The Camera’s Eye at Owego Free Academy’s Class of 2017 Graduation

I was SO honored to be asked to photograph Owego Free Academy’s class of 2017 graduation ceremony! The school graduated 164 students at 10 a.m. on Sat June 24th outdoors on the Owego Free Academy campus.
The Camera's Eye, OFA Graduation 12
This class has the highest graduation rate (in OFA history) over a 4-year span at 94%, with a 99% graduation rate since the beginning of this school year.  121 of the students graduated with college credits…one even ended her high school career w/ 46 credits!
The Camera's Eye, OFA Graduation 08
This is a group of accomplished athletes, with many of them going to state-qualifying matches and meets. As a collective of athletes, they carried a 92% GPA! Four of the students will be honoring our Country by furthering their futures in the US Military.
The Camera's Eye, OFA Graduation 07

Principal Heath Georgia stated this class is all about pride, talent and challenging themselves and others, pushing the envelope just a enough to make them outstanding in the future.

The Camera's Eye, OFA Graduation 02
I get to know many high school seniors while shooting their senior portraits and if you’ve read any of my other posts, you know this group is my favorite to photograph!
The Camera's Eye, OFA Graduation 11
I LOVE learning about seniors in the hours we spend photographing and it’s a treat to see them on graduation day!
OFA Graduation, The Camera's Eye
The Camera's Eye, OFA Graduation 10
A huge congratulations to OFA class of 2017!
The Camera's Eye, OFA Graduation 00

Violet and Co. – A Family Photo Session with The Camera’s Eye

I had such a blast with this family photo shoot with two-year-old Violet and her parents!

Family Portraits, The Camera's Eye 0
Violet, like most two-year-olds, had her own plan and her own energy – and I love that! I feel like we captured her spirit using lifestyle portraiture.
Family Portraits, The Camera's Eye 6
As with all of my sessions with The Camera’s Eye – it’s not about a perfectly posed picture! I love capturing your children, families, high school seniors, etc. exactly as they are every day!
Family Portraits, The Camera's Eye 3
Violet’s two-year-old photo shoot is an excellent reminder – it’s not like we have to stop taking photos of your kids once they turn one 😉 The Camera’s Eye can help you craft a session for kids of any age, (including tweens!)
Family Portraits, The Camera's Eye 8
The upstate New York summer is upon us, and I’m looking forward to tons more family sessions in the beautiful outdoors 🙂 Call or email to schedule your family photo session with The Camera’s Eye today!
Family Portraits, The Camera's Eye 2

Wear What You Love for Your Senior Session!

Of course, one of the most frequent questions I get from seniors at The Camera’s Eye is what to wear! You’re already bringing what you love to the session, so why not bring what you love to wear to this session? This is the best way to make you comfortable for your senior photos.
The Camera's Eye,6
Remember, you’re only doing your senior photos once, so do it in the clothing you love to make sure the real YOU shines through!


This 2018 senior below loved the pattern of this shirt and the colors…but they were hidden by all the white in the shirt.  White is a standout color (ok, if we’re being technical, it’s actually the absence of color) but it draws the eye like no other! … so I simply played off that little pop of color by surrounding her IN that color   🙂  Wear what you LOVE and let me do the rest  : )

Senior Portraits, The Camera's Eye

The lovely lady below, who is from Athens High School and happens to be continuing her softball career in college, is one of the 2017 Seniors who dreaded her session.  Nearing the end, she put on a dress she and her grandmother went shopping for together.  She was in love with it and her smile reflects how she feels. Do you think someone who dreaded their senior session could strike a pose like this out of their back pocket?  Probably not… but in the right clothes and with the right mindset: Eureka!  This is a pretty dynamic picture of her!  Thank you Aubrey for letting me use this example ; )-

Senior Portraits, The Camera's Eye 1

There is ONE major exception to my rule (ok, if we’re being technical, the absence of a rule) and that’s fluorescent brights, which are a hot trend right now. Seniors, ever wonder why roadside construction workers wear them? That’s right, they reflect and stand out. What’s more, your skin will start to reflect this color and it’s just NOT a good look for a senior session!
​ ​
Contact me today to schedule your senior session with The Camera’s Eye!

Family Portrait Sessions with The Camera’s Eye!

I love, love, LOVE working with this family! You may remember Amy from her son Henry’s newborn session with The Camera’s Eye last year.  At 16 months, it’s hard to believe how grown up he is – along with the rest of the kids!

Family portraits, The Camera's Eye3

In Amy’s own words:

“Jack is the big brother everyone hopes for….. smart, kind, overprotective of his siblings, and turning into such a handsome boy.”

Family portraits, The Camera's Eye1

“Liv is my clone!  Anything I like she loves, but then every once in a while she amazes me with her own talents and interest.  She is a sewer and an outstanding swimmer.  In all actuality this 9-year-old beats me at my own game.  She is sooo creative, smart, athletic, respectful and, most importantly, kind.”

Family portraits, The Camera's Eye

“Sam, our wild 6-year-old, will always be the life of the party.  His eyes and sweet grin show that charming personality.”

Family portraits, The Camera's Eye2
“Hank, our surprise, is 16 months old.  The biggest surprise to all of us in the family is how much love we all can have for one little bundle of joy.  The kids dote on him and John and I are amazed every day how his addition to our family was exactly what our family needed. ”

Family portraits, The Camera's Eye4

Congrats to Amy and John, who are celebrating 12 years of marriage this summer – I hope to do many more family shoots with them in the future!

Family portraits, The Camera's Eye9

Oh, and since I get a lot of questions about what to wear for a photo shoot: Amy chose the family outfits based around Olivia’s yellow skirt. The blues, grays and yellows you see elsewhere match the colors that appear in that skirt. Love the simple and classic matching style – just a little bit of color to pop the photo, but not enough to distract 🙂


Let’s make use of the gorgeous summer in Tioga County – contact us today to schedule your own family portrait session!

Be Yourself – Senior Sessions with The Camera’s Eye

It’s senior season at The Camera’s Eye, and I’m getting tons of questions about what a senior session is like, what to bring, what to wear – and lots of high school seniors who aren’t too sure about the camera!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photos4

Two of the five high school seniors pictured in these photos DREADED their photo session. They were only there for their mothers. Can you tell who they are?

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photos1

Doubtful! They were so caught up in doing what they love that they TOTALLY forgot to hate the camera 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photos3

This is one of my favorite parts of senior sessions with The Camera’s Eye – seeing who YOU are and what YOU love.

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photos2

We are in full swing for senior session at The Camera’s Eye – the beautiful outdoors in and around Owego gives us the perfect canvas. So don’t wait! Contact us today to schedule your senior session!