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When you’re working with a professional photographer in a selection session, you shouldn’t feel intimidated by all the options out there! Sometimes the simplest answer is the one that works the best! Because I work with so many seniors, one of our most popular products is Gallery Wrapped Canvas. And if you can’t narrow down your faves to just ONE, why not try a Canvas Cluster, Mini Accordion or a Shelfie? Check out Chloe’s Mini Accordion book:

Accordion Square Mini Book

These are the kinds of surprises that come from a selection session at The Camera’s Eye. I work ALL DAY LONG in images… these ideas might not come as easily to my clients, but when they share a little about their home or display area, they pop into my head effortlessly.

Accordion Square Mini Book Back

Then again, the reverse is always a pleasant surprise – I often meet a mom or dad who has tons of great ideas and then we spin thoughts around like mad people – this always results in a great end product!

Image Folio Template 8x10

One example that comes to mind is a dad who didn’t do anything with his daughter’s images because he only bought the CD. He never had time to create anything, but what he really wanted was a side-by-side canvas cluster of both of his kids, the daughter who graduated three years prior and his son, who was currently graduating.  So we designed two canvas clusters with matching neutral background and similar poses.  It was stunning!

The "Shelfie"  - a simple and elegant display of a few fave shots at once.

The “Shelfie” – a simple and elegant display of a few fave shots at once.

While we do offer the CD-only option at The Camera’s Eye, I’m not a huge fan. If you’re not art-inclined or if you don’t have the time to figure out what to do with the photos, you’ll probably end up like that dad – great intention, NO TIME. More often than not, the CD gathers dust – trust me, I’ve seen it time and again!  Keep in mind, we offer free retouching on any print that you purchase from The Camera’s Eye. You’ll see in your selection session: retouching is the true magic of professional imagery.


Can't forget about senior graduation announcements!

Can’t forget about senior graduation announcements!

Grad Card, The Camera's Eye Announcement, The Camera's Eye

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