Henry’s Newborn Session at The Camera’s Eye

Time for another great newborn shoot at The Camera’s Eye! Meet Henry William, the fourth in a line of great kiddos!
I’ve known Amy’s family for quite a while, starting when I photographed her oldest son Jack back in 2006 when HE was a newborn.​ Henry was a surprise for Amy and her family, but the very best kind 🙂
We had hoped that I would be able to go to the hospital to photograph his birth via C-section, but it was against hospital rules…so we settled on doing a newborn shoot 9 days after he was born in the studio, on a SUPER cold day (sound familiar?).
We mostly used the props that I had on hand, but there was one particularly special prop – a handmade airplane quilt from Amy’s 7-year-old daughter Olivia!
Olivia already has her sights set on becoming a fashion designer! Amy and her family have certainly taught their kids well, following the motto of “Work hard and you can accomplish anything.” Like getting started early on Penn State? 🙂
Henry’s newborn session was about four hours long – and even with the super-warm studio and the fact that he was still in his sleepy newborn stage, he was awake for almost ALL of the session, except the last 15 minutes or so!
No worries – as with all of my newborn sessions, we took all the time we needed, with frequent breaks to nurse and rest 🙂
Here’s hoping he was tired out by the end of the shoot and gave his parents some much-needed sleep that night 🙂

The Camera’s Eye Meets Baby Blake!

It might be senior photo season, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have time for the younger set at The Camera’s Eye – like newborns!

TheCamera'sEye, Babies4

I’ve worked with mom Carrie and dad Corey through their engagement session AND their wedding photos, and I was honored when they tapped me to shoot their sweet little girl, Blake!

TheCamera'sEye, Babies1

Carrie and Corey are easily some of the most mellow new parents I’ve ever met. They completely handed the shoot over to me, and were very trusting. When I shot their wedding, it poured – so they let me try out the idea of putting all the wedding gear back on and shooting them the NEXT day. It was just as magical as we had hoped! I was so glad we could find the magic with their newborn session as well 🙂

TheCamera'sEye, Babies3
TheCamera'sEye, Babies

Newborn photography always brings its own challenges, and its own unique style of creativity and fun. Patience is key when photographing any newborn, and I think that (much like being pregnant and then having a baby) the end product is well worth it!

TheCamera'sEye, Babies2

Thanks to Blake and her parents for entrusting The Camera’s Eye with their newborn photo session!