FBM Spring Maker’s Market

Part of my job as a professional photographer is to capture events in my community of Owego and Apalachin, New York. I find myself in some really interesting happenings taking on this responsibility and this weekend is no different at Farmer Browns Spring Maker’s Market.


Once a Season, FBM opens their doors to local artisans, vendors and food trucks for a 2 day celebration of holidays, themes and colors of that Season. Featured here are Spot Girl Designs, a watercolor artist whose childlike flair attracts children and adults refusing to “grow up,” DePueWelding a welding duo specializing in outdoor garden decor, camping specialties and custom-designed iron signs; and lastly B and B Well wellness who centers their focus on Elderberry products for boosting immunity and health.

click the links above to learn more about each artisan

Moving along the row of 10×10 tents, I found Lavendel Fields, local grower who makes all kinds of products ONLY from lavender and Sam Haines Delights who creates 3 new candle scents per month and 4 new soaps a season. I was enthralled listening to her talk about how community events influence her next series of products. June’s Strawberry Fest in downtown Owego struck her imagination to whip up 3 new strawberry flavors that literally look edible even though I know they’re soap. A dynamic team of 3 woman collaborated to present Hygge Home and Horse Krazy Designs featuring cozy home decor, unique jewelry from bullets and adorable bandanas for dogs. To round off that section of vendors, I found Mischief Exotic Studio, who specialized in wood crafted earnings and so much more. It’s impossible to show off all the vendors in one post – you must take a peak yourself on this sunny Sunday. The Maker’s Market hours are 10 – 4pm with Sugar N Smoke food truck today only.

One thing to note about this festive Marketplace, whether they’re celebrating an event or just hosting a food truck like Pit Stop Popcorn for the weekend, the staff is like no other you will encounter. Take a peak at Custom Planter & Display Extraordinaire, Adam Coney taking pride in his perfectly stacked garden soil for your ease of shopping! He’s the face behind every display at FBM and now you might understand the type of pride that goes into showing off a pansy or a petunia “the right way!”


For additional information, check any of the links throughout this post or shoot on over to http://www.farmerbrownsmarketplace.com Happy Sunday Folks = )

The Local Lens – Oxbow Farms

I met Noella, co-operator of Oxbow Farms a few weeks ago at Farmer Browns Farmer’s Market in Apalachin, NY. Wow, that’s a lot of Farms in one sentence! Intrigued by the leap of faith she and her husband, Tim took to be the first local farmers to set up in FBM’s marketplace; I had to know more, so I packed up my gear and met her under the marketplace tent.

As a business owner, she’s engaging, knowledgeable and caring- everything you would imagine from a farmer who is dedicated to “growing food while learning resilience and adaptation in a changing world.” That’s their Instagram business description! As Covid restrictions begin to lift across the world and in the Southern Tier region of Upstate NY, where Oxbow Farms thrives, I knew this business would be the next focus of The Local Lens. Couldn’t we all learn a bit of resilience and adaptation in our changing world!

Noella and Tim had the same goals of producing food on a small scale with practices that support farm ecology without the use of any fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. The catch? They lived states apart, one from Massachusetts and one from Pennsylvania. They settled as a 29 acre, family-run farm located in a beautiful valley in Chemung County, NY and have 2 adorable girls who can be seen in the background learning the family tradition.

The farm sees the first and last frosts of every season, is the home of 6 mobile hoop houses, one wood-heated greenhouse, and has the adaptability to grow over 40 different crops each season. At this point in the growing season, their focus is on all kinds of lettuce. To offer a unique crop, Oxbow turned its focus to Asian greens like Mizuna & Senposai. To learn more about these amazing greens, drop Noella or Tim a message through their website where you can find a kitchen-full of recipes on how to eat these greens.

Where can you buy their products? 2021 marks our 12th season Noella and Tim can be found filling the bags of shoppers at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market. They’re located at Stall 69, April through December.  

Most recently, they have graced Farmer Browns Marketplace, under the large white tent at the entrance, Fridays 1- 5pm. Owner, Logan Keeney is delighted to have them as his roots in planting began at a organic vegetable farm in Pennsylvania.

