Great Expectations: A Maternity Shoot with The Camera’s Eye

Autumn in upstate New York is the PERFECT time to take advantage of the natural beauty for a fall photo shoot ūüôā For example, this recent¬†maternity session¬†with Leslie and her husband Chaz!
Leslie and Chaz never did engagement photos, so they wanted to have a romantic feel to their session with The Camera’s Eye – though we did manage to get some shots of Leslie alone as well ūüôā
And we can’t forget Sam the cat – he followed us EVERYWHERE, probably knowing that Leslie and Chaz are cat people with two of their own at home.
We were looking for somewhere rural, where we could get a vintage feel to the shoot, and of course capture autumn’s beauty. The weather cooperated fully and it was a perfect day!
Leslie shared how wonderful it was to have an hour devoted completely to the baby they were so excited to meet, and in such a beautiful environment to boot.
Now the next step? Newborn session photos! Looking forward to meeting the little bambino!

Supporting The Valley Kiwanis

Every spring, The Camera’s Eye¬†donates several packaged portrait sessions to The ¬†Valley Kiwanis¬†to help with all the good they do year round. ¬†This year, we packaged one for a 2013 Senior, one for a newborn and one for any woman whatsoever… The Madonna Session. ¬†Because this is a new concept and a little different, my phone is ringing off the hook with this question, “what on Earth is a Madonna Session???” ¬†One woman asked…”What is a Madonna Session… MY HUSBAND won it for me!” ¬† ¬†I thought that was super sweet because I’m sure he didn’t know either! ¬† Some women may roll their eyes at that one… I give him a thumbs up for trying something new and taking a risk that it might be something special for her on Mother’s Day. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Obviously, he got a lil’ nervous because she called this week and Mother’s Day is May 13th, hee hee. ¬†; )-

So a Madonna Session is a session that simply celebrates Women. ¬†Single women, working women, retired women; Moms…moms with 5 children, stay-at-home moms, moms with babies in their bellies, moms who split their lives in sections to be all the people they need to be in one day: wife, mom, money-maker, house cleaner and fabulous chef! ¬†You ¬†think of her and we want to celebrate her life by giving her a session where the world slows down a bit. ¬†Coffee, tea and mid-morning snacks to start the session, a hair and makeup stylist and then some quality portraiture to make her feel incredible. ¬† And it doesn’t have to be our style…. it’s about her style. ¬†She’s a gardener… well then, ¬†we’re going to photograph in the garden. ¬† We usually invite her best friend or sister or mother for some solid estrogen support and then we photograph that person with her because obviously she’s there for a very good reason…¬†

Here’s a few samples of a new mom and an expecting mom. ¬†It just happened to be that my most recent Madonna shoots revolved around pregnancies, but they don’t have to at all. If you have a question about a Madonna Session that I didn’t answer… do post and ask. ¬†I bet someone else is thinking the very same one!

Mother/Baby Connections at The Camera’s Eye

We’re social beings. ¬†We connect, network, and converse with friends, colleagues, and family all day, everyday. ¬† There’s one connection to me that’s more precious than any other… and that’s the connection between a mom and her baby. ¬†I love it!

I’ve been photographing babies for 12 years – from 5 days old and up. ¬†I can truly empathize with fathers who say, “no one has the ‘touch’ like Mommy when baby is crying.” I can do all the same things she does in a shoot and the minute she lays a finger on her lil’ one, WhaLaaa!… Baby’s all better.

There’s a thrill in capturing that connection for a mom and an even bigger one knowing she can show it to her child when he or she is older. ¬†They grow and grow and grow away from us and sometimes all we want is to “remember when…”


One mom put it best when she said, “Sometimes I want ¬†a day without anyone clinging to me and then I think to myself… I better take all the clinging I can get now, because soon they won’t even want to stand next to me in public!” ¬†How true is that??!!! ¬†ha Ha! ¬†Those are the moments you look at a picture like this and close your eyes to remember…. Aaaahh. ¬†ūüôā