Baby Blocks @ The Camera’s Eye

Expecting a new lil’ life or recently delivered a baby girl or boy?  The Camera’s Eye has a new way of displaying those precious finger and toe images of your newborn.  BABY BLOCKS!  4 x4 inch wooden blocks boasting 4 timeless images and 1 side dedicated to his/ her name or initial.

Super cute… check ’em out!ImageImageImage

2 thoughts on “Baby Blocks @ The Camera’s Eye

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I’m not sure if you got the e-mail I sent yesterday … am figuring how how to send you a message through your website. I’m traveling and out of phone range till this evening, but will try to connect on the phone with you this evening or tomorrow (am flying tomorrow from the West Coast) about my storefront rental opposite from “Carrie’s side.” Am looking forward to speaking with you. (BTW, love your website).

    Christina (Pawlyszyn)
    (917) 771-2409


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