La Contessa/Mary DeMarco at the Country Living Fair

As you know, The Camera’s Eye recently traveled to the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck! I loved getting to meet individual vendors and take some shots of their wares, including the incredible jewelry made by Mary DeMarco of La Contessa in Baltimore:


Her jewelry is inspired by nature and completely hand-made through an intricate plating and layering process.


Mary, along with her husband, has been making pewter jewelry since 1986. As you can see, her pieces are highly detailed and the use of semi-precious stones really makes the color jump!



If you’re in the Baltimore area, definitely stop by her shop, which is attached to the studio. Here’s a sneak preview of what the store looks like – now I am dying to take a trip myself! Check out other retail locations here.

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Thanks to Mary for sharing more about her business and letting The Camera’s Eye photograph some of her gorgeous jewelry at Rhinebeck!

The Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY

I recently spent a weekend at The Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY with two of my FAVE local Owego artisans – Lisa Bystrak of Lisa B. Contemporary Art and Chris Knickerbocker of Old Souls Home!

Some wares from Lisa B:

And the lovely Chris Knickerbocker, recently featured in the local news:




These two ladies filled out the applications for the Country Living Fair as a way to challenge each other and up their motivation. They made their applications as crazy and unique as possible, and it seems to have worked – they were both accepted to take part in the fair in Rhinebeck! I tagged along to photograph all sorts of art and antiques, and to meet awesome creative folk!


Both ladies bubble over with excitement and pride when talking about their experience at the Country Living Fair. It was a huge professional affirmation of their talents. There’s nothing like being supported and uplifted by other artisans with the same interests! It was a major instance of getting a foot in the door professionally, and it lets both ladies “take [themselves] a little more seriously” as artists.


The fair features about 200 vendors from all over the country – a mix of artisans and those who purchase goods for a store, such as antiques dealers.
So let me introduce you to a few of them! Striking Swedish country antiques from Jeffree Turney at Lone Ranger Antiques, South Florida/Sweden:


Heart of Ohio Antique Center. Abbey Knight came all the way from Springfield, OH to showcase the goodies she buys and sells all over the country!


GORGEOUS jewelry from Mary DeMarco /La Contessa, based in Baltimore.


Stunning handmade jewelry from Andrea Lithgow / Dandy Craft, down in Texas!


Meet Heidi from Hi Ho Home Market in Gardiner, NY:


Beautiful (and often hilarious) fabric collage pieces by Sue Handman: