Arianna – 2017 Sayre Area High School Senior

Meet Arianna, a 2017 senior from Sayre Area High School:

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography

Arianna also has the distinction of being the winner of our prom promotion at the Winterball at Sayre Area High School – so her senior session with The Camera’s Eye was 100% free 🙂The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography2

Due to rain (remember what rain is??) we had to reschedule multiple times in June, and we finally got to shoot on July 12.

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography1

We started off in downtown Owego and then ventured out to a local farm. Ari is a nature lover so we included it all in her urban senior session…even horses!

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography7

She is a natural fashionista and had great accessories for every outfit! I love that they show who she is without overwhelming the photos 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography6

She chose the simple black dress for a classic look, and the coral for some vibrant color to pop in the great outdoors 🙂

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography5

Like me, she adores shoes, so I made sure that she had something comfortable for hoofing it in the great outdoors…and then she changed into her awesome footwear when we were ready to shoot.

The Camera's Eye, Senior Photography4

I love this senior session because the shots of Ari look free and easy, and that was exactly what it felt like – she was so lovely to work with 🙂 Best of luck from The Camera’s Eye with your last year at Sayre Area High School!