Logan – 2017 Athens High School Senior

Summer is coming to an end, but The Camera’s Eye is still shooting senior photos! And I’m LOVING this session with Logan, a 2017 senior at Athens Area High School:

The Cameras Eye, Senior Portraits3

Logan is a competitive dancer with Pat Haggerty Studios in Sayre, PA…and it shows in the way she carries herself! In addition to being a dancer, Logan is on the varsity volleyball team 🙂

The Cameras Eye, Senior Pictures3To find senior session outfits, Logan went shopping with her grandma and sent pictures of the outfits she liked to her mom 🙂 I love what she chose – tops with details that add interest without distracting from Logan, and most importantly – clothes that make her comfortable!

Senior Pictures, The Camera's Eye

We worked on matching the outfits to our gorgeous outdoor backgrounds…

Senior Photos, The Camera's Eye

…and it’s clear that Logan is born to be outdoors!

Senior Photography, The Camera's Eye

Thanks to Logan for a GREAT senior session with The Camera’s Eye!

Senior Portraits, The Camera's Eye

Luke – 2017 Owego Free Academy Senior

Loved this recent senior session with Luke, a rising senior at Owego Free Academy!

The Cameras Eye, Senior Photos5

I’m almost shocked I got some photos of him being serious, since he’s all smiles and laughter:

The Cameras Eye, Senior Portraits1

And of course I have to share some behind-the-scenes…I always tell my seniors that I cannot promise to keep you CLEAN, with all the trekking around we do outside. In this case, I could not promise to keep Luke “splinter-free” – he was attracting every splinter possible, no matter which piece of wood I’d lean him up next to! Here are his girlfriend and dad helping out – lots of smiles and laughs here 🙂

The Cameras Eye, Senior Portraits2

Summer is waning and classes are starting – contact The Camera’s Eye to reserve your senior session and have some laughs TODAY!

Josh – 2017 Owego Free Academy Senior

Seniors – reserve your senior session slot NOW! If you’re undecided: meet Josh, a rising senior at Owego Free Academy!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Portraits3

As with so many of my senior photos around the Owego NY area, I’m loving the rural setting!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Portraits2

Notice the simple solid colors that don’t distract from Josh or the background – THIS is senior style for guys!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Portraits6

We also had a chance to work football into Josh’s senior session…love incorporating hobbies and sports into senior photos!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Portraits5

I also loved being asked to stop at Josh’s family’s house – we got some great photos there, including with Josh and the dogs 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Senior Portraits1

Josh is the youngest of four kids, and I’m so glad I’ve gotten a chance to work with his family at The Camera’s Eye!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Portraits4

Josh, good luck on your final year at OFA and thanks for choosing The Camera’s Eye for your senior photos!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Portraits

Aubrey – 2017 Athens High School Senior

Meet Aubrey, an athlete with incredible energy! She’s already been entered in our senior session 11×17 canvas giveaway THREE times by referring three friends to The Camera’s Eye!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Picture6

Aubrey attends Athens High School, and when she’s not playing varsity softball and volleyball, she loves hanging out with her friends 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Senior Pictures

Aubrey went shopping with her mother and grandmother for her outfits. How did she know she had found the right clothes for her senior session? A simultaneous WOW reaction from both ladies!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Picture8

Now, I know it’s hard to believe just from looking at these photos – but Aubrey was NOT looking forward to having her photo taken!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Picture7

As is usual with all of my senior sessions with The Camera’s Eye, we had a BLAST, and laughed so much it hurt 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography (1)

And here is a perfect example of why I shoot senior sessions first thing in the morning and during that gorgeous, gorgeous golden hour in the afternoon:

The Camera's Eye, Senior Picture1

All natural light – I could shoot in this forever!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Picture3

Aubrey, thank you SO much for an incredible senior session with The Camera’s Eye, and for trusting me to be your senior photographer 🙂 Best of luck in your final year at Athens High School!


Erin – 2017 Waverly High School Senior

We are booking senior sessions left and right at The Camera’s Eye, and having a blast! Meet Erin, a rising senior from Waverly High School in NY:

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photos

Erin loves music and nature, and she even plays the ukelele! We could have taken some great shots of her with her ukelele, since I love doing senior sessions with props. We did get some great pics of her in the beautiful outdoors.

The Camera's Eye, Senior Pictures

Erin loves taking long, long walks in the woods –  doesn’t she look perfectly at home?

