Arianna – 2017 Sayre Area High School Senior

Meet Arianna, a 2017 senior from Sayre Area High School:

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography

Arianna also has the distinction of being the winner of our prom promotion at the Winterball at Sayre Area High School – so her senior session with The Camera’s Eye was 100% free 🙂The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography2

Due to rain (remember what rain is??) we had to reschedule multiple times in June, and we finally got to shoot on July 12.

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography1

We started off in downtown Owego and then ventured out to a local farm. Ari is a nature lover so we included it all in her urban senior session…even horses!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography7

She is a natural fashionista and had great accessories for every outfit! I love that they show who she is without overwhelming the photos 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography6

She chose the simple black dress for a classic look, and the coral for some vibrant color to pop in the great outdoors 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography5

Like me, she adores shoes, so I made sure that she had something comfortable for hoofing it in the great outdoors…and then she changed into her awesome footwear when we were ready to shoot.

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography4

I love this senior session because the shots of Ari look free and easy, and that was exactly what it felt like – she was so lovely to work with 🙂 Best of luck from The Camera’s Eye with your last year at Sayre Area High School!


Downtown Owego Deals with The Camera’s Eye!

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Carol's Coffee Shop


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Christian – 2017 Owego Free Academy Senior

We can’t forget about all the senior guys I’ve been shooting at The Camera’s Eye! Meet Christian, a rising senior at OFA:

Senior Photography, The Cameras Eye5

Christian loves football and hunting, and loves the great outdoors – making an urban senior session the perfect choice for him!

Senior Photography, The Cameras Eye2 Senior Photography, The Cameras Eye1

We shot many of these at Christian’s aunt and uncle’s house, where he spends a lot of time. As you can see, it’s gorgeous…the perfect spot for running the tractor, fishing in the pond, and cutting wood. Oh, and playing with a big, goofy puppy!

Senior Photography, The Cameras Eye4
He’s not the first 2017 senior at The Camera’s Eye to do his shoot with a dog, and I hope he’s not the last 🙂 Christian is such a hard worker, so I loved seeing him have some FUN!
Senior Photography, The Cameras Eye7 Senior Photography, The Cameras Eye6
Oh, and he did NOT mind the chance to stick his feet in the water on this ridiculously hot day!
Senior Photography, The Cameras Eye3

Christian, thanks for a great summer senior session with The Camera’s Eye, and wishing all the best of luck in your upcoming final year of high school!

Christmas in August – Family Fun at The Camera’s Eye

August is just around the corner, and I’m psyched to share our “Christmas in August” deal with The Camera’s Eye! Book a family portrait session for the month of August, and get 10% off your holiday card order at the end of the year 🙂

Family Portraits, The CamerasEye

The kids are home from school and the landscape is STUNNING!

Family Portraits, The CamerasEye0

Gorgeous photos in the great outdoors…professional photography for your Christmas cards…

Family Portraits, The CamerasEye1

…and a few MONTHS to decide on designs for your personalized cards with The Camera’s Eye, rather than adding to the last-minute holiday stress…all on top of an excellent discount 🙂

Family Portraits, The CamerasEye11

We all know this weather won’t last forever in upstate New York – so call 607-426-6023 or email lisamcqueeney AT gmail DOT com to book your August family portrait session today!

Family Portraits, The CamerasEye9

Have some fun now and, with beautiful wall art of your family and some stunning holiday cards and gifts at the ready, you’ll definitely thank me later 🙂

Family Portraits, The CamerasEye12

Makenna – 2017 Owego Free Academy Senior

These 2017 seniors from Owego Free Academy are rockin’ my senior season! Meet Makenna:

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photos3

Her mom and her sister came along to help out, which made it an extra fun shoot!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photos2The Camera's Eye, Senior Photos

Makenna knew she wanted a more rustic look to her senior photos, so we chose the landscape around  Owego to match. That’s also how she picked out her two shirts – perfect for the session!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photos4

Senior Portraits, The Camera's Eye

I LOVE doing sports shots with senior sessions. We managed to get softball done, and still have to do some volleyball pics!

Senior Portraits, The Camera's Eye3

Senior Portraits, The Camera's Eye2

Senior Portraits, The Camera's Eye1

Thanks to Makenna for a great senior session with The Camera’s Eye!

Erin – 2017 Owego Free Academy Senior

I’m SO loving this recent senior session with The Camera’s Eye! Erin and I already knew each other since she came to help out with her friend Kelly’s senior session last season. She brought Kelly with her as an assistant to this shoot, and we had SO much fun.

For outfits, she focused on simple and casual – just working with her everyday style!

Even though she is smiley and so much fun, we made sure to make her sports shots intense and serious – because she is COMPETITIVE on the court!


I love it when we can work everything important about a senior into the senior sessionincluding pets! This is Marlie, a Christmas gift to Erin last year. This little bugger would NOT stop moving!

