This Week’s Adventure: Caretakers Tree Service

There’s always something brewin’ in Upstate New York in the spring & summer, but sometimes it’s not always a picnic… often times it’s a Storm!

Cutting up a storm-fallen willow tree, Caretakers Tree Service

I blogged earlier in the year about understanding the sound of trees falling in the darkness in the middle of a storm.  They don’t always sound like you think they would, nor do they make the noise you would imagine when they land on your house.  A few years back, the tree providing shade over the roof at The Camera’s Eye Studio split in half due to a wild storm.   Later that day, I found a postcard in my mailbox…

Caretakers signature postcard, 607 768 9764

I was skeptical, but thought, “how convenient!”  I didn’t have to search for help or ask all my neighbors “who should I call about this dilemna???”  The person even wrote in their own handwriting on the postcard a short assessment of the damage and offered a free quote.  Who does that in our fast-paced society today?

Working amongst the branches, Caretakers 607 768 9764

I gave him a call about the tree stretching across my yard onto the roof.  This tree specialist was so skilled at tree climbing, professional and informative that I shared him with all my neighbors!   I gladly paid him for his services (even though I would have rather bought something nice for myself ), and offered my skills in return if I could ever help him.

Quartering the stump for grinding, Caretakers 607 768 9764

Grinding down the stump, Caretakers 607 768 9764

Well, he took me up on it!  This week’s adventure covers Patrick Boyer, owner and tree expert of Caretakers Tree Service located in Nichols, New York.  Caretakers’ business motto is: “The RIGHT tree in the RIGHT place” and the business didn’t get its name for the purpose of making money.  Patrick spends a good portion of time educating homeowners about the maintenance of trees in their yard and caring about the potential danger of trees during storms.

Dangerous powerlines, Caretakers 607 768 9764

Clearing branches around power lines, Caretakers

He’s not a pushy salesman…the choice is up to you what you want to do on your property, but you can rest assured in hiring him that he will leave you educated and satisfied with the end results of his labor.

Check out his work here and on Facebook, Patrick Boyer.  If you’re in need of tree work and no one left a postcard in your mailbox, give him a call for a free assessment:  (607) 768 9674.

Notching a tree for falling, Caretakers Tree Service

Removing a tree from the top down, Caretakers Tree Service

If he’s done work for you in the past… take a moment and leave a comment!  There’s nothing better than a good testimonial!

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