Mother’s Day and The Camera’s Eye

Don’t forget – Sunday, May 10th is Mother’s Day! At The Camera’s Eye, we love doing photography sessions with families and children, and moms LOVE being able to keep these memories forever!

Mother's Day, The Camera's Eye4

If you’re still searching for that perfect gift, contact The Camera’s Eye and we can set you up with a gift certificate for the mom in YOUR life!

Mother's Day, The Camera's Eye2

The best part? The recipient doesn’t have to use their certificate right away – think of the beautiful shoot we could do outdoors in the summer! The gift of professional photography truly keeps giving year-round!

Mother's Day, The Camera's Eye3

The Camera’s Eye offers gift certificates in increments of $25. Buy a $100 gift certificate for Mother’s Day and get $25 FREE!

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Luciano Wishes You a Happy Valentine’s Day!

They don’t get much cuter than this! Meet Luciano, who came in to The Camera’s Eye for a special Valentine’s Day session.

The Cameras Eye Valentine's Day11

The Cameras Eye Valentine's Day10

Luciano, a lucky Christmas baby, is two years old, and these photos pretty much capture his personality – hilarious, totally full of energy, and very easily excited. He’s a blast to photograph – we’ve done Easter portrait sessions and he has been a model at Fuddy Duddy’s, just downstairs from my studio 🙂

The Camera's Eye The Camera's Eye1

The Camera's Eye2

I love these photos because they embody the reasons that I LOVE doing lifestyle portraiture – capturing the moment and the pure energy, rather than having something perfectly posed.

The Camera's Eye3
The Camera's Eye5

The Cameras Eye Valentine's Day08

And with some personalized Valentine’s Day cards from The Camera’s Eye, Luciano’s family and friends get to enjoy this little goofball, too!

The Cameras Eye Valentine's Day12 The Cameras Eye Valentine's Day13




Holiday Gift Certificates at The Camera’s Eye

Only 15 days until Christmas, and you’re probably starting to feel the excitement – and the pressure! We’ve been busy at The Camera’s Eye churning out holiday cards, finished senior portraits, and other goodies for our clients.

Check out these great senior photos, put to use on the family holiday card:

Matt Back NEWMatt Front NEW

And of course, other family photo sessions from throughout the year can make fantastic cards and finished photo products:

Norma copy Norma Front 2 copyJess Back NEW Chirstmas Cards, The Camera's Eye Holiday Cards- The Camera's Eye 1

Beyond cards and portraits, we can give you a hand with an easy gift idea! If you have someone in your life who’s itching for a photo session (like maybe a high school junior who will NEED their senior photos done in the next year, hint hint 🙂 ) Why not pick them up a gift certificate to The Camera’s Eye?

Gfit Cert Inside $100

We offer gift certificates in increments of $100 and they’re good for one year. It’s a super easy, stress-free stocking stuffer, and the recipient gets the gift of professionally finished imagery!

2015 Owego Free Academy Senior – David

Lately we’ve done a LOT of posts about lovely 2015 senior ladies, but let’s not forget about the senior guys that we shoot at The Camera’s Eye! David is a senior at Owego Free Academy, and we had a great shoot in a variety of outdoor locations, including the soccer field.

Love it when seniors bring their interests to me at The Camera’s Eye so that we can incorporate them into a shoot! Sports have worked especially well in senior photos this year, including tennis, track, and swimming.


In addition to his soccer skills, David is super social and can talk about pretty much anything! He’s very easy going, and our senior session was a breeze 🙂


David, thanks for the great session and have an awesome senior year at OFA!

2015 Owego Free Academy Senior – Emma

School is back in session, and we’re still churning out senior photos at The Camera’s Eye! My clients come from many different local schools, and recently got the chance to meet Emma, another OFA senior from Owego!


As you can see below, Emma is a tennis player 🙂 She currently plays singles, but she started in doubles with her friend Hailey – who was also one of our first senior sessions of the year!


I love Emma’s personality! She’s a sweetheart, and very determined. She literally stared into my reflector until she was in tears so that we could get the sports shots. I definitely admire that!


In addition, she has a totally mellow style. My clients at The Camera’s Eye know how much I LOVE shoes, and I can tell you that gray converse sneakers are her go-to!



Best of luck to Emma with the upcoming year!

2015 Owego Free Academy Senior – Nicole

At The Camera’s Eye, we love turning out a successful senior portrait session! When everything’s clicking in a senior session, you just feel it. Nothing beats having both a beautiful environment and a senior with a great personality and openness.


Of course, as with all things in professional photography, there’s not much you can do when the outside elements are determined to make their mark. Nicole, a 2015 senior from Owego Free Academy, had to reschedule her session TWICE!


The first time, we got rained out – and we’re pretty familiar with rain in the Southern Tier. The second time, Nicole’s flip flop broke! However, fate was conspiring to make us schedule this third session, where everything came together beautifully. Third time’s the charm, right?


Nicole is yet another one of my seniors who was just so much fun to shoot. She is quiet and composed, and so warm at the same time, which definitely comes across in her senior session photos. It helps that she was ready to roll with anything, and able to brush off both the weather and a wardrobe malfunction 🙂


We may be in the last month of summer, but it’s not quite over yet – The Camera’s Eye has many more upcoming senior sessions to shoot before the school year gets into full swing!