Meeting Baby Brooklyn at The Camera’s Eye

I am BEYOND excited to show you these images from a recent newborn session at The Camera’s Eye. Not only is little Brooklyn just adorable (what a head of hair!) but her mom Johcelyn handmade all of the props ūüôā



It’s easy to see why Brooklyn’s two older brothers are already in love!


We didn’t do a whole lot of planning – we just went for the Easter theme and incorporated these gorgeous props!


Johcelyn started off crocheting pieces like these just as a hobby, but it turned into a business once she shared her work on Facebook ūüôā


A big thank you to Johcelyn for bringing her newest little addition to The Camera’s Eye! You can check out her handmade work on her Facebook page and over at Etsy.



The Camera’s Eye – An August Wedding in Owego, NY

Another wedding post from The Camera‚Äôs Eye! Capri and Ryan’s¬†wedding took place at the bride‚Äôs family home in Owego, NY. Capri is SUCH a sweet girl – very funny, heartfelt and theatrical. And of course, a beautiful bride:

Bridal Portrait Bridal Silouette The Camera's Eye4

The day unfolded under various tents on the family property. Guests were ushered in and given fans and water, and took Polaroids as mementos for the bride and groom.

Wedding Flowers, Tioga Gardens001 TheCamerasEye002

Popular local band Splash played during the ceremony and the cocktail hour.

TheCamerasEye001 TheCamerasEye011 TheCamerasEye012

My personal fave, Tioga Gardens, provided the flowers:

Wedding Flowers, Tioga Gardens005 Wedding Flowers, Tioga Gardens010 Wedding Flowers, Tioga Gardens007

The day included a hot dog station (what fun!) and ice cream truck Here’s The Twist, owned by Dan Liddic.


After working extensively with a family to prep and complete a wedding shoot, I can always think back to what the day encompassed for me Рwhat my takeaway as the photographer is. What stood out at Capri and Ryan’s wedding was the unBREAKABLE family bond. This is especially apparent between Capri and her uncle, grandma, and dad.



Capri and Ryan – thank you so much for letting The Camera’s Eye capture your wedding day!

TheCamerasEye006 TheCamerasEye005

2015 Owego Free Academy Senior – Madison

At The Camera’s Eye, we get that occasional photo session where, even with the odds against us, everything comes together like magic! If we’re lucky, it’s even a load of¬†fun and I find that intangible photography buzz ūüôā¬†Even though my senior session with Madison was super short, this post is one of the longer ones – because there are SO¬†many good stories to tell!


We had originally planned for an urban senior session, but when Madison¬†asked about some of the chicken images I shot last year, and I asked her WHY she was interested in those…the answer made me realize that we were going to scratch that urban session plan and shoot at her house!


Madison¬†refers to her ducks, including the one named “Ducky,” as “the light to my world.” How could we not include them?


Of course, as well planned as anything can be, life gets in the way!¬†We get rained out for our first shoot, and I end up running late for our rescheduled, shorter slot due a previous shoot. By the time I get to Madison’s house, there is ¬†– I kid you not – one sliver of light in the entire barnyard, cutting through the Queen Anne’s lace. So I say, “Let’s get to work!” And that’s when the magic starts…


This duck seriously FOLLOWS Madison over to our small spot of sunlight. And then so does the dog.¬† I hear is silence – because THAT’S what I hear when I’m in the zone and loving what I see and knowing exactly what I have to do!


I get so caught up in it that Madison has to remind me – what about the canoe? “Go!” I shout, and we both take off in a sprint to get some pictures in the boat. We’re¬†both cracking up at this point!


Then I suggest shooting with a couple of old cars I saw down the road. This is a total gamble, since I don’t even know whose cars they are, but Madison is game! So off we go, running to stay ahead of the setting sun. The owners of the cars are outside eating dinner and couldn’t care less what we do, and we get these shots in just under 10 minutes.


We had only 45 minutes to shoot…I found the zone…and quiet Madison turned into a super model! The moral of the story? Listen to what YOU love when you’re planning your senior photo session. Throw your ideas at me! Take me to your world and invite me in! I will totally forget who I am and what I do… I just want to make you the happiest client possible!


Senior style alert – Madison’s favorite outfit? “The shirt with the flowers and the white pants.” Favorite moment? “When the canoe started to float away!” I was running down the bank trying to take pictures of her, and she was laughing, laughing, laughing!


Keep that same sense of humor into your senior year at Owego Free Academy, Madison! Thank you from The Camera’s Eye!

2015 Athens High School Senior – Nadia

The senior photo sessions just keep on rolling in for The Camera’s Eye! Meet Nadia, who will soon be starting her senior year at Athens High School in Athens, PA.

