2016 Owego Free Academy Senior – Ethan

At The Camera’s Eye, I LOVE working with seniors who have their own unique vision for their senior photos! Meet Ethan, a 2016 senior from Owego Free Academy.

The Camera's Eye, Seniors5

I had photographed Ethan’s older brother two years ago, and I love the chance to keep working with the same family 🙂 Ethan is an outdoor kind of guy, and his senior session was nothing short of adventurous! He wanted his senior photos to reflect the fact that he plays basketball and likes to hunt and fish.

The Camera's Eye, Seniors

We started out at the school, where I hopped into the truck with Ethan and his mom to get to a local farm. I knew we had to stop to shoot as soon as I saw an old rusted dump truck on the property.

The Camera's Eye, Seniors1 The Camera's Eye, Seniors4

The Camera's Eye, Seniors7

As we were taking these pictures, we heard a tractor approaching – and the driver INSISTED that Ethan get some shots not only next to the tractor, but also in the driver’s seat.

The Camera's Eye, Seniors2

Then on to the pond!

The Camera's Eye, Seniors10

None of these pictures capture the mini-adventures we had – almost getting the car stuck in a 5-foot ditch…or a mud puddle…or the mosquito bites…or the cuts from the sharp blades of grass…

The Camera's Eye, Seniors8

But that’s all in a day’s work when it comes to my summer senior sessions 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Seniors3

Thank you for letting me in on your adventure, Ethan! Best of luck from The Camera’s Eye on your last year at OFA.

The Camera's Eye, Seniors9

2015 Owego Free Academy Senior – Anya

At The Camera’s Eye, I love working with sporty seniors! We can get some striking shots by incorporating their athletic interests into their senior session. Anya, a senior from Owego Free Academy, was willing to jump into the pool so we could show off her love for swimming!


Anya has been swimming with the same group of girls since they were all very young, and they’ve traveled to state championships nearly every year. I even had the pleasure of meeting one of Anya’s teammates, who helped her get her knee skin on for our shoot. If you’re NOT a a swimmer – well, let me just say that the whole process is a fiasco, and hysterical to hear about. It took the two of them about 15 minutes to squeeze her into it, and THAT was record timing.


In addition to the swimming shots, Anya was intent on getting a few senior photos with sunflowers. Anya’s family is Ukrainian, and sunflowers are big in the Ukraine. We searched high and low until we found the right spot!


Anya just looks like she belongs in the outdoors! Love her range of outfits – I guess the knee skin counts as an outfit in this case? 🙂  We went with a mix of outfits – simpler outfits, more outgoing outfits, and even a traditional Ukrainian top.

TheCamera'sEye6 TheCamera'sEye4

I also love this quiet black-and-white photo…simply pensive and poised.


Good luck to Anya with everything her final year at OFA will bring, both in and out of the pool!