Be Yourself – Senior Sessions with The Camera’s Eye

It’s senior season at The Camera’s Eye, and I’m getting tons of questions about what a senior session is like, what to bring, what to wear – and lots of high school seniors who aren’t too sure about the camera!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photos4

Two of the five high school seniors pictured in these photos DREADED their photo session. They were only there for their mothers. Can you tell who they are?

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photos1

Doubtful! They were so caught up in doing what they love that they TOTALLY forgot to hate the camera 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photos3

This is one of my favorite parts of senior sessions with The Camera’s Eye – seeing who YOU are and what YOU love.

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photos2

We are in full swing for senior session at The Camera’s Eye – the beautiful outdoors in and around Owego gives us the perfect canvas. So don’t wait! Contact us today to schedule your senior session!

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