The Camera's Eye, Seniors2

Nadia¬†loves science and wants to attend college – hopefully in the New York City area – to become a doctor. She’s already more than familiar with NYC, since she goes there once a month to visit her sister. They’re four years apart in age, but many people think they’re twins!

The Camera's Eye, Seniors4

Nadia is no stranger to travel, as she has been to South Africa – her parents’ home country.¬† She loves playing basketball, though she swears she’s not athletic.¬†Based on these photos, I think we can safely call her a fashionista ūüôā She shared great pictures of her outfits before coming to see me, and she still couldn’t make up her mind which ones to wear!

The Camera's Eye, Seniors1

Even though there were¬†some tough fashion decisions to make, she always knew that she wanted to wear this authentic Indian¬†dress.¬† She’s definitely a girl after my own heart when it comes to a love of shoes – the icing on the cake, besides that gorgeous smile, is the matching 5-inch heels!

The Camera's Eye, Seniors3

Stay tuned¬†for more¬†senior photo posts – The Camera’s Eye has lots of seniors on the docket, and I’m excited to meet them all!

The Camera's Eye, Seniors5

“Every Now & Then…”

Every now and then, you are granted a gift.¬† Sometimes, when the stars align, the wind blows from the West or the cat didn’t wake you by licking your ear, you are granted several gifts all in the same day. Yesterday was one of those days in my business and I’ve decided to share it as a 3-part blog!

Gift #1… Lil’ Miss Harper

I met Harper when she was affectionately referred to as H3 by her parents, Heather and Duane.

The Cameras Eye001 The Cameras Eye002 The Cameras Eye003

Still in the womb at the time, H3 was nicknamed after a chemical compound, as her father works in Bio-chemistry at Cornell and her initials break down to 3 H’s:¬† Harper Helen Hoch. At the very end of our portrait session at the Cornell Plantations, Duane scribbled H3 on Heather’s belly with a marker I had in my bag.

The Cameras Eye004

Very sweet moment between the parents for me to capture and I drove away with warmth all around me.

The next time I truly met Harper, she was a few days old and I had experienced a crazy morning with my GPS trying to find Harper’s home. Without missing a beat, Heather invited me in and I quickly tried to make up for lost time. If you’re a baby photographer, you have to be very conscious of your energy and this day I was wound up… Guess, who didn’t sleep? Miss Harper!

The Cameras Eye006 The Cameras Eye005

While Momma worked her magic, I had the most interesting conversation with Cindy, Harper’s grandmom, who happened to be more than a seasoned veteran in the field of mammography. Fascinating. Who knew that only a month later, I would call Cindy in New Jersey on my own behalf for valuable information concerning an alarming mammogram.

At 6 months, Harper visited me in my¬†studio for a Crawling Like Crazy session. At this point, I had gotten close enough to the family that they brought their dogs to visit in the car and we spent a good amount of time visiting amidst catching Miss Busy Body on film.¬† It was now the “norm” to hug upon parting ways.The Cameras Eye007

Harper turns 1 this week and agreed to humor me with a Birthday Bash Session (thanks Heather & Duane!) including balloons, a boa, and the infamous extra icing Birthday Cake.

Happy Birthday Harper!

Happy Birthday Harper!

The Cameras Eye014 The Cameras Eye013 The Cameras Eye012 The Cameras Eye011 The Cameras Eye010 The Cameras Eye009 The Cameras Eye008

So far, I was gifted a warm fuzzy, the wisdom of an experienced Grandmom, and friendship. NOT too shabby for simply showing up to work! But it’s the smile that I can’t wipe off my face, even as I work into the wee hours of the night with tiny slits for eyes, that I consider the gift that fills me for days. It’s the gift you’re granted when a family gives you the chance to document their lives over the course of time, as things change and as they grow. Come good times or bad, crazy sessions, balloons popping – whatever it might be – it’s the emotions they share with me as they interact amongst themselves that keep me shooting year after year!

Happy birthday Miss Harper, and congrats Heather and Duane!

Jumping Into the 2015 Senior Photo Season

The 2014 graduation parties are just barely wrapping up, and The Camera’s Eye is already working on 2015 senior photo sessions!

The Camera's Eye, Senior3

Meet Parrish Bridges, a 2015 senior from Owego Free Academy! I often say I spend a lot of my time running around, but this guy actually spends his time running. He LOVES to run, and I’d go as far to say as he LIVES to run.¬† He’s dedicated, and definitely going places!

The Camera's Eye, Senior2

At The Camera’s Eye, it’s always a bittersweet to say goodbye to a class of seniors after we’ve gotten to know them and worked so closely on their photos and graduation announcements.

The Camera's Eye, Senior4

The up side is that now we have so much to look forward to with our 2015 senior photos!

Better Late Than Never

I love owning up to being human and when anyone else does too.. I support that!¬† This lovely 2013 Senior was so caught up in her Senior Year, she completely lost track of time and just now ordered her Senior pictures.¬† Although I don’t recommend this… I whole-heartedly understand it!¬† This calls for the old saying, “Better late than never.”¬† She photographed way too nicely to never have a printed portrait.¬† Don’t you agree?¬† So don’t worry about the embarrassment.. Just do it.¬† Order late, admit that you can’t keep up in our minute to minute, instantaneous society and just do it.¬†¬† You will find yourself in good company at this company!

Senior Photography, Owego NY Senior Portraits, Owego NYOwego Portrait Photographer

High School Seniors… I love this Generation!

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

I always say, “My favorite age group to photograph is 3 year olds.” ¬†They can tell you what they want, they can joke with you and they’re always ‘straight up.’ ¬†Case & point: ¬†my last name is McQueeney. ¬†When Pixar’s animated movie, “Cars” hit the theaters, a young boy, Clayton was a client of mine. ¬†His Mom prepped him so kindly to walk in the studio and say, “Hi Miss McQueeney!” ¬†He looked at me… looked again… “Is your real name ‘Stickers?’ ¬†You should just go by ‘Stickers’. ¬†It’s way easier to say!” ¬†lol! ¬†HOW can you NOT love that??? ¬†So for years, 3 year olds have been my heart throbs.

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

I blogged at the beginning of the High School Senior season about a young man I thought was really exceptional and then the season exploded as it always does… Seniors with sports uniforms, trendy outfits, and interesting hobbies flood into my world every evening. ¬†This year however, there’s something crazy in the air or I’m simply in love with a new age group. ¬†I’ve met kids already accepted in college, kids in programs that allow them to experience their career choice for more than half the year, kids with ‘out of school’ interests like ice hockey and scuba diving and the list goes on and on. ¬†If I could generalize; this may very well be a generation with everything at their fingertips BUT the coolest thing about them is they take advantage of all of it!

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

What’s the second best thing about them??? ¬† In the midst of all that they have in their reach, they really aren’t that much different than the generations before them. ¬†Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a young woman, with such a witty sense of humor, she kept me on my toes the entire session.

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

She bravely came alone , so to start conversation, I asked her to run down her outfits with me and give me a sense of her style. ¬†She made this typical but unusually polite “dig” on her Father… “Well I have this shirt with¬†this great¬†scarf, that my Father, all of a sudden thinks is too warm for this time of year! ¬†When did he become a “FASHIONISTA?!!” ¬†Ha! ¬†I didn’t even know what say – I just filled the air with laughter.

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

As we moved along to our location, I asked…”what are you into? ¬†what are your hobbies?” ¬†In this time of mad-crazed video graphics and high tech everything, she replied, “I really love to read and write.” ¬†I continue to fiddle with my photography gizmos and gadgets and she blurts out.. “Do you know ‘so and so’ author? ¬†He’s very controversial but he’s my favorite!” ¬†I stopped everything I was doing… if there was one moment in my entire life that I wished I read more and could have related to her interest… it would have been¬†THAT moment. ¬†A 17 year old with a favorite author… LOVE it!

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

Now she piqued my interest and as we chased the light through the evening, I kept trying to think of different things to ask her while listening VERY closely & contemplating f-stops and apertures because she would hold me to the answers with her humor. ¬†Hmmmm… very much like 3 year olds! ¬†She was currently earning money as a waitress, started cosmetology school- but it definitely wasn’t her style, and for as many times as she changed her hair color- today’s color was closest to her original roots. ¬† (Incidentally, it’s amazing when the light catches it!)

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

As we wrapped up the shoot, I asked for a password for her session and began chatting about the fee and purchasing details. ¬† OUT of no where, she threw a smirky smile my way and quickly interrupted…”are you going to hack my Facebook account!?!?!!?” ¬†DANG! ¬†She got me again! ¬†No words came out of my mouth- just laughter. ¬†At this point in the game, I was robustly belly laughing.

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

But that wasn’t the last time she was going to get me before we parted ways. ¬† I asked if she had any more questions or ‘anythings’ for me (hoping she would say her Dad sent a check with him)… pause, ¬†“Nope.” ¬†I awkwardly asked…”How about a check from your Dad?” ¬† This gets real good… “Oh no, I have cash for that!” and she began to count it. ¬†Why I thought I could help this established, pip of a Senior is beyond me.. but I did! ¬†Counting, counting, counting.. “can I help you?” ¬†“Nope! ¬†There’s extra. ¬†I’m a waitress…. I believe Tip Karma! ¬†It’s good energy!” ¬†and away she zoomed, leaving me standing there to pick my jaw up off the asphalt. ¬†Couldn’t you hear that from someone in the 70’s???

Regardless the timeframe, these are savvy Seniors and I love their personalities!