Another Word for “Handsome”: The Camera’s Eye at Sayre Prom

Last weekend was prom for Sayre High School! It’s a big weekend for the kids, who looked glamorous, and, as always, a huge, fun event for The Camera’s Eye.

The Camera's Eye Studio

The Camera's Eye Studio

I’ve been shooting the Sayre prom for over 10 years now, and I dig working with these kids. So spontaneous and refreshing! I book directly with the class president – this year, it was Nate Williams, a standup guy. The theme was Central Park, with lots of greenery and pastels.

The Camera's Eye StudioThe Camera's Eye Studio

So is it all work for us when we’re shooting the Sayre prom? Not hardly! Sure, we’re there to take these memorable photos, but we find ways to have fun ourselves. Trust me, we DO notice what you wear! My staff and I always run a quiet little “favorite dress” and “favorite tux” contest amongst ourselves. I LOVE seeing the new colors that girls show up in every year.

The Camera's Eye Studio

And if you’ve been there, you know – I have an undying love of shoes, and I will definitely ask to see your shoes – guys and girls alike! Besides that, I love telling the kids how fab they look! Like telling the guys that they look dapper and hearing them go, “Uh…that’s a good thing, right?”

The Camera's Eye Studio

And of course – what would prom be without some dancing? We always ask the kids to teach us one of the dances from the dance floor. This year it was “The Dougie,” which is NOT, as I learned, an easy dance. One kid even YouTubed it for me on the spot and, as much as I tried, I couldn’t get it! Suppose that’s why it’s best to leave the dancing up to the Sayre students and the photography up to me.

The Camera's Eye Studio

And of course, what would Sayre prom be without my own number one date – my mom! I don’t know what I’d do without her as a core member of the team. Hopefully she can teach me how to Dougie before next year’s Sayre High School prom rolls around.

The Camera's Eye Studio

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