And even though Erin is so intense in these lacrosse shots – you would not believe how hard we all laughed. She had to face into the sun, which meant she could only keep her eyes open for a second at most, and there were tears streaming down her face 🙂


Don’t worry, Erin got us back later – or at least got Kelly back – when she accidentally soaked Kelly while we were getting shots of her throwing water in the air 🙂

A big thanks from The Camera’s Eye to Erin for such a fun senior session around town!

Kate – 2017 Owego Free Academy Senior

Meet Kate, a rising senior at Owego Free Academy!

Kate was looking for something unique with her senior photos, something that captured her personality perfectly. We always stress the importance of being yourself in your senior photos with The Camera’s Eye, so this was a perfect fit!

I knew Kate from doing her cross country photos, so capturing her personality was easy! She brought her friend Heidi as an assistant to the shoot, and we had a blast 🙂

Kate chose her outfits to match who she is – her softball uniform was a no-brainer, and she made sure to pick outfits that were dressy enough for senior photos without going outside of who she is.

I loved working with Kate not just because of her personality, but because we also got a chance to shoot up in Ithaca! She wanted something a little different than Owego, and I was excited to travel to make that happen.

A big thank you to Kate for such a fun senior session with The Camera’s Eye!

2017 Senior Photos with The Camera’s Eye!

I’m staying busy as can be shooting senior sessions at The Camera’s Eye! Hard to believe we’ve gone from SNOW…

Senior Photos, The Camera's Eye10

…to ENDLESS summer days! And I’m loving meeting each and every 2017 senior from Owego, Vestal, Apalachin…you name it! 🙂

Senior Photos, The Camera's Eye5

To top it all off…a BIG thank you to Tom Ash Insurance for hosting me as the artist of the month for June! You can see lots of my work with last year’s seniors in the windows the next time you’re taking a stroll downtown.

Tom Ash, The Camera's Eye

Call me at 607 426 6023 or email lisamcqueeney AT gmail DOT com to book your senior photo session with The Camera’s Eye today! Read more about your session options at our website 🙂

Family Photos in Beautiful Upstate New York!

It’s that time of year when Central New York reveals its true beauty to us…and the best time for professional outdoor portraits with The Camera’s Eye! In addition to senior sessions, we’re now booking family portraits in the great outdoors.

Family Photos, The Camera's Eye

It makes sense to do family portraits over the summer. (After all, the kids are home from school…or did you not notice the increased noise and maybe the clutter that keeps accumulating in the rooms you just cleaned…?) If you wait until August, you might have to scramble to work around everyone’s schedules, all while prepping for the start of the school year – so why not book today?

Family Photos, The Camera's Eye2

Not only will you have a forever memory of your family, and the makings of beautiful wall art for your home, but you’ll also have allll the makings for a custom-designed holiday card with The Camera’s Eye. (Not to get ahead of ourselves in the middle of June or anything…but those holidays DO creep up on us…)

Family Photos, The Camera's Eye1

Shoot me an email at lisamcqueeney AT gmail DOT com to set up your family portrait session today! Have a favorite spot in a local park or dying to do a photo session at the Finger Lakes? We DO travel 🙂

Dress to Impress: Senior Sessions at The Camera’s Eye

During our senior sessions at The Camera’s Eye, I LOVE getting to know you and capturing your personality. And though it’s what’s on the inside that counts, clothing naturally plays an important part of your senior photos, and I get asked a LOT about how to dress…we’ve written about it before, but here are some key tips for this season…

The Camera's Eye,9

The big biggie: be yourself! There’s no use in taking a bunch of senior photos where you don’t wear what you normally wear and you don’t look or feel like yourself 🙂 People should recognize you in what you wear every day.



I’m an environmental portrait artist…that means we will be trekking through fields, rivers, over rocks, and through funky terrain….THAT means: wear the comfy shoes, and carry the diva heels! I LOVE great shoes, so save them for when we’re actually shooting and I’ll get them in all their glory:)

The Camera's Eye9
And as far as shoes go…make sure to match the socks if you’re wearing them. There’s nothing worse than white socks BLAZING out from under your pants and stealing the spotlight from your amazing shoes.
The Camera's Eye, Seniors5
This one is from your mother, but it is the #1 clothing retouch requested from your mothers….check for wrinkles in your clothes before you come and HANG your outfits prior.
Ladies: think about your undergarments!  Straps other than the ones holding your shirt or dress up are DISTRACTING from your face. Straps distract!
TheCamerasEye, Seniors02
Most of all..SHARE with me… tell me what you’re bringing! Text or Snapchat your clothing choices.  I’ll plan around your outfits and it will remind us both to bring props, sporting equipment, locker room keys, jerseys, etc. 🙂
Senior photos, The Camera's Eye3
Remember, I’m a professional photographer…which means I do MORE than just snap the camera. I WANT to work with you before and after our session to get  the photos you want 🙂 One of the best ways we can collaborate is over Pinterest…check out our senior style and senior photos boards to get pumped for your session!
The Camera's Eye, Seniors
Call me at 607-426-6023 or email lisamcqueeney AT gmail DOT com to book your senior session with The Camera’s Eye today!