An interesting note about Oxbow Farms, as we all have something more than what appears to “Be” at face value… they love Goats and have Bucklings for sale! Their pedigree-worthy Goat, Pumpkin produced 3 Bucklings this season- Fred, George, and Ron. If you’re like me and know very little about goats, a Buckling is a young male less than a year old.

Interested in purchasing a buckling or wanting more information about Oxbow Farms? Connect with owners Noella and Tim by following any of the links in this post or use the links below:



Email: oxbowfarmer@gmail.com
Phone: 607-598-7193

High School Seniors… I love this Generation!

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

I always say, “My favorite age group to photograph is 3 year olds.”  They can tell you what they want, they can joke with you and they’re always ‘straight up.’  Case & point:  my last name is McQueeney.  When Pixar’s animated movie, “Cars” hit the theaters, a young boy, Clayton was a client of mine.  His Mom prepped him so kindly to walk in the studio and say, “Hi Miss McQueeney!”  He looked at me… looked again… “Is your real name ‘Stickers?’  You should just go by ‘Stickers’.  It’s way easier to say!”  lol!  HOW can you NOT love that???  So for years, 3 year olds have been my heart throbs.

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

I blogged at the beginning of the High School Senior season about a young man I thought was really exceptional and then the season exploded as it always does… Seniors with sports uniforms, trendy outfits, and interesting hobbies flood into my world every evening.  This year however, there’s something crazy in the air or I’m simply in love with a new age group.  I’ve met kids already accepted in college, kids in programs that allow them to experience their career choice for more than half the year, kids with ‘out of school’ interests like ice hockey and scuba diving and the list goes on and on.  If I could generalize; this may very well be a generation with everything at their fingertips BUT the coolest thing about them is they take advantage of all of it!

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

What’s the second best thing about them???   In the midst of all that they have in their reach, they really aren’t that much different than the generations before them.  Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a young woman, with such a witty sense of humor, she kept me on my toes the entire session.

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

She bravely came alone , so to start conversation, I asked her to run down her outfits with me and give me a sense of her style.  She made this typical but unusually polite “dig” on her Father… “Well I have this shirt with this great scarf, that my Father, all of a sudden thinks is too warm for this time of year!  When did he become a “FASHIONISTA?!!”  Ha!  I didn’t even know what say – I just filled the air with laughter.

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

As we moved along to our location, I asked…”what are you into?  what are your hobbies?”  In this time of mad-crazed video graphics and high tech everything, she replied, “I really love to read and write.”  I continue to fiddle with my photography gizmos and gadgets and she blurts out.. “Do you know ‘so and so’ author?  He’s very controversial but he’s my favorite!”  I stopped everything I was doing… if there was one moment in my entire life that I wished I read more and could have related to her interest… it would have been THAT moment.  A 17 year old with a favorite author… LOVE it!

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

Now she piqued my interest and as we chased the light through the evening, I kept trying to think of different things to ask her while listening VERY closely & contemplating f-stops and apertures because she would hold me to the answers with her humor.  Hmmmm… very much like 3 year olds!  She was currently earning money as a waitress, started cosmetology school- but it definitely wasn’t her style, and for as many times as she changed her hair color- today’s color was closest to her original roots.   (Incidentally, it’s amazing when the light catches it!)

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

As we wrapped up the shoot, I asked for a password for her session and began chatting about the fee and purchasing details.   OUT of no where, she threw a smirky smile my way and quickly interrupted…”are you going to hack my Facebook account!?!?!!?”  DANG!  She got me again!  No words came out of my mouth- just laughter.  At this point in the game, I was robustly belly laughing.

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye, Apalachin NY
© Lisa McQueeney 2012

But that wasn’t the last time she was going to get me before we parted ways.   I asked if she had any more questions or ‘anythings’ for me (hoping she would say her Dad sent a check with him)… pause,  “Nope.”  I awkwardly asked…”How about a check from your Dad?”   This gets real good… “Oh no, I have cash for that!” and she began to count it.  Why I thought I could help this established, pip of a Senior is beyond me.. but I did!  Counting, counting, counting.. “can I help you?”  “Nope!  There’s extra.  I’m a waitress…. I believe Tip Karma!  It’s good energy!”  and away she zoomed, leaving me standing there to pick my jaw up off the asphalt.  Couldn’t you hear that from someone in the 70’s???

Regardless the timeframe, these are savvy Seniors and I love their personalities!

