2016 Senior Sessions with The Camera’s Eye

Hard to believe it is already more than halfway through September, and the kids I’ve been meeting in my senior sessions are now officially seniors!
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I have had such a blast getting to know the 2016 area seniors through our sessions at The Camera’s Eye. So many unique personalities, and so many true collaborators in the process of crafting a personal senior session!

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Through the end of October, The Camera’s Eye is shooting senior sessions SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. So if you haven’t booked yet, it’s not too late!

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All of my seniors, take note: The Camera’s Eye deadline for your yearbook picture choice is October 1st. This gives me time to edit and send off your photo to your school by the school’s deadline. Check out our previous blog post for help in choosing a senior yearbook photo.
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And if you haven’t scheduled yet? Email me at lisamcqueeney AT gmail DOT com or give me a ring at 607 426 6023. Don’t miss the boat on getting your senior photos with The Camera’s Eye!

Choosing A Yearbook Photo at The Camera’s Eye

2015 Seniors: You’re already juggling a TON at school – so don’t wait until the last minute to choose your yearbook photo! Every school has specific yearbook photo requirements for size, composition, and clothing. At The Camera’s Eye, we can work with you to find the yearbook photo that YOU need.

A few tips – for your individual headshot, you’ll want to choose a up-close image with a great expression, and typically a vertical image. As with all of our senior photos, we want to make sure that your yearbook photo is exemplary of YOU.


Hats and sunglasses are trendy and fun, but remember that you’re dealing with an uber-tiny photo on a page with a bunch of other uber-tiny photos – we don’t want anything taking away from your face when we only have that much space to work with. Likewise, avoid shots where other colors compete with your face – yearbook photos are ALL about faces and facial expressions 🙂


Also, maybe your yearbook requires a vertical photo, but you’re totally in love with a horizontal photo that we took? No problem!  Ask if it can be cropped and adjusted to meet your school’s specs. See below for an example of a senior who made a trendy outfit work for her – and we were able to crop her horizontal photo to meet the specs:



Keep in mind – I can help you choose, but YOU’RE the one who has the ultimate say. It’s my job to get your yearbook photo retouched and cropped according to your school’s specs. 2015 Seniors – October 1st is the deadline for choosing your yearbook photos at The Camera’s Eye!