2016 Grad Announcements at The Camera’s Eye

Tis the season – for graduation announcements! My 2016 seniors and their families should make sure to order from The Camera’s Eye NOW to get what they need for their end-of-the-year celebrations 🙂

Graduation Announcements008

Graduation Announcements013

Graduation Announcements011

Even if you’re not planning a party, graduation announcements are a lovely way to share your accomplishments and future endeavors with the world 🙂

Graduation Announcements005

Graduation Announcements006

I love working with my seniors to craft custom announcements. We can change it all up to match your style – colors, fonts, you name it!

Graduation Announcements001

The best part is that they come with matching envelopes and arrive in just 3 days!

Graduation Announcements003

Contact The Camera’s Eye to order ASAP to take one more thing off your to-do list before the end-of-the-year festivities begin! Best of luck to all my 2016 seniors finishing out the school year. (You can read more about 2016 senior sessions at The Camera’s Eye here, here, and here, just to name a few places :))

Graduation Announcements009


Creating Your Graduation Announcements with The Camera’s Eye

It’s a crazy time of year for graduating high schoolers, which means we’re pretty busy ourselves at The Camera’s Eye!

TCE Grad Card Front

Graduation announcements and party invites are finding their way into everyone’s mailboxes. I love working with high school seniors and their parents to design cards and other products from our senior session photos, which are completely unique for each student.

 The Camera's Eye, Grad Card

Would you want to show up at prom wearing the same dress as someone else? I doubt it! At The Camera’s Eye, we offer completely customizable graduation announcements, ensuring that you’re getting something that’s yours and yours alone.

The Camera's Eye, Grad Cards

I usually touch base with the moms and dads about the nitty gritty details of the graduation or other event. But the seniors have the most important input – telling me their favorite colors and the type of style they are looking for. Flowery? Bold and outgoing? Softer and understated? Things like a printed font list can be helpful, but at this point in the process, having worked with them during their senior session, I usually have any given senior’s style down pat.

Senior Announcement

Senior Graduation Announcements from The Camera’s Eye

Do you have a 2012 Senior?   Are you a 2012 Senior with the urge to stand out???

As the year zooms along and graduation slowly approaches, I am inundated with this question…”do you do graduation announcements?  Those fun ones.. not the ones you order from the school?”

Yes!  YES! YES!

Since most people only go through this once and don’t know all the in & outs… I think this is a great post topic for parents and Seniors alike.

We offer customized Senior Grad Announcements @ The Camera’s Eye  in all card sizes, layouts and papers.  THAT is the cool part and it’s also the overwhelming part.  YOU can choose as many Senior images as you would like to go on the card and can even use one side of a card as a framable gift to the recipient.  The wording is completely up to you and can include information about where you’re going to college or the details of your graduation party after the graduation ceremonies.  It’s literally limited ONLY by your imagination.

My favorite part… the paper.  I offer watercolor, linen, and pearl papers – they’re stunning and literally differentiate your announcement from one that is ordered on line.

I offer 8 sample templates to show you (several included here) to get your wheels turning.  Most seniors share their style, favorite color and 3 to 4 of their all time fav images and turn the creativity part over to me.  =)

I’d like to hear from you… what question didn’t I address about Senior Graduation Announcements?  What’s important to you?Senior Grad Card

Senior 2011