Kate & Bill at Glenora Wine Cellars, Upstate NY

Katy’s dress from Bonjulie’s in Horseheads NY http://www.bonjulies.com/

Last week’s activities landed the crew at The Camera’s Eye Studio in the vineyards of Glenora Wine Cellars  for the celebration of Kate & Bill’s wedding vows.

Vows under the sun: http://www.thecameraseye.biz

Initially greeted by Kathy Marchenese, Wedding Coordinator at Glenora (kathy@glenora.com);  my assistant, Patrick Boyer and I received a complimentary glass of Pomegranate Pizzazz.

Wine and cupcake tower at the Reception at Glenora

So kind of Kathy and very indicative of her nature and business style.  We learned the lay of the land and watched the bridal party rehearse under the arbor that overlooked the grape vines and beautful Seneca Lake.

Ring exchange on the lawn of Glenora Wine Cellars: http://www.thecameraseye.biz

The next day, under the heat of an unforgiving sun, the bridal party and guests engaged in a lovely ceremony as Bill and Katy exchanged vows and rings in the late afternoon.

Maid of Honor, Glenora Wine Cellars, NY

We photographed in the vineyards and off location at an amazing privately-owned waterfall while guests ate gingerly at a wine & cheese tasting on the lawn and then a cocktail hour on a red and turquoise adorned deck overlooking the water.

Privately-owned waterfall near Glenora Wine Cellars

Later, we joined the guests inside for a red and teal themed reception decorated by an Ithaca florist who grew all her own flowers.  You have to see this bouquet!

Bridal Bouquet from Ithaca-based florist

Our DJ on the night was Ryan Bombard from Ryan Bombard Entertainment, who entertained quests with his photobooth pictures that were glued into an album for the bride and groom to use as a quest book.  What an great idea!  Of course… we jumped in with our cameras, mexican hats and enormous red sunglasses!  Not exactly work-related, but hey, how could we tell you how fun it was if we didn’t try it?!!

Bridesmaid’s Bouquet from Ithaca-based florist

Congratulations Katy & Bill and hats off to all vendors involved!  For additional information, don’t hesitate to e-mail: lisamcqueeney@gmail.com, Facebook: Lisa McQueeney or visit the Glenora website: http://www.glenora.com/Weddings/Weddings-at-Glenora

Relief and excitement from our Bride and Groom

This Week’s Adventure: Caretakers Tree Service

There’s always something brewin’ in Upstate New York in the spring & summer, but sometimes it’s not always a picnic… often times it’s a Storm!

Cutting up a storm-fallen willow tree, Caretakers Tree Service

I blogged earlier in the year about understanding the sound of trees falling in the darkness in the middle of a storm.  They don’t always sound like you think they would, nor do they make the noise you would imagine when they land on your house.  A few years back, the tree providing shade over the roof at The Camera’s Eye Studio split in half due to a wild storm.   Later that day, I found a postcard in my mailbox…

Caretakers signature postcard, 607 768 9764

I was skeptical, but thought, “how convenient!”  I didn’t have to search for help or ask all my neighbors “who should I call about this dilemna???”  The person even wrote in their own handwriting on the postcard a short assessment of the damage and offered a free quote.  Who does that in our fast-paced society today?

Working amongst the branches, Caretakers 607 768 9764

I gave him a call about the tree stretching across my yard onto the roof.  This tree specialist was so skilled at tree climbing, professional and informative that I shared him with all my neighbors!   I gladly paid him for his services (even though I would have rather bought something nice for myself ), and offered my skills in return if I could ever help him.

Quartering the stump for grinding, Caretakers 607 768 9764

Grinding down the stump, Caretakers 607 768 9764

Well, he took me up on it!  This week’s adventure covers Patrick Boyer, owner and tree expert of Caretakers Tree Service located in Nichols, New York.  Caretakers’ business motto is: “The RIGHT tree in the RIGHT place” and the business didn’t get its name for the purpose of making money.  Patrick spends a good portion of time educating homeowners about the maintenance of trees in their yard and caring about the potential danger of trees during storms.

Dangerous powerlines, Caretakers 607 768 9764

Clearing branches around power lines, Caretakers

He’s not a pushy salesman…the choice is up to you what you want to do on your property, but you can rest assured in hiring him that he will leave you educated and satisfied with the end results of his labor.

