Summertime Splash Session with Ellie

Since my favorite little 8-month-old is finally sitting up, we decided to do a fun-in-the-sun outdoor shoot with The Camera’s Eye.

The Camera's Eye, Summer portraits

She loves bathtime (and recently learned that she loves pools and the ocean on a trip to Florida), so we figured we would stick her in a bucket and see what happened 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Summer portraits1

We couldn’t have picked a better day – it was the day before Memorial Day, and blazingly hot. Just the right weather for cooling off in a baby-sized tub 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Summer portraits2

I love doing baby photos of all ages at The Camera’s Eye, but the ones where they are finally sitting up are the MOST fun. Kids this age are giggling, exploring, and ready to roll!

The Camera's Eye, Summer portraits3

She’s grown so much since her newborn shoot – it’s incredible! Looking forward to seeing more of her and my other clients for summer photos with The Camera’s Eye 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Summer portraits4

Contact me today at lisamcqueeney AT gmail DOT com to set up an appointment. I love to travel, and there is endless beautiful scenery in upstate NY/northern PA for outdoor photo sessions this summer!

Springtime/Easter Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes at The Camera’s Eye

Just had the great fun of doing a springtime Easter shoot at The Camera’s Eye for my blogger Sam! She knitted both of the hats so we could get both bunny and lamb shots 🙂 Check out some photos that her mom took while we worked:

Easter is pretty early this year, so we’re doing combo Easter/springtime photo sessions at The Camera’s Eye! It’s a great way to celebrate the warm weather that’s just around the corner in Owego. Contact us to get your little lamb into the studio 🙂

The Camera’s Eye Meets Baby Blake!

It might be senior photo season, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have time for the younger set at The Camera’s Eye – like newborns!

TheCamera'sEye, Babies4

I’ve worked with mom Carrie and dad Corey through their engagement session AND their wedding photos, and I was honored when they tapped me to shoot their sweet little girl, Blake!

TheCamera'sEye, Babies1

Carrie and Corey are easily some of the most mellow new parents I’ve ever met. They completely handed the shoot over to me, and were very trusting. When I shot their wedding, it poured – so they let me try out the idea of putting all the wedding gear back on and shooting them the NEXT day. It was just as magical as we had hoped! I was so glad we could find the magic with their newborn session as well 🙂

TheCamera'sEye, Babies3
TheCamera'sEye, Babies

Newborn photography always brings its own challenges, and its own unique style of creativity and fun. Patience is key when photographing any newborn, and I think that (much like being pregnant and then having a baby) the end product is well worth it!

TheCamera'sEye, Babies2

Thanks to Blake and her parents for entrusting The Camera’s Eye with their newborn photo session!