MacKenzie – 2019 Maine Endwell Senior

Meet one of our 2019 seniors at The Camera’s Eye – MacKenzie, a soccer player from Maine Endwell!

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MacKenzie is one of my many athletic seniors this year, and I really love her style! She brought a striking striped dress to the shoot, and a really soothing lavender top 🙂

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She kept it simple and used her outfits to really capture her personality and style without going overboard, which I love!

The Camera's Eye, Senior, SeniorYear, photography, Ilovenewyork, pictures, Owego, Senior photos, historic owego

You would never know from the photos that she had ACL surgery this summer – she was totally game to bring her brace along and take it off whenever we stopped to shoot.

The Camera's Eye, Senior, SeniorYear, photography, Ilovenewyork, pictures, Owego, Senior portraits, myflxtbex

You’d also never know that we had to reschedule three times due to the weather! Of course it was worth it – MacKenzie was amazing to work with, and we got just the right senior photo session to show her personality and style 🙂

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We are booking up fast, but we still have a few slots for senior sessions in the next month or so! Contact us at The Camera’s Eye today 🙂

2016 Maine-Endwell Senior – Jilianne

Loved this recent senior session with The Camera’s Eye in Owego! Meet Jilianne, a rising senior at Maine-Endwell:

TheCamerasEye001 TheCamerasEye005

She is dancer, and is completely easy-going. She only had two outfits, and that’s all she needed with her personality and her smile to rock this senior session!


She wanted something carefree to match her personality, with a country atmosphere to match her family (her grandfather was a dairy farmer, and the hat even belonged to him!).


Loved working with Jilianne’s mom as well – they were very patient in waiting out the rain, and we only started our senior session 15 minutes late. We knocked all of our images out in just a little over an hour!


Sure, there were some prickly bits to the grass and the dock was a little unsteady – but that’s part of the fun of an outdoor senior photo session. You really can’t tell from the photos!


As usual, playing the waiting game with the Southern Tier weather can be a gamble, but it pays off with a little patience, and you CAN get some great outdoor images for your senior session 🙂

TheCamerasEye004 TheCamerasEye003

Jilianne, thank you for an awesome senior photo session with The Camera’s Eye, and good luck in your last year at Maine-Endwell!


2015 Owego Free Academy Senior – Jenn

We’ve wrapped up our senior season at The Camera’s Eye, but there are STILL a few seniors to blog about! Meet Jenn, who is nothing short of busy – she’s a student at Owego Free Academy, but ALSO an early college program student at SUNY Broome. This also means that her schedule is less-than-traditional, so I asked if she would be able to come to Watkins Glen with me for her senior session, and she jumped on it!
Watkins Glen is a huge attraction because of its beauty, and an all time fave of mine from shooting weddings there at the start of my career with The Camera’s Eye.  I’ve always wanted to try out the scenery there in ANYTHING but a white dress!
It was also perfect for Jenn’s senior photos for a couple of reasons. #1  She LOVES ivy. Whether it’s climbing, crawling, or hanging, she’s all about it, so we made sure to get plenty of senior pictures with ivy in them.
#2  Her grandpa used to love sailing, so the shots with the boats in the background are sure to be a huge hit!
The Camera's Eye - on location
As with a lot of my senior sessions at The Camera’s Eye, we spent most of the time laughing…a LOT. One of the funniest moments: My mom came along for the shoot and Jenn and I were waiting for her while she was in the bathroom. A man walked by the two of us and said, “It’s such a wonderful thing seeing a mother and daughter out bonding together!” We thanked him and then both cracked up laughing :)… a. because that was a hoot but b. MY MOM is NEVER on a shoot with me and was ACTUALLY there – just in the restroom!
Best wishes to Jenn in her work at OFA and SUNY Broome!