Celebrating Women at The Camera’s Eye

The Camera’s Eye is always looking for an event in which to participate or a holiday to coordinate a fun, theme shoot.  This Mother’s Day is no different, except we’re planning to celebrate more than just the month of May.

My primary client is under 24 inches tall most days and so I spend a lot of time with moms.  Working moms, single moms, moms with aspiring ambition, moms with 6 children (2 sets of twins plus 2 singles)… it never, ever ceases to amaze me.  Every time you leave the studio, I sit down and think… “How on Earth do they do that???  …and then I think, they deserve an award ….”  Thinking, thinking, thinking….

“What if I could just give them a half day of relaxation and pampering?  What if I carved a moment in time that was all about them?  WHAT if  The Camera’s Eye CELEBRATED WOMEN?!?!?”

And so;  I tried it with a woman I find to be amazing… School teacher, Mom, Volleyball Coach, Wife and HypnoBirthing Practitioner.  Yes, all of that!  Meet  Tiffany Glielmi,  HypnoBirthing Practitioner,“Taking the birthing world by calm.” And if you’re asking yourself, “what IS HypnoBirthing?” we can put you in contact with her so you can find out for yourself.  In my words… it’s simply incredible!

Her session included a stylist for hair and makeup, tea and scones from our fav, local sweetshop Fuddy Duddys,  a photo session just for her and one that emphasized her connection with her daughter!   We created a session that made her feel like Superwoman without lifting a finger… well, she did lift one, but it was so tiny and it was attached to the hand and arm that hugged her back!  We call it the Madonna Session.  🙂

Photos, Chocolate, and Gifts for Spring

Life’s crazy isn’t it?   As a woman, it moves a mile a minute.  Monday hits and you’re getting the kids ready to jump on the school bus, you’re off to work and the day rushes into after school activities and dinner… REPEAT.   Most women can relate to that, right?  We look forward to the weekend and in an eye-wink it’s over.

The best part about being a woman with children though; when it comes to your kids, you’ll go above and beyond EVERY TIME and the excitement is endless!  You as clients taught me this!  You find ideas on Pinterest, You network in Mommy groups, You Facebook your children’s events in photos, videos, instagrams….  Oh and you love Holidays OR you fake that you do flawlessly!  =)

St. Patty’s Day is around the corner & you know somewhere in the midst of your life chaos you’ll bake cupcakes with green icing and shamrock-shaped sprinkles. Easter is right behind that with fun-filled baskets, chocolate, fancy clothing and the hint of spring!  A few places I recommend to go crazy this Easter…

Fuddy Duddy’s Fudge Factory  in Owego, NY  (607) 687-3834

They provide us with all our chocolate goodies for portraits with Peter Cottontail at The Camera’s Eye Studio and our exciting Easter Basket Giveaway.  One lucky child who smiles with Peter during Portraits with PeterCottontail, March 10th to the 18th, wins a basket filled with chocolatey delights from Fuddy Duddy’s.ImageImage

Also check out Simply Precious Boutique! This little business is comprised of moms and ambitious young women who fill a need for embroidered wedding and baby items, frilly hair pieces, and anything else they dream up!  I know them personally – they are great gals who celebrate life’s important moments!

Feathery Fun from last year’s “Duck In for Easter” Portraits!

Duck in for Easter PortraitsDuck in for Easter Portraits

Never heard of Portraits with Peter Cottontail & Friends?  That’s ok… take a peak at last year’s Duck in for Easter Portraits at The Camera’s Eye Studio.

These are some of the most hysterical, genuine and un-predictable children’s portrait sessions imaginable!  I think one thing will happen, and then it’s the total opposite.  One thing is for sure… it’s always fun to watch the children interact with the bunnies, chicks or ducks.  I actually think the parents and grandparents love it most.

Here’s how it works… Book your session any time between March 10th & the 18th, view your images in our online gallery, and your Easter Portraits will be delivered one week before Peter Cottontail arrives.  Every child that visits The Camera’s Eye receives a candy gift from Fuddy Duddy’s Fudge in Owego, NY,  and is entered to win one of Sue & Candy’s amazing Easter Baskets.  My niece & nephew are crazy about the chocolate bunnies!

Whose ready for good laughs and springtime fun?  Call:  607 426 6023 or  e-mail directly from my website:  www.thecameraseye.biz  Happy Spring Everyone!

Portraits with Peter Cottontail