2016 Grad Announcements at The Camera’s Eye

Tis the season – for graduation announcements! My 2016 seniors and their families should make sure to order from The Camera’s Eye NOW to get what they need for their end-of-the-year celebrations 🙂

Graduation Announcements008

Graduation Announcements013

Graduation Announcements011

Even if you’re not planning a party, graduation announcements are a lovely way to share your accomplishments and future endeavors with the world 🙂

Graduation Announcements005

Graduation Announcements006

I love working with my seniors to craft custom announcements. We can change it all up to match your style – colors, fonts, you name it!

Graduation Announcements001

The best part is that they come with matching envelopes and arrive in just 3 days!

Graduation Announcements003

Contact The Camera’s Eye to order ASAP to take one more thing off your to-do list before the end-of-the-year festivities begin! Best of luck to all my 2016 seniors finishing out the school year. (You can read more about 2016 senior sessions at The Camera’s Eye here, here, and here, just to name a few places :))

Graduation Announcements009


Senior Canvas Winners at The Camera’s Eye!

Big congrats to this year’s winners of the senior canvas contest at The Camera’s Eye, both from Owego Free Academy! You’ve already met Kelsey, a totally down-to-earth senior with a natural beauty.

Kelsey, The Camera's Eye

And here is Kim, a member of the top volleyball team in the state and an overall total sweetheart!

Kim, The Camera's Eye

I’m excited to get these images onto beautiful canvas prints for these lovely ladies 🙂 Thanks to them and the rest of my 2016 seniors for a great senior photo season with The Camera’s Eye. Best of luck with the end of this semester and the rest of your FINAL year of high school!

2016 Newark Valley High School Senior – Meagan

At the end of senior season at The Camera’s Eye, I want to share one of my absolutely favorite sessions so far: Meagan, a senior at Newark Valley High School!

The Camera's Eye,2

An athlete, Meagan plays tennis, soccer, and basketball, and she’s a sweetheart and social butterfly to boot!

The Camera's Eye,4

For Meagan’s senior session, we used the natural beauty around us in the Southern Tier – she wanted a simple and natural outdoor setting with tons of color! This is especially important because fall is her favorite season.

The Camera's Eye,7

To choose her senior session outfits, Meagan went with clothes that she normally wears everyday – very important when it comes to senior photo fashion!

The Camera's Eye0

The Camera's Eye,8

She also focused on colors that matched the season. The flannel is an especially nice touch since it’s all about autumn AND one of her fave pieces of clothing!

The Camera's Eye,6

Meagan, thank you so much for a great senior session with The Camera’s Eye, and best of luck in your last year of high school!

The Camera's Eye,1

2016 Owego Free Academy Senior – Kelsey

Loving the craziness of senior photo season at The Camera’s Eye! Here is another wonderful shoot with Kelsey, a senior at Owego Free Academy:

TheCamerasEye, Seniors04

Kelsey is a totally down-to-earth girl – sweet and quiet. She’s into fitness and eating healthy. And she was a complete natural at having her photo taken!

TheCamerasEye, Seniors01

I see so many great options for a yearbook photo with Kelsey’s shots. The outfits are natural and simple and don’t distract from Kelsey, while still being totally flattering.

TheCamerasEye, Seniors05

She has a gorgeous smile, casual hair, and just looks like, well, herself!

TheCamerasEye, Seniors02

Kelsey, thank you for a fun senior session with The Camera’s Eye! Seniors, don’t forget: October 1st is the deadline to get me your yearbook choices!

TheCamerasEye, Seniors03TheCamerasEye, Seniors06

2016 Senior Sessions with The Camera’s Eye

Hard to believe it is already more than halfway through September, and the kids I’ve been meeting in my senior sessions are now officially seniors!
The Camera's Eye8 The Camera's Eye10

I have had such a blast getting to know the 2016 area seniors through our sessions at The Camera’s Eye. So many unique personalities, and so many true collaborators in the process of crafting a personal senior session!

The Camera's Eye7 The Camera's Eye1 The Camera's Eye4

Through the end of October, The Camera’s Eye is shooting senior sessions SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. So if you haven’t booked yet, it’s not too late!

The Camera's Eye5

The Camera's Eye2

All of my seniors, take note: The Camera’s Eye deadline for your yearbook picture choice is October 1st. This gives me time to edit and send off your photo to your school by the school’s deadline. Check out our previous blog post for help in choosing a senior yearbook photo.
TheCamera'sEye1 (1) TheCamera'sEye4

And if you haven’t scheduled yet? Email me at lisamcqueeney AT gmail DOT com or give me a ring at 607 426 6023. Don’t miss the boat on getting your senior photos with The Camera’s Eye!

2016 Owego Free Academy Senior – Ethan

At The Camera’s Eye, I LOVE working with seniors who have their own unique vision for their senior photos! Meet Ethan, a 2016 senior from Owego Free Academy.

The Camera's Eye, Seniors5

I had photographed Ethan’s older brother two years ago, and I love the chance to keep working with the same family 🙂 Ethan is an outdoor kind of guy, and his senior session was nothing short of adventurous! He wanted his senior photos to reflect the fact that he plays basketball and likes to hunt and fish.

The Camera's Eye, Seniors

We started out at the school, where I hopped into the truck with Ethan and his mom to get to a local farm. I knew we had to stop to shoot as soon as I saw an old rusted dump truck on the property.

The Camera's Eye, Seniors1 The Camera's Eye, Seniors4

The Camera's Eye, Seniors7

As we were taking these pictures, we heard a tractor approaching – and the driver INSISTED that Ethan get some shots not only next to the tractor, but also in the driver’s seat.

The Camera's Eye, Seniors2

Then on to the pond!

The Camera's Eye, Seniors10

None of these pictures capture the mini-adventures we had – almost getting the car stuck in a 5-foot ditch…or a mud puddle…or the mosquito bites…or the cuts from the sharp blades of grass…

The Camera's Eye, Seniors8

But that’s all in a day’s work when it comes to my summer senior sessions 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Seniors3

Thank you for letting me in on your adventure, Ethan! Best of luck from The Camera’s Eye on your last year at OFA.

The Camera's Eye, Seniors9

2016 Owego Free Academy Senior – Maddie

Senior season is in full swing at The Camera’s Eye, and I wanted to share some shots from Maddie’s senior session!


Since Maddie was looking for an edgy urban feel, we shot in downtown Binghamton.


Maddie did an awesome job choosing her outfits for her senior session! As she explains: “I don’t normally wear a lot of color in my everyday outfits but I wanted my senior pictures to have color so they didn’t look washed out.” She added some prints and jewelry pieces for some extra pizzazz. The basic outfit breakdown was 1) black romper with bright statement jewelry, 2) black dress with colorful flowers and 3) ripped capris with an off-white tank top, brown hat and gold jewelry.




I love how these outfits work because they add a pop of color and interest without overwhelming the shot, all while staying true to Maddie’s personality and style 🙂 That makes for an ideal senior session outfit! She radiates confidence in every shot, no?


Thanks to Maddie for a fun senior photo session in Binghamton with The Camera’s Eye. Good luck in your final year at OFA!