Check out his work here and on Facebook, Patrick Boyer.  If you’re in need of tree work and no one left a postcard in your mailbox, give him a call for a free assessment:  (607) 768 9674.

Notching a tree for falling, Caretakers Tree Service

Removing a tree from the top down, Caretakers Tree Service

If he’s done work for you in the past… take a moment and leave a comment!  There’s nothing better than a good testimonial!

Last Week’s Adventure

Since I stay regularly involved in some aspect of Tioga County, the Tioga County Chamber of Commerce brings a new adventure to me every week. Last week’s event brought me to the fingertips of Jody Tackley, owner of  Handprints Massage Therapy and NEWLY created Wellness Center…

Open house celebration July 11th at Handprints Massage & Wellness Center 4 Delphine St. Owego, NY

Jody, a licensed massage therapist, brought her Massage Therapy business to our area on Delphine Street,  7 years ago to the date that she turned it into a Wellness Center.  How do I know that???  When I arrived to photograph the Open House held last Wednesday, July 11th, I asked… “did ALL Star Sports (the business next to her behind the Owego Agway) make all your signs?”  She replied… “You’ll never believe this, but when I went into the closet to see what I used for the first Open House… the date was exactly the same!  I was just meant to do this in my business on THIS day.”

The Staff at Handprints Massage & Wellness Center 4 Delphine St. Owego, NY

Handprints Massage Therapy, http://www.handprintsmassagetherapy.com which normally specializes in various types of massage, including deep tissue and hot stone massage, expanded its doors to an additional massage therapist, an accupunturist and a yoga instructor.

Miranda Lynne Delaney, licensed massage therapist, giving a chair massage while Loreen Murawski Maley, yoga instructor, provided a free demonstration at Handprints Massage & Wellness Center, Delphine St. Owego, NY

For more information on who and what is being offered… please visit any of the above links or drop Jody a message and ask about her new services: 607-687-4263,  jodyshandprints (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Loreen Murawski Maley, yoga instructor, providing a free demonstration at Handprints Massage & Wellness Center, Delphine St. Owego, NY

In the meantime, take a look at the people who freely enjoyed the new offerings last Wednesday July 11th from 11 – 2… and yes, I absolutely jumped in the yoga demonstration, relaxed for a 10 minute chair massage and had a little stress relief applied to my ear from the accupuncturist!

Laurie Passmore, N.D., L. Accupuncturist places a “blood seed” on a stress point in the ear that stimulates calmness in the nervous system. Open House at Handprints Massage and Wellness.

Adopt a Pup on Independence Day!


Happy 4th of July everyone!

Visited my favorite animal shelter, Stray Haven again and here’s a showcase of the cool cats AND pups I met this time…

Lilly at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye

Lilly… brought in with her sister or companion, Baby Girl

Baby Girl at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye

came from a family that could no longer keep them.  They have been in the shelter since February and would love a playful family or owner who gives lots of lovings.  Once you see the pictures, you’ll understand why.  They give BIG kisses!

Baby Girl at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye

Lilly is a little milder than Baby Girl and you can see that on her face.

Lilly at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye

Baby Girl would be perfect for kids… she has spunk and energy, but is gentle enough to still give face kisses.  That’s a great dog right there.

Baby Girl at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye


Next to jump out of their kennel, were 3 Spaniel puppies,

Spaniel pups at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye

or should I say “waddle” because they were just fed and their bellies were enormous.  Too funny!

Spaniel pups at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye

Like all pups they are super soft, adorable and friendly.

Spaniel pups at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye

This little one kept crawling up my leg while I was trying to photograph.

Spaniel pups at Stray Haven, Waverly NY by The Camera’s Eye

None of these pups were “nippers” which I really like because I can rarely see anything around me while I’m shooting and like to keep my gear in one piece  ; )


Then we moved on to a super interesting cat, Sam.  Sam, the fat cat was brought to the kennel when his owner passed away.

Sam at Stray Haven by The Camera’s Eye

He is the biggest cat I have ever layed my eyes on, and remember, I’m a cat lover.  His paws alone are huge!  So cool!

Sam at Stray Haven by The Camera’s Eye

His weight on arrival was 25.7 pounds, lol.  He’s in tough competition with Garfield!

