Rockin’ Seniors

All high school seniors are someone special to me at  The Camera’s Eye Studio… I spend approximately 2 hours with all of them, learn their likes and dislikes, their interests and hobbies, and definitely share some good life stories.

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye Studio, Apalachin NY

Every now and then though, you’ll come by one that stays in your memory and this one happens to be THAT one.   PLUS, he kicked off my Senior Season so I have such a warm fuzzy going into this 2013 Graduation Class.

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye Studio, Apalachin NY

The Session started off with his parents telling me all about his hobbies and places he liked to go in our town.  As I was getting the formal shot out of the way so we could move into the fun stuff, he saw an image of a baseball player on my wall and asked if we could create that image for lacrosse.  I was thrilled!  Of course… but I know very little of lacrosse and so asked him to educate me on the sport.  No attitude, no eye-rolling, no hesitation… he just started telling me what I needed to know.  Bang.. we kick that shot out too!

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye Studio, Apalachin NY

The next several hours – and I honestly could have kept shooting for much longer because it wasn’t even like work – he took me to his favorite fishing spot, through a huge field in his shiny, red jeep  (in which he gave me a front seat ride), to meet his dog, and to a Hose Company, Croton Hose Co.  A fire department??  Hmmmm… why ask why, but because he was so friendly, you know I did!  He’s a Volunteer Fireman!

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye Studio, Apalachin NY

I meet a lot of interesting people in my career as a professional photographer, but this kid I will remember for a very long time.  What a cool cat!

Senior portraits at The Camera’s Eye Studio Apalachin, NY

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye Studio, Apalachin NY

It isn’t WORK when you get involved in what you LOVE…

So here at The Camera’s Eye,, it’s no secret… I love cats.  I have a Studio Cat named, 2Dots that adores infants and tries to snuggle them in their baby carriers and mauls all the High School Seniors who dare sprawl out on 2Dot’s studio floor.  I can’t hide her and I can’t hide my love of cats.  Of course, I get a kick out of photographing them!

Black Playful FellowLast week, I visited Stray Haven Animal Shelther  in Waverly NY, Stray Haven and met the animal- lovin’ staff who showed me this year’s kittens.  The Staff was amazing… one woman was nursing with a dropper a lil’ set of black kittens whose eyes were barely open.  So sweet!  Eyes barely open -2 Black babiesI asked… can I help you adopt these guys?  They had no idea what I meant.   A day later, I stopped in with a backdrop, props, a feather duster and anything else I knew that could attract the attention of these lil’ guys.  Everybody has a thing… this is my thing.  I genuinely connect with cats and so does this staff!  Within 10 minutes, 6 of us (Junior, Darlene, Shanna, Lynn, Dezi and I) Tiger Tortiwere scooping up familes of kittens,Family of 5Family of 5 solo kittens, all the way down to the two, lil’ buggers whose eyes were barely open.  No flash- just window light and a lot of lovin’.

All these kittens are for adoption and in need of your love!   Take a peek and if you see someone you like… give them a call:  (607) 565-2859 or visit your interest:  194 Shepard Road, Waverly NY 14892   Stray Haven Humane Society for directions.Orange/ White LitterOrange White Litter  Describe who you saw… they will know who you’re talking about.  They affectionately name all the kittens based on some attribute about their arrival or their character… it’s very very sweet.  For instance, the white/ black tiger striped male to the far left in the basket is “Chunk” and when you lift him up… You’ll know why!Orange FemaleFamily of 5

For more images, please visit,  click Client Proofing at the bottom after entering the site and type:  Kittens

Happy hunting!White with gray on headGray male