into the woods to make some of the centerpieces and the signs. There were maybe 100 guests tops. It was low-stress, a ton of fun, and an intimate and personalized day!


Stefanie’s dress was vintage, and it required Patrick *carrying* her in and out of the creek to get these shots 🙂 Her mom had sewn her into the dress that morning, and when her eyelet broke, I had to sew her a new one to get her back into her dress after these shots!


Besides the overwhelming love you could feel in all aspects of the day, there was a beautiful takeaway message between the bride and groom: love each other’s flaws and celebrate those flaws. The bride has a tattoo, “omnia vincit amor,” (love conquers all things) as a reminder of their triumph over even the difficult times.


Gotta LOVE this sunflower coat, which Stefanie picked up at a thrift store outside of Philly.



And I couldn’t NOT include a picture of the cupcakes, by Dessert First in Waverly, NY. As always, they smelled incredible and tasted just as good 🙂 They were arranged on logs to match the woodsy, outdoor feel of the event.


Part of the reason this wedding was so much fun for The Camera’s Eye to shoot, aside from the wonderful people: I had clients who had complete trust in their vision for their day, and in me! Whatever floats your boat and whatever happens, your wedding WILL work, and I’ll be able to capture the images.

The bride and groom just returned from a hiking and camping honeymoon, which is perfectly fitting 🙂 Thank you to Stefanie, Mike, and their family and friends for sharing their day with me!


2 thoughts on “Love Conquers All: A Wedding with The Camera’s Eye in Rome, PA

  1. Tom and I were misty-eyed reading this, recalling Stefanie and Mike’s magical day. Thank you for giving the entire family such a beautiful gallery of memories we can enjoy for years. We thoroughly enjoyed having you and Patrick with us that day (and night).


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