And last, but certainly NOT least were the 2 cutest, 8 week old kittens…

8 wk old kittens at Stray Haven by The Camera’s Eye

Very inquisitive lil’ buggers and friendly!  One had a two-toned face and super soft fur and the other had amazing stripes.

One male and one female, not related but great litter mates.

8 wk old kittens at Stray Haven by The Camera’s Eye

They can be adopted together or alone – just like Lilly and Baby Girl.  Kindred souls are they, BUT having an owner would be the best thing for all of them so adopting them separately is ok too!  I couldn’t resist including this last image… I think the caption should be, “alllllright!  Enough with the lovin’s already!”  Email about your favorite interest, stray.haven.3@facebook.com

8 wk old kittens at Stray Haven by The Camera’s Eye

Rockin’ Seniors

All high school seniors are someone special to me at  The Camera’s Eye Studio… I spend approximately 2 hours with all of them, learn their likes and dislikes, their interests and hobbies, and definitely share some good life stories.

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye Studio, Apalachin NY

Every now and then though, you’ll come by one that stays in your memory and this one happens to be THAT one.   PLUS, he kicked off my Senior Season so I have such a warm fuzzy going into this 2013 Graduation Class.

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye Studio, Apalachin NY

The Session started off with his parents telling me all about his hobbies and places he liked to go in our town.  As I was getting the formal shot out of the way so we could move into the fun stuff, he saw an image of a baseball player on my wall and asked if we could create that image for lacrosse.  I was thrilled!  Of course… but I know very little of lacrosse and so asked him to educate me on the sport.  No attitude, no eye-rolling, no hesitation… he just started telling me what I needed to know.  Bang.. we kick that shot out too!

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye Studio, Apalachin NY

The next several hours – and I honestly could have kept shooting for much longer because it wasn’t even like work – he took me to his favorite fishing spot, through a huge field in his shiny, red jeep  (in which he gave me a front seat ride), to meet his dog, and to a Hose Company, Croton Hose Co.  A fire department??  Hmmmm… why ask why, but because he was so friendly, you know I did!  He’s a Volunteer Fireman!

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye Studio, Apalachin NY

I meet a lot of interesting people in my career as a professional photographer, but this kid I will remember for a very long time.  What a cool cat!

Senior portraits at The Camera’s Eye Studio Apalachin, NY

Senior Portraits at The Camera’s Eye Studio, Apalachin NY

Supporting The Valley Kiwanis

Every spring, The Camera’s Eye donates several packaged portrait sessions to The  Valley Kiwanis to help with all the good they do year round.  This year, we packaged one for a 2013 Senior, one for a newborn and one for any woman whatsoever… The Madonna Session.  Because this is a new concept and a little different, my phone is ringing off the hook with this question, “what on Earth is a Madonna Session???”  One woman asked…”What is a Madonna Session… MY HUSBAND won it for me!”    I thought that was super sweet because I’m sure he didn’t know either!   Some women may roll their eyes at that one… I give him a thumbs up for trying something new and taking a risk that it might be something special for her on Mother’s Day.  🙂  Obviously, he got a lil’ nervous because she called this week and Mother’s Day is May 13th, hee hee.  ; )-

So a Madonna Session is a session that simply celebrates Women.  Single women, working women, retired women; Moms…moms with 5 children, stay-at-home moms, moms with babies in their bellies, moms who split their lives in sections to be all the people they need to be in one day: wife, mom, money-maker, house cleaner and fabulous chef!  You  think of her and we want to celebrate her life by giving her a session where the world slows down a bit.  Coffee, tea and mid-morning snacks to start the session, a hair and makeup stylist and then some quality portraiture to make her feel incredible.   And it doesn’t have to be our style…. it’s about her style.  She’s a gardener… well then,  we’re going to photograph in the garden.   We usually invite her best friend or sister or mother for some solid estrogen support and then we photograph that person with her because obviously she’s there for a very good reason… 

Here’s a few samples of a new mom and an expecting mom.  It just happened to be that my most recent Madonna shoots revolved around pregnancies, but they don’t have to at all. If you have a question about a Madonna Session that I didn’t answer… do post and ask.  I bet someone else is thinking the very same one!