Little Bambinos: Newborn Photography at The Camera’s Eye

In most of the newborn photography you’ll see, including at The Camera’s Eye, the baby is sleeping. This makes sense, since this is the majority of what they are doing anyway. (Ok, maybe it doesn’t feel that way during the night for the parents, but that’s another story!) So it stands to reason that a sleeping newborn would be a cinch to photograph. Right?

The Camera's EYe, Newborns

Not entirely. If you are a parent (and/or a professional photographer), you know that you are totally beholden to the baby’s schedule. The baby might not want to actually be asleep during the time that you scheduled the photo session. And have you ever tried to explain to a five-day-old that there’s a schedule to keep?

I’ve been photographing newborns for 13 years, starting with a set of preemies as my first clients, and I love the possibilities that a newborn photo session holds! In general, it really helps me to work with moms who aren’t afraid to have me handling their brand new little one. Of course, I am super strict about washing props and washing hands before handling anyone’s baby. And I’m always amazed when brand new parents are willing to go with it when I say things that essentially add up to, “Oh, let me fold up your bambino like a tree frog and stuff him into this bowl. Sound good?”

Newborn Photography The Camera's Eye

I truly admire and am inspired by newborn photography that is stylized and prepped, with perfectly placed accessories like headbands and themed props. My colleague Esther Fuller has some great examples, and I use Pinterest to keep track of other creative newborn images! In my own shooting, I gravitate towards the up-close details – the little toes, the warmth, and connection between the baby and the parents.

Newborn Photography, The Camera's Eye

Still, I am always developing my artistic vision when it comes to more precise newborn and baby photographs.

The Camera's Eye newborn photography

I let moms handle their babies as much as possible during the photo shoot. It can be difficult for a mom to position their baby when they’ve never done it before, or for me to position a baby when he or she isn’t familiar with me. Plus, all you want to do is let the little angel sleep, but you’re probably going to rustle him awake with the many tiny adjustments you need to make.

The Camera's EYe

Keep in mind, even when your baby does sleep, they might not be making the most comfortable, relaxed expression. There is a natural “sleeping baby eyebrow scrunch” that can lead to a lot of post-newborn session Photoshopping! 

A client recently asked me: “You do so well with these shoots, and you don’t even have kids…so how do you have the patience to get peed on?” And, I know it sounds weird, but this is probably one of the greatest compliments I’ve received in my work as a professional photographer. At the end of the day, I’m truly enjoying myself – even in the line of fire. And don’t worry – at The Camera’s Eye studio, I always schedule time afterwards to take care of all the clean up that might will need to happen. It just comes with the trade of natural lifestyle photography – and what’s more natural than that?

Siblings and newborn photography, The Camera's Eye

Traveling for a Wedding Shoot: Or, What to Do With 28 Minutes of Sunlight

At The Camera’s Eye, we LOVE traveling to shoot weddings, something that we started doing in 2009. I guess it’s not a destination wedding for the bride and groom if they live there, but it sure feels like an exciting destination for us! We are headed near Philly this weekend to shoot another wedding at the Brandywine Manor House, which got me thinking about the past weddings we’ve traveled to. The Camera’s Eye has done two weddings in the Allentown area at Lock Ridge Park, one in Scranton, as well as a wedding that sailed away on a boat from Station Square in Pittsburgh! Of course, as far as destinations go, there’s nothing quite like the beach, wedding or not:

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 012

The Camera’s Eye was lucky enough to shoot a wedding in Destin, Florida about two years ago. One of the guests at a previous wedding that we shot closer to home loved our work so much that she flew us down to Florida for her own nuptials.

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 019 Weddings, The Camera's Eye 020

The ceremony took place on the beach at sunset, and the reception at a huge multi-family beach house right across the street, named “5 o’Clock Somewhere.” Can’t beat that!

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 005

Of course, we had a wonderful time working this wedding and spending time at the beach. The bride and groom were generous enough to invite us to come to the reception, the house, and to other events throughout the weekend. We usually had to decline because, as much fun as it was, we did still have to work, even far before the day of the wedding. What’s there to work on when you’re in a place that’s so inherently beautiful? Well, when you’re dealing with a wedding at sunset – everything.

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 013

We stayed in Florida for four days total, counting two days before the wedding. This gave us two chances to time the sun. Yes, actually time the sun. The ceremony was at sunset, giving us exactly 28 minutes of sunlight to work with. And of those 28 minutes, we planned out every. Single. Second.

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 014

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 016

Sunset or no, this is how I roll on a wedding shoot! I need to know every step I will be taking during the day, every pose I will be asking the bridal party, the groom, the parents, etc. to make. Does it sound a bit, well, controlling? Especially for something so artistic? Sure, but you don’t get a redo when it comes to wedding photography. Taking the time, doing the research, and prepping mentally always, always, always pay off. And when you’re done? Well, just maybe you’ll get a chance to relax on a beach!

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 018

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 015

A big thanks to all who have let me shoot their weddings. We’re looking forward to this next big weekend in Philly!

Weddings, The Camera's Eye 017

A Knight for a Princess at The Epiphany School

A few weeks ago, The Camera’s Eye photographed an event that is near and dear to my heart. Every spring, The Epiphany School in Sayre, PA, holds an event called “A Knight for a Princess.” And no, that’s not a misspelling – it does take place at night, but it is also an event full of royal luxury! Velvet ropes, a drawbridge, food almost too pretty to eat…I’ll let the pictures tell the tale:





Girls in grades K-8 attend the event with their fathers, their effective knights for the evening – and beyond. More than just a night out, the event is devoted to the idea that your dad is the one who shows you how men should treat you right. These lovely ladies and their dads dressed to match the part – tiaras, corsages, the whole nine yards:

TheCamerasEye05 TheCamerasEye03


Could these guys be any prouder of their girls? I’ve been photographing this event for all eight years of its existence, back when it started with first-graders. That makes this year especially poignant, since some of the beautiful young ladies graduating from eighth grade were also in attendance eight years ago – and arrived in high style this year!


A few of them spoke about what the event means to them, and they were NOT shy about sharing what they learned. One explained that going to this dance every year with her dad definitely raised her standards. Another added that whoever it she ends up with, he “has to be able to dance.”  Good life lesson, don’t you think?




A big thank you to Sister Anne Quigley and the rest of the organizers and participants for letting me share in this event year after year! I can’t get over how much everyone involved loves being there.

Knight4Princess025 Knight4Princess026


It’s always fun to dress up for any reason but what I love about “A Knight for a Princess” is that these girls and their dads are spending time together, and everyone truly loves it!





Senior Photo Offer at The Camera’s Eye

It might not feel like it yet, but the end of the school year is drawing near. That’s exciting for all of the regular reasons, but it’s an especially big step for students who will be seniors next year! At The Camera’s Eye,we love doing senior photo shoots. Nothing beats getting to know these students and seeing their personalities shine through in portraits, graduation announcements, and more.

Melissa Fornt

Senior Announcement

To make these photos even easier to share with your friends and family, we have a special offer for the month of June. Students who book a senior photo session with The Camera’s Eye between June 1st and June 3oth get a free mobile album! Pull up your photos on your phone, scroll through the portfolio, and – most importantly – get your friends’ opinion on which ones they like the best.

Don’t wait until school’s out – call us at 607-426-6023 to schedule your senior photo session today!

The Camera's Eye Seniors

First Communion at The Church of the Epiphany

Springtime is here! The flowers are finally starting to bloom and we are packed with events to photograph – proms, senior sessions and, of course, The First Holy Communion at The Church of the Epiphany in Sayre, PA. On the first Saturday of each May, the children of Epiphany Parish receive the sacrament of First Communion, and I’ve had the honor of photographing candids and portraits for them for several years now.Card Front

This year, 18 children celebrated this sacrament, a mix of second graders from The Epiphany School and children from public school who are a part of the Sunday religious education program, taught by parent volunteers John and Cathy Moliski.

The Camera's Eye Studio

Holy Communion is a huge milestone for families and kids alike. Dressed all in white, the children receive the Body of Christ for the first time, along with a special set of rosary beads, traditionally handed down from a relative.  At The Church of the Epiphany, this event is organized by Sister Anne Quigley, who has taught for over 25 years at The Epiphany School, and presided over by Reverend Andrew Hvozdovic, who celebrated his Silver Anniversary last year. Clearly, we are a set of seasoned veterans here. I still have my own set of rosary beads from my First Communion at this same church, along with a tiny crystal set given to me by my aunt!

The Camera's Eye Studio

The Camera's Eye Studio

The Camera's Eye Studio

The Camera's Eye Studio

The Camera's Eye Studio

In addition to portraits, The Camera’s Eye offers customized necklaces and personalized thank you cards to commemorate this special day.

Custom Necklaces

For even more photos, check out the candids courtesy of Dr. Rick Rilloraza, one of the proud parents!

The Camera’s Eye is looking forward to more events celebrating growth, change, and renewal as we dive into spring and summer!

Another Word for “Handsome”: The Camera’s Eye at Sayre Prom

Last weekend was prom for Sayre High School! It’s a big weekend for the kids, who looked glamorous, and, as always, a huge, fun event for The Camera’s Eye.

The Camera's Eye Studio

The Camera's Eye Studio

I’ve been shooting the Sayre prom for over 10 years now, and I dig working with these kids. So spontaneous and refreshing! I book directly with the class president – this year, it was Nate Williams, a standup guy. The theme was Central Park, with lots of greenery and pastels.

The Camera's Eye StudioThe Camera's Eye Studio

So is it all work for us when we’re shooting the Sayre prom? Not hardly! Sure, we’re there to take these memorable photos, but we find ways to have fun ourselves. Trust me, we DO notice what you wear! My staff and I always run a quiet little “favorite dress” and “favorite tux” contest amongst ourselves. I LOVE seeing the new colors that girls show up in every year.

The Camera's Eye Studio

And if you’ve been there, you know – I have an undying love of shoes, and I will definitely ask to see your shoes – guys and girls alike! Besides that, I love telling the kids how fab they look! Like telling the guys that they look dapper and hearing them go, “Uh…that’s a good thing, right?”

The Camera's Eye Studio

And of course – what would prom be without some dancing? We always ask the kids to teach us one of the dances from the dance floor. This year it was “The Dougie,” which is NOT, as I learned, an easy dance. One kid even YouTubed it for me on the spot and, as much as I tried, I couldn’t get it! Suppose that’s why it’s best to leave the dancing up to the Sayre students and the photography up to me.

The Camera's Eye Studio

And of course, what would Sayre prom be without my own number one date – my mom! I don’t know what I’d do without her as a core member of the team. Hopefully she can teach me how to Dougie before next year’s Sayre High School prom rolls around.

The Camera's Eye Studio