The Camera's Eye, Senior Portraits4The Camera's Eye, Senior Portraits6

It can’t get any more nature-based than this – we were headed up to take some shots at a local farm, and a calf ran out in front of our cars and walked in front of us for a while. Maybe he was trying to teach us to slow down and enjoy the sights?? 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography

 Thanks to Erin for an awesome senior session with The Camera’s Eye! Best of luck in your final year at Waverly High School!


Madi – 2017 Northeast Bradford High School Senior

We’re meeting 2017 seniors from all over the area in our summer senior sessions with The Camera’s Eye 🙂 Meet Madi, a senior from Leraysville, PA who attends Northeast Bradford High School:

Madi061-Madi021-The Camera's Eye

She chose her four favorite outfits to wear and we went to work! Madi brought along her friend Melinda  – and by referring Melinda to The Camera’s Eye for HER senior session, Madi is eligible to win an 11 x 14 canvas!

Madi045-Madi021-The Camera's Eye

Melinda was an awesome lighting assistant, and we had so much fun.

Madi035-Madi021-The Camera's Eye

Though we did a few studio shots, Madi loves being outdoors and in the sunshine!

The Camera's Eye., Senior Photos

There was a lot of traveling around involved, and carrying of chairs…we got some gorgeous outdoor photos!

Madi027-Madi021-The Camera's Eye

Madi and Melinda were also gracious enough to give me some Snapchat 101 lessons 🙂

Madi022-Madi021-The Camera's Eye

Thanks to both these ladies for such a fabulous senior session with The Camera’s Eye 🙂

Family Portrait Sessions in August!

We’re right in the middle of our Christmas in August special at The Camera’s Eye….as well as our stamp card deal with other Owego businesses…so let’s learn a little bit more about what a family session is like!

Family Portraits, The Camera's Eye

I’ve worked with Brian and Lorrie’s family for years now…even before some of them were around 🙂 We’re talking engagement photos, newborn photos…and on it goes!

Portraits, The Camera's Eye1

It takes a little bit of wrangling and a lot of patience, but we’ve gotten some great shots of kiddos Chase and Bryce over the years!

Portraits, The Camera's Eye2Portraits, The Camera's Eye5Portraits, The Camera's Eye6Portraits, The Camera's Eye7Portraits, The Camera's Eye9

This family portrait session is the perfect example of lifestyle portraiture – capturing who my clients truly and naturally are. Playing with silly putty, throwing rocks, hiding around Christmas trees…you name it!

Portraits, The Camera's Eye12

During one shoot, there was a spider on a windowsill…which was the ONLY thing that could hold Bryce’s attention. And that’s one of our most successful portraits!

Portraits, The Camera's Eye8

The key to a successful family portrait session at The Camera’s Eye, especially with younger kids, is to GO with the FLOW! Let them be who they are and I will capture it for you – for your Christmas cards, for your walls, and anywhere else you want your memories to live 🙂

Portraits, The Camera's Eye3
 Portraits, The Camera's Eye4
Contact me at 607-426-6023 or lisamcqueeney AT gmail DOT com to schedule your Christmas in August family portrait session today! Enjoy the beautiful outdoors and get 10% off your holiday card order!

Arianna – 2017 Sayre Area High School Senior

Meet Arianna, a 2017 senior from Sayre Area High School:

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography

Arianna also has the distinction of being the winner of our prom promotion at the Winterball at Sayre Area High School – so her senior session with The Camera’s Eye was 100% free 🙂The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography2

Due to rain (remember what rain is??) we had to reschedule multiple times in June, and we finally got to shoot on July 12.

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography1

We started off in downtown Owego and then ventured out to a local farm. Ari is a nature lover so we included it all in her urban senior session…even horses!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography7

She is a natural fashionista and had great accessories for every outfit! I love that they show who she is without overwhelming the photos 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography6

She chose the simple black dress for a classic look, and the coral for some vibrant color to pop in the great outdoors 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography5

Like me, she adores shoes, so I made sure that she had something comfortable for hoofing it in the great outdoors…and then she changed into her awesome footwear when we were ready to shoot.

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography4

I love this senior session because the shots of Ari look free and easy, and that was exactly what it felt like – she was so lovely to work with 🙂 Best of luck from The Camera’s Eye with your last year at Sayre Area High School!