RJ – 2017 Owego Free Academy Senior

For all the senior guys out there wondering what a senior session with The Camera’s Eye is like, check out this recent shoot with RJ from Owego!

The Cameras Eye, Senior Photos

RJ wasn’t eager to have his photo taken at first, but by the end of the session he was surprised how easy it was – and how much fun we had!

Don’t miss your chance to get your senior photos taken with The Camera’s Eye – book today! And to all my 2017 seniors – DON’T wait to choose your yearbook photos!


2016 Owego Free Academy Senior – Kelsey

Loving the craziness of senior photo season at The Camera’s Eye! Here is another wonderful shoot with Kelsey, a senior at Owego Free Academy:

TheCamerasEye, Seniors04

Kelsey is a totally down-to-earth girl – sweet and quiet. She’s into fitness and eating healthy. And she was a complete natural at having her photo taken!

TheCamerasEye, Seniors01

I see so many great options for a yearbook photo with Kelsey’s shots. The outfits are natural and simple and don’t distract from Kelsey, while still being totally flattering.

TheCamerasEye, Seniors05

She has a gorgeous smile, casual hair, and just looks like, well, herself!

TheCamerasEye, Seniors02

Kelsey, thank you for a fun senior session with The Camera’s Eye! Seniors, don’t forget: October 1st is the deadline to get me your yearbook choices!

TheCamerasEye, Seniors03TheCamerasEye, Seniors06

2016 Owego Free Academy Senior – Kayla

At The Camera’s Eye, we’re still shooting senior sessions seven days a week! Meet Kayla, another awesome senior from Owego Free Academy!

Seniors, The Camera'sEye2

In addition to being a total sweetheart and taking great senior photos, Kayla is a state champion volleyball player – she’s played varsity for 4 years as a middle hitter.

Seniors, The Camera'sEye6

She is SUCH a hard-working athlete, but is completely down-to-earth. I’m so impressed with her dedication to the sport!

Seniors, The Camera'sEye5

Love Kayla’s style – and she loves dressing up!

Seniors, The Camera'sEye3 Seniors, The Camera'sEye1 Seniors, The Camera'sEye

The black off-the-shoulder shirt with jeans and high heeled boots had just the right amount of sass!

Seniors, The Camera'sEye4

In addition to the volleyball shots, Kayla knew she wanted water in her photos. And how gorgeous is she in this white dress?

Seniors, The Camera'sEye7

Seniors, The Camera'sEye9

Kayla, thanks for being up for some creative fun with The Camera’s Eye, and good luck with this year at OFA, on and off the court!

Seniors, The Camera'sEye8

2015 Owego Free Academy Senior – Jenn

We’ve wrapped up our senior season at The Camera’s Eye, but there are STILL a few seniors to blog about! Meet Jenn, who is nothing short of busy – she’s a student at Owego Free Academy, but ALSO an early college program student at SUNY Broome. This also means that her schedule is less-than-traditional, so I asked if she would be able to come to Watkins Glen with me for her senior session, and she jumped on it!
Watkins Glen is a huge attraction because of its beauty, and an all time fave of mine from shooting weddings there at the start of my career with The Camera’s Eye.  I’ve always wanted to try out the scenery there in ANYTHING but a white dress!
It was also perfect for Jenn’s senior photos for a couple of reasons. #1  She LOVES ivy. Whether it’s climbing, crawling, or hanging, she’s all about it, so we made sure to get plenty of senior pictures with ivy in them.
#2  Her grandpa used to love sailing, so the shots with the boats in the background are sure to be a huge hit!
The Camera's Eye - on location
As with a lot of my senior sessions at The Camera’s Eye, we spent most of the time laughing…a LOT. One of the funniest moments: My mom came along for the shoot and Jenn and I were waiting for her while she was in the bathroom. A man walked by the two of us and said, “It’s such a wonderful thing seeing a mother and daughter out bonding together!” We thanked him and then both cracked up laughing :)… a. because that was a hoot but b. MY MOM is NEVER on a shoot with me and was ACTUALLY there – just in the restroom!
Best wishes to Jenn in her work at OFA and SUNY Broome!

2015 Owego Free Academy Senior – David

Lately we’ve done a LOT of posts about lovely 2015 senior ladies, but let’s not forget about the senior guys that we shoot at The Camera’s Eye! David is a senior at Owego Free Academy, and we had a great shoot in a variety of outdoor locations, including the soccer field.

Love it when seniors bring their interests to me at The Camera’s Eye so that we can incorporate them into a shoot! Sports have worked especially well in senior photos this year, including tennis, track, and swimming.


In addition to his soccer skills, David is super social and can talk about pretty much anything! He’s very easy going, and our senior session was a breeze 🙂


David, thanks for the great session and have an awesome senior year at OFA!

Juggling “Kates” at The Camera’s Eye!

Senior season is always pretty dizzying at The Camera’s Eye! What makes it even more of a whirlwind is having four clients at the same time with the same name! I do a LOT of texting and emailing back and forth with my seniors, which made it crazy – and yet somehow I managed to get everyone’s senior photos finished, with social media images out the door, and even some yearbook photos to boot 🙂

Meet Kate from Union-Endicott, a natural in front of the camera:

TheCamera'sEye TheCamera'sEye1

Kaitlyn from Owego Free Academy, who brought a range of fun outfits:

TheCamera'sEye1 copy TheCamera'sEye-1

Kate, also from Owego Free Academy, who is totally at home in the outdoors:

TheCamera'sEye3 TheCamera'sEye6

And finally Catherine from Notre Dame in Elmira, who I know from an earlier session with her sister:

TheCamera'sEye2 TheCamera'sEye5

Hard to believe I’m already taking her senior photos! A shot from our earlier outdoorsy session a few years back:


Lovely ladies all! A big thanks to them for booking their senior photos with The Camera’s Eye, and best of luck to them in their final year of high school! For next year, if you have a popular first name, come ready with an alternate name for me to use – just in case 🙂

2015 Owego Free Academy Senior – Coco

Working with seniors at The Camera’s Eye, I learn all sorts of important tidbits about my clients. For starters, Coco’s name is NOT actually Coco. She couldn’t help but pick the name up as a kid when her mother’s European friend would refer to her as “Miss Coco Chanel” in a thick and glamorous accent. And who *wouldn’t* jump on the chance for that nickname?


Shooting with Coco was a blast – she is all energy and has a really playful personality. I love it because she’s JUST like me – a big kid! Before Coco’s senior session, we collaborated over Pinterest, and she shared her ideas for these unique tennis shots:

TheCamera'sEye13 TheCamera'sEye11

Coco is obviously very sporty, but she also has a soft and gentle look:


Love it when we can hit all sorts of styles in one senior session 🙂 Best of luck to Miss Coco Chanel in her final year at OFA!